Mandy's Tue Blog: A Preview of Business in 2021 and Christmas Songs We Love

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SO WHAT IS 2021 GOING TO BRING FOR BUSINESS? I've got international entrepreneur Ruble Chandy on at 1pm to discuss what's coming and some good things and opportunities that could come out of the pandemic. He is a fascinating guy and I'm looking forward to speaking with him. Find out more about Ruble and his philosophy by clicking here.

TODAY IT'S CHRISTMAS CAROL DAY! Yesterday we talked Christmas movies and today it's Christmas songs. What's your favorite and which ones make you want to shove hot pokers in your ears? I've got mine!

DOES ANYONE HAVE A GOOD PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE RECIPE? I'm looking for thick cookies that are crunchy but don't fall apart. Email your recipe to

THE STIMULUS BILL IS FULL OF PORK FOR POLITICAL DONORS AND SCRAPS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE And I haven't read this monstrosity, although I am trying. Here is a brief overview from Fox News. Rand Paul didn't either because they were given ten minutes before the vote. He had this to say about Republicans who voted for this disgusting bill and he's right. Here is an article about some of the worst bits of crap in the bill.

CHARTER SCHOOLS GAIN STUDENTS AS PUBLIC SCHOOLS LOSE THEM And it's because charter schools have managed to stay open even with adults working there at the helm. This as the teachers unions, which run public schools, tell us that is impossible. This is an article about what those numbers look like.

AND YET, THERE ARE THOSE WHO THINK CHARTER SCHOOLS SHOULD GO AWAY And this article provides a great counter point that that erroneous way of thinking. School choice is necessary and the pandemic has shown why. One-size-fits-all usually doesn't, especially in education.

MORE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ARE APPEALING TO THE GOVERNOR And they want their restaurants open. As far as I can tell, there is no EVIDENCE that restaurants have been driving outbreaks, only MODELS which say they do. I'm trying to get Bob McDonough from CDPHE on the show to discuss the evidence if there is any. Now El Paso county has sent an official plea to the Governor to reopen dining, this as our hospitalization rates have dropped like a rock since December 5th.

Covid Hospitalizations Dec 2020

#2 REPUBLICAN IN THE SENATE SHOOTS DOWN THE IDEA THAT THEY WILL OVERTURN THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE And did so quite eloquently, declaring that any attempt to overturn the election would "go down like a shot dog". It's over, people. Joe Biden is going to be President until he is unseated.

THERE IS A FOLLOW UP TO SEATTLE IS DYING And if you think that Seattle's future is our future, you need to watch this. At least this time they put the blame on the garbage policies that are STILL being pursued to the Seattle City Council, who I literally think don't live in the real world AT ALL. It's an hour and half long and worth your time.

YES, YOUR EMPLOYER CAN REQUIRE A COVID VACCINE And they are well within their rights to do so. The EEOC has weighed in, and I have a theory that they have done so to ENCOURAGE businesses to require the vaccine because they know THEY can't require a vaccine without a bunch of lawsuits. Read more here and then ask your boss if you're going to be required to take it.

DID YOU WATCH THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT AND NOW WANT A CHESSBOARD? You are not alone, and this is a great article about which ones are the best.

ZOOM IS GIVING AMERICA A GIFT ON CHRISTMAS By lifting the 40 minute limit on Zoom calls for free. I kind of love Zoom right now and think this a lovely thing they are doing which is also a super smart marketing tool for people not currently using this for work.

HERE ARE THE FIVE DUMBEST WOKE NOTIONS FROM 2020 And I'm not sure how they winnowed it down to just five, but they managed.

DO YOU NEED TO SHOWER EVERY DAY? The short answer is no, unless you're stinky. There is some interesting info in this article about keeping your skin healthy and happy, especially in our dry climate. My answer is in Denver, I don't shower every day. In Florida, sometimes I shower twice.

JUDY GARLAND GIVES COMFORT TODAY AS SHE DID 75 YEARS AGO This is a lovely column about Judy Garland's Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is as perfect in the age of covid as it was in WWII.

BABY PANDAS SEEM FUN And in this video they are driving their nanny crazy. Now I want six baby pandas.

A MINI DOCUMENTARY ON WHITE CHRISTMAS IS DELIGHTFUL! Rosemary Clooney remembers the making of this perfect Christmas movie.

HEY LOOK, NEWSMAX AND FOX NEWS REBUT THEIR OWN REPORTING ABOUT VOTING MACHINES Because there is NO PROOF that voting machines were hacked or compromised or otherwise used for massive voter fraud large enough to overturn the election results. They are forced to do so after the voting machine companies sent them a cease and desist that threatens to sue if they don't stop spreading unsubstantiated fraud rumors. Will this matter to the Trumpets who are angry and upset and honestly believe the election was stolen? I doubt it.

WOW THIS VERSION OF NOEL IS STUNNING Lauren Daigle is the hottest Christian music star going and she has a set of pipes that is just outstanding.

AND WHAT IS CHRISTMAS WITHOUT THE HALLELUJAH CHORUS? This flash mob version is just so cool. Nothing like this ever happens when I'm at the Mall.


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