Mandy's Wed Blog: Merry Christmas, Erebody! And Some Other Stuff.

IT'S THE LAST DAY OF WORK FOR THIS YEAR And that slacker Dave is already off. We will be back in full force on January 4th, so enjoy your holiday and have a safe ring into the New Year and at midnight on December 31st we all have to yell "JUMANJI" and put this horrible year behind us.

STEVE MOORE IS ON AT 1 TO TALK ECONOMICS I love having Steve on the show and we'll get his thoughts on this garbage pork filled stimulus bill.

JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR GRANT'S NEW PODCAST! I am so excited to announce that Grant is launching his own podcast next year! Join the Facebook group as he figures out stuff like logos and topics and more! Click here.

HAS THIS YEAR REALLY BEEN ALL BAD? I was talking to a friend yesterday about 2020 and all we've been through. Sure, it's been awful and for some it's been utterly devastating. But there are some good things. I've been forced to slow down considerably and I LIKE it. I'm spending way more time with my family and I LIKE it. Is there anything that you are grateful for this year that maybe you wouldn't have known about without covid? Let's discuss today.

DOES ANYONE HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS STORY TO SHARE? I've had great Christmases and hard candy Christmases, experienced the kindness of strangers and met Santa Clause on the 26th going on vacation. I want to hear your stories.

THIS SHOULD BE FUN TO WATCH AND NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY FIGHT OVER INCOME TAXES And this court battle could have long term ramifications as our work experiences become less centralized. Workers in New York City pay New York state and New York City taxes that they can then deduct from their New Jersey taxes if they live in Jersey. Well this year, for about ten months, those Jersey residents have been working FROM HOME. Now Jersey is supporting a suit between New Hampshire and Massachusetts about the same issue. This is a big deal for large cities on borders with other states. We will be watching this one.



DON'T WATCH THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO UGLY CRY THIS MORNING I stumbled upon this and had to share but OH MY GOD.

HAPPY FESTIVUS! RAND PAUL IS AIRING HIS GRIEVANCES If you don't know what Festivus is, shame on you. It's a classic Seinfeld episode where George's dad celebrates Festivus with the Airing of the Grievances, Feats of Strength and the Festivus Pole. Rand Paul is running with it with his new Festivus report about the gross government spending that happened this year. Here's a link if you want to read the entire thing but it will make your head explode.

AND NOW, A TEACHER FARTS ON ZOOM And this is the best thing from the last ten months. The kids are HILARIOUS.

CHRISTMAS TREE COOKIES? WHAT THE HELL COLORADO went to the interwebs to find out what our most UNIQUE searched cookie is (because everyone in America is searching up sugar and chocolate chip cookies right now) and in Colorado, the most searched unique cookie was Christmas tree cookies. WHAT? No one likes meringue cookies. No one.

THERE IS A NEW SOCIAL MEDIA APP AND IT'S ALL ABOUT THE AUDIO It's called Clubhouse and it actually sounds kind of cool. Read more here.

TRUMP IS 100% RIGHT ABOUT THE STIMULUS BILL And I'm guessing he's making this an issue because he lost but good for him anyway. He called the bill a disgrace and called out all the pork, foreign aid and other nonsense. It's actually a good speech, watch it below. He says he won't sign it. We'll see if the House overrides his veto.

I'M CRYING NO TEARS FOR WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO DR. BIRX Dr. Deborah Birx has been instrumental in encouraging government to shut down businesses and destroying lives, so please don't judge me harshly for not feeling sad that she and her family have gotten considerable blowback for gathering together at *ONE* of her vacation properties the day after Thanksgiving. Boo freaking hoo. Now she's retiring because the blowback has been too hard for her and her family. No one buys her "we just went to winterize the place" garbage excuse, that takes one person. She deserves to be raked over the coals as our Mayor was raked over the coals.

A WHOLE SLEW OF CLIMATE SCIENCE IS USING MODELS WHICH ARE COMPLETELY WRONG And have been proven wrong by real life data. The problem is the models are STILL being used as if they are accurate. This column explains how difficult it is to get scientists to admit data is wrong and change it. It's rather depressing if you think about it, but understandable as well. If I spent months on a study only to find out the info I based the entire study on is bad, I'd not be super inclined to throw the study out either, but that must happen if the science is to be done correctly.

PATRICK NEVILLE MADE AN EGREGIOUS MISTAKE Former Republican House Leader Patrick Neville, who I like personally, did a dumb, dumb thing by releasing a Denver Post reporters home address on Facebook. Considering that we live in a state where a talk radio host was gunned down in his driveway, can we please not encourage people to do such things? Doxxing is horrible and is going to get someone killed and frankly why I am armed to the teeth at home. I've had listeners figure out where I live and come to my house and it's NOT cool at ALL. This goes well beyond a reasonable reaction. If has an issue with the article, take issue with the article and rebut it's reporting. Period.

#METOO IS SIX FEET UNDER WHEN IT COMES TO DEMOCRATS And you had to see this coming when the wave of accusations have been levied mostly at Democrats and their supporters. The latest accusations by a longtime aid to Democratic superstar Andrew Cuomo have quickly gone away. Believe all women indeed.



MUSIC AND A LIGHT SHOW! I love this so much!!!

WE'RE BEGINNING TO PLAN A COVID CHRISTMAS And this parody is fantastic.

THIS COLUMN ABOUT CLINTON INSIDER DOUG BAND IS INTERESTING But there is absolutely nothing new in here if you have listened to talk radio since 2000. One part I did find particularly interesting is the bit about when Hillary ran for President. I was never convinced, based on his behavior on the campaign trail, that Bill ever wanted Hillary to be POTUS. From Vanity Fair:

At the time, Band attributed Bill’s mistakes to aftereffects of his 2004 heart attack, rustiness from not having run a national campaign in over a decade, and a visceral dislike of Hillary’s opponent. “Obama drove him nuts,” Band said. Looking back, however, Band thinks Bill may have consciously or unconsciously not wanted Hillary to win. “He was used to it being all about him, and if she won, it would be all about her. That’s not how he lived his life for the four decades leading up to that election,” he said. “In her White House, he would be back under a microscope but without the benefit of being the one in charge.” A Clinton spokesperson said: “That’s ridiculous. President Clinton did more than 300 events on her behalf, and very much wanted her to win.”

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