Mandy's Mon Blog: Do Lockdowns Work?

AT LEAST THREE STUDIES SHOW LOCKDOWNS DON'T WORK And if you look at the areas having some of the worst lockdowns they are also having some of the worst breakouts of covid right now. I'm talking to Jon Miltimore from the Foundation from Economic Education at 1 about some of the latest studies about effectiveness of lockdowns. He's not saying we should ditch them right away, but he is saying we need to study this to find out. Read his article here.

REMEMBER WHEN WE WERE DOING THE BUSINESS PIVOT SEGMENTS? WAY back last March when we all thought this rona business would be quick? Well one of the businesses I featured hasn't just survived they have flourished in this new environment. I'll talk to Karli Millspaugh from Curate Mercantile about how she's doing and how you can support local businesses for Christmas! Find Curate by clicking here. She's on a 2.

HAS ANYONE BEEN DOING SOME CHRISTMAS SHOPPING? I took Q shopping yesterday and Y'ALL there are some SALES right now. How is your shopping different than previous years? I've done some online but I'm trying hard to support local businesses. I'd love to know what you guys are up to for your shopping this year. This is a great article about where you can find deals now and after Christmas.

IT SEEMS OUR NEW PRESIDENT WAS OFFICE MATES WITH SOME CHINESE COMMUNISTS At least according to the emails now being released by the Daily Caller. The emails are from Hunter Biden and there is not doubt he clearly asked for keys to the new office for not just his dad, but his mom and uncle as well, calling them "office mates" of his new venture. Since Joe Biden has steadfastly denied knowledge of his son's business dealings, this is weird. It would be nice if the news media investigated this with the same vigor they investigated the Steele Dossier, since it would indicate that Joe Biden at a minimum lied and possibly worse. The Denver Gazette did an editorial on this today asking for an investigation and I have to agree.

IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF A REAL REBELLION? Garfield County is not down with the Red Level restrictions that have been thrust upon them by the state. They have decided to do an end-around by declaring restaurants and other businesses "critical industries" to avoid having indoor dining shut down and retail limited. There is a group in Routt county that are demanding an end to the unjustifiable restrictions also.

FAMILY KICKED OFF UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT BECAUSE TWO YEAR OLD ACTS LIKE TWO YEAR OLD Let's be clear about one thing here, people. A two year old is not going to give the virus to anyone, and if they get it, chances are they will have no symptoms at all. And yet, United airlines kicked a family off their flight because their two year old would not comply with the mask mandate. If you've ever had a two year old, you are likely shaking your head at this story like I am. Just stupid. Forcing a two year old to wear a mask is NOT recommended by anyone, by the way. Not the CDC or WHO. This is just stupid.

THIS SONG IS MY GUILTY PLEASURE RIGHT NOW And I don't like the video (I have a feeling it was made during coronavirus) but the song is SO CATCHY. Having an 11 year old has reintroduced me to pop music, some of which is HORRIBLE but some of which is very good. Thanks, Dua Lipa!

ANDREW CUOMO'S FORMER AID ACCUSES HIM OF HARASSMENT And she made the accusations via Twitter and then announced she had no interest in talking to reporters about it. Sorry, ma'am, but you don't get to accuse and run. I can't stand Cuomo but he deserves to defend himself against these attacks. We'll see if this story has legs.

THE CLEVELAND INDIANS ARE NO MORE And I'm not sure if this will bring us the Cleveland Baseball Team but the Indians will be a thing of the past. Caving to significant pressure the franchise has announced they will be called something different soon. What? Here is a list of some suggestions but let me be the first to say the "Naps" would be the worst name ever.

PFIZER IS MAKING OVER A BILLION DOSES OF IT'S VACCINE And they are rolling it out asap. What does this mean for us? It means maybe we can get back to some sort of normal life again. Now that the vaccine has been approved for use in the US things are happening.

DID YOU SEE THE WOKE MALL SANTA? The one who refused a little boy's request for a Nerf gun? It was ridiculous. The boy started to cry and it was horrible and then the NRA stepped in and delivered a super NERF gun instead. I hope they fired that Santa. He sucks.

SPYMASTER JOHN LE CARRE IS DEAD And at the ripe old age of 89, he had a good run. May he rest in peace.

JOE BIDEN IS GOING TO OFFICIALLY BE THE PRESIDENT ELECT AFTER TODAY Because the Electoral College is casting it's votes today and he has the Electoral college votes to win. The President and his team and supporters have filed 60 lawsuits ALL of which have lead to defeat. It's over and I don't even want to talk about it because it makes delusional Trump supporters mad. I'm ready for this to be OVER. Here is an overview of what is happening today with the Electoral College.

WHY AREN'T WE TOLD WHEN JUDGES ARE DISCIPLINED? This story from the Denver Post asks a great question about the disciplinary system for judges. Now, they are shielded from the public when they are officially censured or disciplined. This makes the already horrible task of voting for judges even HARDER and needs to be changed. Read the whole thing here.


THIS IS WHY WE HAVE BABIES At least this is why I had one.

I HAVE BEEN REMISS IN POSTING CHRISTMAS SONGS THIS YEAR So let's kick it off with a little Louis Armstrong!

COULD THIS BE THE END OF THE GOLDEN STATE? Oracle is the latest major player in Silicon Valley to announce a move to Texas. California is shedding high paying jobs and corporate headquarters at quite the clip now, and Sacramento would do well to pay attention. Years of sky high taxes and declining services have finally begun to wear corporations...and the people who run them...out of town. Great article here by John Fund at National Review. Did you notice that they aren't moving to Colorado? Texas and Arizona are the big winners in this race and we aren't even mentioned. It's likely because much like we are watching in horror as Colorado becomes Cali-Lite, they are watching it too.

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