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LET'S TALK REAL ESTATE IN 2021! Mike Potarf from the Chad Madlom Team is on today at 1 to talk about what we are looking at real estate wise for the upcoming year, plus the Chad Madlom Team has a cool new program to sell your house instantly WITHOUT losing your equity. Find out more about that by clicking here.

IT'S CARROT CAKE CONTEST DAY! Susan Witkin says she makes a mean carrot cake (and truth be told hers is REALLY PRETTY) but I do too so this requires a challenge. I've even asked Ryan Edwards and Rob to come in to judge today. It's me vs. her. She's going DOWN.

GREG BROPHY IS GIVING THE COLORADO DEMS SOME IDEAS And he's doing so in spectacular fashion in this tongue-in-cheek column about what the Dems might try to pass with their majorities in the House, Senate and the Governor's mansion (oh, my bad, Jared doesn't live there). But it's not that funny when the Dems have already indicated that they will pursue a trio of gun bills designed to limit access to firearms and create mandatory waiting periods. And they will pass. They will all pass.

REP. MARK BAISLEY RIGHTLY CALLS OUT KYLE CLARK 9News' Kyle Clark loves to set his Twitter mob onto people he disagrees with or dislikes. I have no way of knowing which of those reasons is correct, but as one who has been attacked by Kyle's Mob after he retweeted something I said as an egregious attack on the press, which is totally wasn't. He doesn't care, he just wants to drop the bomb and walk away and let his Mob do it's work. He's the worst kind of coward really, one who doesn't fight his OWN battles but incites others to do it for him. Much like Trump, actually. Now Rep. Mark Baisley has taken to Facebook to defend himself and call out Clark. It will do nothing because 9News obviously likes progressive Kyle's ratings and revenue and will do nothing to rein him in. But at least Rep. Baisley called him out. He deserves it.

FOR THOSE OF YOU APOPLECTIC ABOUT TRUMP BEING TWITTER BANNED I only have one thing to say. Freedom means Twitter can ban whomever they want. Just as it means Jack Philips doesn't have to bake a cake for gay people. Twitter is a private company and can do whatever they want. Amazon can do whatever they want. Apple can do whatever they want. If you don't like, don't use their products. Is it fair? Of course not. Are they even handed in their banning? Of course not. They let #hangMikePence trend for HOURS the other day. So don't use their platform. Your life will be better for it. And you will have time to read the Constitution and realize that a private company can't "stop my First Amendment Rights" because those rights only limit GOVERNMENTS ability to do that. It's that simple.

HOWEVER, THIS COLUMN MAKES THE CASE THAT COMPANIES CAN BECOME GOVERNMENT TOOLS And they don't do so in a free society. If this is what's happening right now, and one could argue it is, that is a different argument altogether. This is a great column that quotes a Russian who knows that a non-free society looks like.

COVID IMMUNITY DOES LAST AFTER ALL And though this is a small study it seems to show that immunity in the form of antibodies and T cells lasts at least five to eight months (which is as long as we have to study it so far) and perhaps even longer. This is good news and should reduce the number of people needing the vaccine before we hit herd immunity. It also seems to explain why some Asian nations may have some immunity to this virus from prior coronavirus infections. This is good news for all of us.


HOW ABOUT A DAD DANCE THROWDOWN FOR A MONDAY? I love this guy and the fact his daughters keep challenging him and he keeps winning.

IN SIX MONTHS I'M GONNA NEED SOME TIME TO READ ALL THE DECLASSIFIED DOCS ON UFOS Because in the coronavirus relief bill there was a bunch of totally unrelated crap including an order to release the UFO stuff. HELL YES.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T TEACH KIDS HISTORY A recent super depressing poll says that college students believe IN THE MAJORITY that GOVERNMENT should punish "hate speech". I can't even with this. These kids are going to ruin this nation if we don't fix them before they are in power.

THE WORLD'S OLDEST ORANGUTAN HAS DIED And Inji was a ripe old 61 when her brethren usually only live to be in their early 40s. She was euthanized over the weekend after battling ill health. RIP, Inji.

WANT TO HELP BELEAGURED POLICE OFFICERS FEEL BETTER? ADOPT ONE! This is really cool and I'm glad someone is doing it. You can send a gift box to a police officer if you'd like to. Visit here for more info.

BIDEN PUNTED ON WHETHER OR NOT TRUMP SHOULD BE IMPEACHED And said it was up to Congress, which is accurate. Dems are moving ahead with impeachment even though Senator Mitch McConnell says the EARLIEST an impeachment trial would start in the Senate is January 20th...the day he leaves office.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER MAKES A BAD COMPARISON IN CONDEMNING THE RIOTS AT THE CAPITOL he invokes Kristallnacht, the night of Broken Glass when the German government set it's soldiers and policemen loose to burn and loot Jewish businesses and homes in Germany before WWII. Though I get what he's trying to do here, which is condemn the violence in the strongest possible terms, this was not that. No more than the broken windows in downtown Denver were. These rioters were not government forces, and they are NOT an ascendant power. They are disaffected, bitter people whose candidate lost. I reject this comparison.

HEY LOOK THE I-70 REBUILD IS ALREADY OVER BUDGET AND BEHIND SCHEDULE And this should surprise NO ONE. The head of CDOT Shoshana Lew says even though taxpayers are on the hook for the $150 million in charges for a refi she doesn't consider the additional costs over budget because they prevent taxpayers from having to pay for OTHER cost overruns. That's some circular logic right there. It's also ten months behind schedule.

PARENTS ARE SUING OVER CRITICAL RACE THEORY BEING TAUGHT TO THEIR CHILDREN And thank GOD this is happening. Even if you support the message of BLM and want equal rights for all, do you want your child being told that they are hopelessly unredeemable because of their skin tone? That is the message being taught as part of the Critical Race Theory curriculum. You need to pay attention to what is coming to your schools now. Now a family is suing after a young biracial man who is seen is white was told he was racist because he is white. His black mother probably didn't take kindly to that.


HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO BATH A BUNCH OF PANDAS? It's not as easy as one might think.

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