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GET YOUR WORD AND GRAMMAR QUESTIONS READY For Please Tell Me I'm Right with Charles Harrington Elster at 2 today. Find out more about Charles and buy his wonderful books as Christmas gifts for the word lover in you by clicking here.

THIS JUST BLEW ME AWAY THIS MORNING A friend on Facebook shared the following video with the following explanation:

“Several years ago, Ridley Scott sponsored a film competition. The rules were simple: The film must be no longer than three minutes. It must contain the following six lines. “What is that?” “It’s a Unicorn.” “Never seen one up close before.” “Beautiful.” “Get away! GET AWAY!” “I’m sorry”. This is the winning submission. The film maker takes these lines and creates something completely unexpected and very, very moving. Even now when I watch this, it quickly brings me to tears. Brilliant.”

HAVE ANY OF YOU SOLD A CAR TO A PRIVATE BUYER LATELY? I got this email from Gina about the mess that is the DMV right now.

I had to research how to make a vehicle title change in Denver and, oh my goodness, what a cluster!
The Denver DMV has been closed to the public since Nov. 23 because of COVID restrictions. The Colorado Department of Revenue Title Office told me Denver and Adams County DMVs are the only two counties not assisting the public right now. Per state law, Private Party vehicle transactions require face-to-face interaction to complete the Title and registration work. So I called Denver County DMV to ask about accommodations and was told there are none.
I was specifically asking how add a spouse's name to a vehicle title before the end of the year. I was told this is not possible because it would require an in-person appointment at the Denver DMV to submit the modified title and title application before issuing a new title with both names on it.
Then I asked how Private Party Vehicle sales are handled in Denver while the DMV is closed. I was told the seller and buyer are to correctly sign the Title, and sign a Bill of Sale. Both parties make a photo copy of all the paperwork and the buyer takes the original paperwork, along with the vehicle and keys. The Buyer is then responsible for carrying around photo copies of the Title and the Bill of Sale, along with proof of insurance. I forgot to ask how the Private Party buyer gets temporary plates, but the website indicates this can be done only in-person, as well.
Perhaps I was given bad information over the phone today, but if this is accurate, it seems people should know to avoid Private Party Vehicle sales that involve a vehicle titled in Denver County until the Denver DMV whips up enough courage to interact with their customers, who by the way have no other alternatives. I should noted the vehicle sales that involve a dealer and/or bank can still proceed.

Does anyone know if this is accurate or if there is another way to do this?

BECAUSE PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST KIND OF CHRISTMAS Christmas decorations can be a wonderful thing. Unless, of course, you have a neighbor who doesn't think your decorations are appropriate. I'd like to introduce you to Frank the Christmas Gargoyle. Go to the bottom of this Facebook page to see the entire struggle with the neighborhood Karen. It's magic.

HERE IS KADEN PIEL'S VIDEO If you missed his interview yesterday, watch this and share it!

NO, PETE BUTTIGIEG IS NOT THE FIRST OPENLY GAY CABINET MEMBER SO STOP SAYING IT This has me SOOOO angry. In it's zeal to make sure that the Biden administration gets credit for it's Coat of Many Colors and Sexual Orientation Admin, the media is contorting itself to declare Pete Buttigieg the first gay cabinet member. This erases Richard Grenell, who was first Ambassador to Germany and then Director of National Intelligence (WHICH IS A CABINET LEVEL POSITION) for none other than Donald J. Trump. I'm irritated as hell about this.

COLOR BLIND, MERIT BASED MAGNET SCHOOL ADMISSIONS PROCESS CHANGED FOR RACIAL JUSTICE OR SOMETHING Are high performing black students at Thomas Jefferson High School happy that other black children who didn't earn their way in with smarts and academic achievement are joining them? I have no idea what the answer is, but two moms of brown students at that school are NOT happy. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. T.J. is a state-chartered magnet school legislated to serve academically gifted and advanced students. In the name of "social justice" the color blind, merit based admissions system is being replaced with a color based preference system. Those most likely to be affected are Asian students, who currently make up the majority of the student body. This is shameful and embarrassing. If black and brown students can't compete, FIX THE REASONS WHY THEY CAN'T COMPETE.

THINGS ARE NOT GOING WELL FOR ANDERS TEGNELL IN SWEDEN And I feel for the guy. As Sweden has 8,000 deaths, they are outpacing the other Nordic nations by a lot in that respect. Now the strategy that didn't include lockdowns and mandate masks is under fire from the Swedish King and the public. I was rooting for you, Anders, and still am. Just as a point of order, just shy of 91% of deaths in Sweden have been people over the age of 70. This is more an indictment of how they treat their elderly patients in their socialized medicine scheme if you ask me.

THERE IS A SATELLITE OVER OUR HEADS NOW THAT CAN SEE THROUGH WALLS And it doesn't stop there, it can do so at night, rain or shine. How is this not the beginning of the end?

GUESS WHO IS REFUSING THE CORONAVIRUS VACCINE? This may be outdated polling because it was done before this latest surge or Coronavirus, but a survey of nurses in Southern California shows that a full 2/3 of nurses say they aren't getting the vaccine of they plan to wait to get it. WHAT???? Could this just be super bad TDS? I sure hope so. But it's about time these politicians start rolling up their sleeves and getting these shots on tv to encourage others to do so.

I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING This is one of those Christmas stories that you can't help but love. Merry Christmas Matteo.

GUYS, DON'T MAKE HER DROP 15 HINTS A survey of women showed that 33% of them planned on dropping at least 15 hints about wanting to get married. Guys, if you don't want to marry her when she starts dropping hints, BREAK UP WITH HER. If you do want to marry her, just not NOT, ask yourself why not NOW? If the answer is anything other than "I'm under 25 and too young", you need to break up with her. It's the kindest thing to do.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEETHOVEN! Here is a lovely column about the man and his music.



AND GAYLA PEAVEY SINGS I WANT A HIPPOPOTAMUS FOR CHRISTMAS And I'm sharing this in honor of THIS Facebook page. If you go to the bottom and read it all you'll know that hippopotamuses are Christmas af.

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