Mandy's Fri Blog: Can We Just Get a Mulligan on 2021?

MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES TODAY Although I really want to get Mike's thoughts on the events of this week too, so I'm not sure how much movie talk we're going to get to. He's on at 2.

WHAT IS TODAY'S QUESTION FROM THE BIG BOOK OF QUESTIONS? I don't know yet, but we're going to do some deep thinking in the 1 o'clock hour.

YOU WERE RIGHT, I WAS WRONG When I thought for a hot minute that what happened Wednesday could be a unifying event. Dems smell blood in the water and it's not enough that we are about to be done with Trump, they want their pound of flesh from anyone they perceive to be an "other" who may have voted for Trump. Another opportunity lost as people care more about scoring cheap political points than they do the country. I don't think this is going to end the way many Progressives think it will, with a "cleansing" (their word, not mine) of the country from Trump supporters. They are letting their totalitarian tendencies go a little too public. We'll see. Now I'm just depressed.

DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS IS SUING EREBODY WHO DISPARAGED THEM And I sure hope at least ONE of these cases goes to trial so we can see ALL the evidence that is supposedly out there proving these machines were rigged. I don't believe such evidence exists.

TRUMP WITHDREW HIS LAWSUITS IN GEORGIA And then lied in the press release that he had reached a "settlement" with the State of Georgia. Which is fine but the State of Georgia says that is not remotely true.

TOMMY LASORDA HAS HEADED HOME FOR THE LAST TIME The Dodgers great passed away at the age at of 93 after suffering what looks like a heart attack. RIP, Tommy, heaven just got a whole lot more fun.

A MIAMI DOCTOR DIED TWO WEEKS AFTER GETTING THE COVID VACCINE And though Pfizer is already out to say they don't think it was connected to the vaccine, he died of a

“highly unusual clinical case of severe thrombocytopenia, a condition that decreases the body’s ability to clot blood and stop internal bleeding.”

what makes this especially interesting is that this condition has been associated with OTHER vaccines but is usually not fatal. Watch this story. I should also note that MILLIONS of people have already gotten this vaccine with no significant side effects.

IS NOW THE TIME FOR A TRUE THIRD PARTY? I am tired of being in a party associated with the fringe Right. And I think the Dems are wrong about pretty much everything policy-wise, so where am I to go? Listener James asked a really good question:

My question is whether or not this is the time for a legitimate third party made up of normal human beings from both middle-of-the-road Democrats and middle-of-the-road Republicans. I don't see any way that the current parties will give up the power they have by whipping people into hysteria and causing mob violence on both sides. That kind of power is corrupting even normal people on both sides. I think you are correct about the current gerrymandering issues and things like that so I see no way that a normal person will come out of either primary in nearly any race. It scares the crap out of me but I think that the riots in Washington DC and the riots this summer maybe exactly what this country needs to sober up and start electing people that are rational to do the business of the people.

We shall discuss, if not today, then next week.

NOW GEN Z IS CANCELLING HELEN KELLER This story at first shocked me but upon further reflection, it makes sense. It seems that our youngest adult generation, Gen Z as they are called, have decided that Helen Keller wasn't a real person, or if she was, she CERTAINLY couldn't have accomplished what she accomplished being deaf and blind. It makes perfect sense that the Generation who has faced very few significant challenges with parents ready to swoop in to solve all of their problems would believe this to be impossible. This truly is the most disrespectful thing I've ever seen to people living with disabilities who have wonderful and fine lives full of love and productivity. Gen Z should be ashamed on this one, and I bet many of them are the first to criticize Trump supporters who think the election was stolen. This is actually stupider than that and that's saying something.

THE CONSTITUTION DID PREVAIL ON WEDNESDAY And boy howdy did I need this column from Alan Dershowitz about it. It's a great defense of Free Speech and an explanation of why the 25th Amendment just doesn't apply here and why impeachment is a bad idea. GREAT column, read it here. I'm trying to get him on the show next week. +

ARE YOU RUNNING OUT OF TIME? Mel Robbins talks you down off the ledge when you feel like you've wasted time and are running out of it.




HOW POPULAR IS YOUR DOG'S NAME? I am not upset that Jinx did not make the list. Check your pooches name here.

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