Mandy's Tue Blog: Can the President Pardon Himself and Alan Dershowitz!

TEN DAYS AGO I WOULD HAVE SCOFFED AT THE NOTION TRUMP WOULD PARDON HIMSELF I no longer feel that way. So this column about the potential fallout and repercussions if he WERE to give himself a self pardon needs to be discussed. I am now at the point of begging Trump supporters who continue to think that he is going to save America to consider the points made in the article and their impact on the nation. For the record I sure as hell hope a sitting President can't pardon him or herself, that is a disaster.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ POPS IN AT 2:35 He's written some OUTSTANDING stuff on impeachment and the 25th Amendment here and he's going to pop in for a quick hit at 2:35 to talk about it. He was on Fox last night to argue that Congress can't just hold a trial to prevent Trump from running again in 2024.

PLEASE DON'T PROVE ME WRONG AGAIN BY DOING SOMETHING STUPID AT THE CAPITOL I beg of you, please don't prove the FBI right by doing something crazy on Inauguration Day in Denver. Or during this next week. The FBI says there are threats of armed violence at state capitols around the nation. I would have not thought it necessary to go on the radio and ask people to NOT do anything insane that could get them or someone else killed OVER A POLITICIAN. Please in the name of all that is Holy, just don't.

IT WOULD BE SUPER COOL TO WIN THE LOTTERY The jackpots for Mega Millions and Powerball are humongous. What would you do with the money? Let's engage in a bit of daydreaming.

THIS MIKE COFFMAN HOMELESS STORY IS FASCINATING He's coming on the show next week to talk about the week he spent living on the streets as a homeless person in Aurora. It's been called a stunt by homeless industry types but I think it's a very good way to get his head around what's happening. Now he says he does NOT back a camping ban for Aurora because it may potentially make the situation worse. Very interesting indeed. He's on next Wednesday.

NOW SOME LOVELY BREAD This girl is so cute I had to.

THIS WAS AN ACTUAL HEADLINE FROM THE HUFFINGTON POST And though farts ARE funny, this call was released over a week ago. This just seems sad. For HuffPo.

Did Donald Trump Fart On The Georgia Votes Call? We Asked An Expert.
Bill Bradley
·Entertainment Editor, HuffPost
Mon, January 11, 2021, 3:10 PM MST


FELLOW FOODIES, I HAVE SOME NEWS If you've ever coveted ridiculously expensive but so gorgeous and sturdy cookware in a fantastic new color, Le Creuset just dropped a new line and it is BEAUTIFUL. Check out the new Agave color. Yes, I am actually this excited about this new cookware, although I have to wait for a bigger sale to pick something up.

THIS EDITORIAL FROM THE DENVER GAZETTE ARGUES AGAINST IMPEACHMENT WELL And if we really want what's best for this country instead of what's best for factions of one political party, we need to let this go and never speak of Trump again. Read it here.

BILL BELICHICK SAYS NO THANK YOU TO TRUMP'S MEDAL OF FREEDOM And without mentioning his longtime friend Donald Trump issued a statement that CLEARLY called out Donald Trump. The Medal was offered before Wednesday's Capitol Riot and declined after. I can't stand Bill Belichick but I think he put the feelings of his players and fans before his own on this one and now I can't stand him a little less.

HAS FOX NEWS KILLED ITSELF? Fox News staked the Pro-Trump claim early and often. Many of their hosts and guests have been promoting the conspiracy theories that got people killed at the Capitol. So look at the ratings from last Friday:


FRI JAN 8 2021

MSNBC MADDOW 5,152,000

CNN COOPER 4,855,000

CNN CUOMO 4,320,000

CNN BURNETT 4,221,000


CNN LEMON 3,891,000

CNN TAPPER 3,803,000

MSNBC HAYES 3,740,000

MSNBC REID 3,369,000





Holeeeee-moleeee that is a bloodbath. An absolute reversal of fortunes that probably is going to see heads roll. We'll see if they can pull this out a ditch.

CHICK-FIL-A IS GIVING OUT FREE BROWNIES! I just wanted you to know about this.

GET READY FOR A SLEW OF NEW mRNA BASED VACCINES This new medical technology that is mRNA tech is truly the medicine of the future. Moderna, whose mRNA based coronavirus vaccine is already being distributed, is now working on an HIV vaccine along with a new flu vaccine. This technology is believed by some to be the beginning of highly personalized medicine. This stuff is really cool.




IT'S IMPORTANT THAT KIDS LOSE And this is an eloquent column from a hockey dad about what happens when kids lose. I couldn't agree with it more and have seen this very thing in real life.

IS IT TIME FOR A SOCIAL MEDIA SABBATICAL? This past weekend on Friday night, I was anger scrolling through Twitter when I had a thought. "Why?". Why was I wasting my time VOLUNTARILY reading stuff that was horrible and divisive and angering? So I put my phone down and turned off social media for the weekend. I've been thinking about turning it off altogether. This column is definitely pushing me in that direction because it made me ask myself: am I the best version of me on social media? The answer is definitely no. This is from the column:

While social media has proved a useful vehicle for sharing information quickly, I have concluded that it does more harm than good to individuals and society alike.
It tempts us to be reactive and feeds the worst of our human tendency to respond in anger rather than to stop and think before communicating. The result is more verbal combat and less deliberative thought—all with language we often wouldn’t use while looking someone in the eye. I have been guilty of this recently, and I haven’t always been proud of my language.
It reduces the value of communication to statements graded by “likes” or being “ratioed,” and other mechanisms that don’t reflect real human response or quality of thought.

Exactly right.

THE SAME HOUSE THAT COULDN'T DO COVID RELIEF FOR EIGHT MONTHS DID ARTICLE OF IMPEACHMENT IN TWO DAYS And I wish I were surprised, but the more they change, the more they stay the same. Dems are hell bent on fully fracturing what's left of this nation.

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