Mandy's Mon Blog: I'm BACK and We Have Some Things To Discuss

THE TRUMP CALL TO GEORGIA JUST MADE ME SAD FOR HIM And not because he committed some act of treason because any fool who reads the entire transcript or listens to the entire call can tell he did nothing of the sort. It made me sad for him because he seems to really believe rally size=votes. He willfully ignores the Georgia Secretary of State who has overseen all the recounts and audits of all the ballots when he tries to explain why Trump's conspiracy theories have already been completely proven wrong. There are a lot of words I would use to describe Donald Trump, but pathetic is not one of them until now. This is just sad. One of the saddest parts is when is complains that he couldn't have lost the military vote. Yes, he could have. Exit polling was not great for him among military folks. Read this:

The Military Times this week cited exit polling from Edison Research that showed 52 percent of military and veteran voters preferred President Donald Trump to Biden, who 45 percent preferred. That margin is much narrower than in 2016, when Trump enjoyed a 26-percent advantage, pulling in 60 percent to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s 34 percent.

Someone needs to tell him it's over. It's really, really over.

WHY AREN'T HEALTHCARE WORKERS GETTING THE VACCINE? This does not inspire confidence. Large numbers of healthcare workers are NOT getting the vaccine when they have the chance. My mother-in-laws hospice nurse says she's not getting the vaccine. Why? Many say it's because of the politics of how the vaccine was developed. We've now politicized a vaccine. Well done, America. Well done.

OH YES, ALIENS ARE ALREADY IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM AND THEY ARE PROBABLY COMING BACK 2020 is the year the US Government super casually just announced during a pandemic that UFOs are totally real and they've known it all along. Yawn. Now a Harvard professor says that a "scout" from the Vega galaxy zipped through the Milky Way last year and will likely be back. Shrug. Whatever. I'm sure it will be fine.

WHY DO LOTTERY WINNERS GO BROKE? I think you know the answer to this but they are in here. This has more to do with people not having a clue how to manage ANY money, let alone a huge sum that falls in their lap. Let me help you out. If you win the lottery, sign the ticket, put it in a very safe place like a bank deposit box and then find a tax attorney who specializes in these things. Start there. BEFORE you cash the ticket. They can help you mitigate taxes and perhaps create a trust to avoid further taxation. Then you get a financial adviser who has a stellar reputation and you hire them BEFORE you cash the ticket. And most importantly, DON'T TELL ANYONE YOU WON. There you go.

BEAN DAD ON TWITTER EXPOSES SO MUCH THAT IS WRONG WITH PARENTING But not Bean Dad himself. I know you're probably wondering who the heck Bean Dad is. He's a dude on Twitter who wrote a tweet thread about letting his daughter struggle mightily trying to figure out how to use a can opener on a can of beans. His daughter is 9. It's a very entertaining thread really, as he lets his daughter spend six HOURS figuring it out. I wholeheartedly agree with his method but the internet ATTACKED, saying it's abusive to force a child to learn something new that takes a long time. Acting as if she was on her last breath of starvation and he withheld food is just stupid. I have some stuff to say about this.

I WILL DIE ON THIS MOUNTAIN And this mountain is the new push by Democrats to erase "gender based" language from all Congressional documents. It's culminates with this absolutely asinine closing of a prayer. Get ready to eye roll so hard when you watch this trash, and that is something I normally would not say about a prayer. Skip to the 2:15 mark if you want to skip the perfectly fine prayer to get to the stupid part.

But San Fran Nan, who couldn't WAIT to be the FIRST WOMAN SPEAKER is behind this crap. We have to stop this nonsense and stop it now. This is Nancy's Twitter bio currently:

Weird she used such non-inclusive, exclusionary language like "mother" and "grandmother" here. She is so full of hate, can't you just see it in these hateful words?***

***This is sarcasm.

A WHITE COLLEGE PROFESSOR IS UNDER ATTACK FOR WANTING TO HIRE THE BEST PEOPLE This story is entirely predictable based on what's happening at college campuses these days. This is about a university ADMITTING they would only hire people who checked a box they needed filled in terms of diversity. And a white professor had the nerve to posit that they should hire THE BEST CANDIDATES FOR THE JOB regardless of race or gender. A firestorm has erupted now and the professor isn't backing down and good for him. When will the spineless leaders of these departments just say no? Why not invest time and energy finding minority or female students who excel in these fields and help them achieve at the highest level so THEN they ARE the best candidates?

HEY LET'S JUST GIVE YOUNGER PEOPLE HALF A DOSE OF THE MODERNA VACCINE And if half a dose creates the EXACT same reaction as the full dose, why do we have a full dose? Read more here.


I'D RATHER KNOW THE 20 LEAST SAFE AIRLINES TO BE HONEST But here is a list of the safest airlines in the world. Quantas, the Australian airline, is first but even the people who make the list admit there is little to no difference among the top 20. Show me the LEAST safe airlines now please!

CHUCK TODD GOT SUPER MAD AT SENATOR RON JOHNSON And Johnson brought the wood in calling out Todd and the media for taking sides. He's 100% right.


AND NOW A GROUP OF ELEPHANTS SAVE A BABY Because we need this in our day.



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