Mandy's Tue Blog: A Vision, My New Mantra and Cancelling the Classics

GET READY TO KICK SOME BOOTY IN 2021 And I am stoked to have my friend and fitness guru Michelle Zellner on to talk about how you can get your mind right to take control of your health and her upcoming Vison Board party. Find out more about the vision board party by clicking here, and join her virtual book launch there too! Buy her fantastic book by clicking here!

I READ AN ARTICLE BY A SOVIET DISSIDENT AND FELT A KINDRED SPIRIT So I want to talk about this column. It was written in 1974 by Alexander Solzhenitsyn penned this essay in 1974 and it circulated among Moscow's intellectuals at the time. It is dated Feb. 12, the same day that secret police broke into his apartment and arrested him. The next day he was exiled to West Germany. It struck a chord in me about where we are today. Read it here and I shall share it today.

IS CANCELLING THE CLASSICS A REASON FOR CELEBRATION? You want to know why I am involved in my daughter's school? Because of nonsense like this. One Massachusetts school district has "cancelled" Homer's The Odyssey. Why? Because they are ignorant fools who don't realize that every story of fantastical beasts and a heroes journey (think Harry Potter) owes it's legacy to this work of art. It was the first novel for goodness sakes. So why would they cancel it? Because it wasn't written during today's ultra sensitive, politically correct era. There are actually "teachers", and I put air quotes around that because they are not teachers in my mind, who only want students to read fiction written in the last 70 years. For them I would suggest they seek out this blog post, written by a teacher who doesn't require air quotes, who defends and loves teaching this work of art to her inner city high school kids. And guess what? They love it too. So did my 11 year old sixth grader, who studied it this year.

IF YOU'RE HEADING TO PIKES PEAK, BRING YOUR OWN DONUTS As the old visitor center is now permanently closed. The new one won't open until Spring so there are no facilities available if you head up the mountain. You've been warned.

FLORIDA GOVERNOR RON DESANTIS DOES NOT SUFFER CNN FOOLS And as a CNN reporter tried to "give a speech" as she asked why there are issues with the vaccine rollout and it's magic.

So weird that CNN hasn't attacked California Governor Gavin Newsom in the same way as his state is suffering the same kind of issues. So weird.

THIS WOMAN WANTS US TO WEAR MASKS FOREVER AND IT MADE ME SUPER ANGRY We all know I hate masks. We all know I don't think they do diddly squat. Now this column from a woman says we should continue wearing them forever. She gives lots of rational reasons, but they could also apply to all sorts of things like gloves and hazmat suits. I want to see people smile again. If you're sick and want to wear one, go ahead. I'll pass. Hard, hard pass.

A TOP ELECTION OFFICIAL IN GEORGIA DEBUNKS ALL OF THE PRESIDENT'S WHINING And he does so point by point in this New York Times article. Not that I think the remaining Trumpets care about the facts of what happened, but there you go.

THE BABLYON BEE IS DOING THE BEST SATIRE OUT THERE RIGHT NOW They have been out-Onioning The Onion for some time. This is a great article on the geniuses behind the Bee.

REP. LAUREN BOEBERT IS JUST THE SORT TO CHALLENGE A 2ND AMENDMENT LIMIT And I sure hope the Chief of Police in DC follows up and tries to create a problem for the incoming Congresswoman. It would be very interesting to watch him try to tell this tiny woman she can't carry in a city that had 167 murders last year, the most since 2008. She says she is ready for the discussion.

SHOULD WE REQUIRE A NEGATIVE COVID TEST BEFORE WE LET YOU INTO THE US? Airlines are suggesting that very thing to the government. A coalition of major US airlines is asking that travel bans be dropped if testing before is required. They are trying to get their international business up and running again so I get it, and this is already required by many nations around the world. I'm cool with this.

LARRY KING IS BATTLING CORONAVIRUS And since he's 87 this is a big, big deal, but there is a big part of me that believes he's such a tough old bird he's gonna live forever. Wish him well as he just got out of the icu.

NOW THAT TRUMP HAS BEEN DEFEATED WE CAN ALL ADMIT CORONAVIRUS CAME FROM A CHINESE LAB What just two months ago would have been RACIST is now a story in New York Magazine. We're now allowed to talk about the fact that this virus has some mutations that no one can explain using natural selection. NOW it's okay to wonder if this was actually created in a Wuhan lab where they have been mixing bat viruses with other stuff for years. It's not racist NOW because Trump will be gone soon. A member of the NSA briefed British lawmakers about it in a recent call and a Wuhan scientist has some forward as a whistleblower. Do you think all the news agencies will apologize to Trump now?

REPORTS OF TANYA ROBERTS DEATH HAVE BEEN GREATLY EXAGGERATED As she was reported to have passed a few days ago, only to find out she is still alive in intensive care after collapsing back in December. Her long time partner is beside himself, as he rightly should be, at the incompetence of the hospital in all this.


IF LOCKDOWNS WORK WHY DON'T THEY WORK? As we are all walking around with masks on covid rages out of control and we're all told it's because we're doing something WRONG and not wearing the masks we're all wearing. Ivor Cummins is a data nerd who does amazing videos with real data from various sources and in this one he demonstrates...once again...that masks don't work and are unnecessary. He also explains why Asian countries have done so well and it's not lockdowns.


SHOCK POLL: PROGRESSIVES HATE AMERICA Okay, not so shocking at all, but still. A new survey which asked Americans how they felt about being American found that the far left is NOT happy to be American. Just a measly 34% of them said they felt proud to be an American. A whopping 93% of conservatives think that America is better than other countries, whereas just 11% of progressives do. I say get the hell out then.

COSMO DECLARES FAT HEALTHY AND THIS IS NUTS This topic always gets people riled up, but dang it, it's important. If there were a women's magazine telling women that they could smoke and be healthy (which is true until smoking catches up with you) we'd be outraged. The February cover of Cosmopolitan magazine features an obese fitness influencer to make the argument that you can be healthy and fat. Which is true, until the obesity catches up with you. I'm talking about this today. If we should learn anything from covid, which has been deadly for obese people, it's that we need to be truly healthy to be able to withstand a pandemic.

KAMAWA HAWWIS PLAGIARIZES MLK And I laughed a little too hard at this story because she must have learned it from Joe.

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