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WE'RE TALKING MONSTERS WITH MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES Dave asked me a question yesterday about which movie monster our of a chosen list I'd like to be. After lots of careful thought, I've got my answer. We shall discuss with Mike today at 2!

RESTAURANTEURS ARE ASKING FOR THE SCIENCE BEHIND LOCKDOWNS And I think they have a valid point in this lengthy Facebook post by Shawn and Mattie Gullixson. As far as I can see from the publicly release data on Covid outbreaks, restaurants are not the problem. In this missive, they are simply asking for someone in charge of shutting down restaurants to show them the data and science behind the shutdowns. Read it here.

HERE ARE THREE STUDIES THAT SHOW LOCKDOWNS DON'T WORK And I've got the author of this article on Monday at 1 so I will discuss it at greater length with him then. Read it here.

HEY DAVE, HOW ABOUT THIS VERSION OF BEETHOVEN? A listener sent me a Dan Mumm clip playing Mozart and asked if I thought Dave would like it. I went and found a clip of him playing Beethoven to share with Dave. We'll see.

THIS IS THE COLUMN THE FACT CHECKER OF THE 1619 PROJECT PUBLISHED If you heard my interview with Peter Wood yesterday about his new book 1620 (which you should really buy here) you heard him reference that one of the New York Times fact checkers ended up writing a column to address one of the biggest lies told by the 1619 Project. Read it here, it's worth your time. I hope we can get to a place where we can teach our history in it's entirety, without tearing down all of our heroes or ignoring the horrors that have been force upon black people. There is a balance, we can get there.

WHAT HAPPENS IF ALL THE EXPERTS ARE WRONG? This column is actually inspired by another column by David Mamet that ran in the Wall Street Journal which you should click through and read if you've got an account. The point is really simple. When government experts make terrible choices that destroy lives what price do they pay? The answer will not surprise you but it may infuriate you. It's a good history lesson we all need to pay attention to right now.

WHY WON'T THE MEDIA ASK THE GOVERNOR HOW HE GOT THE VIRUS? This a GREAT column asking that question. The Governor needs to share with us how he, who ALWAYS wears a mask and socially distances if we believe him, got the virus. We deserve to know. I'd ask him but we all know my show is dead to him.

LISTENER MARIE JUST WON TODAY'S UNOFFICIAL ELF ON THE SHELF CONTEST And it's just become a thing so if you want to share your creative Elf scenes with me, send them to and I'll choose one every day!


COVID COULD MAKE WOMEN MORE PROMISCUOUS OR SOMETHING Not gonna lie, I read this article with an irritated look on my face. It's all about how coronavirus has created an imbalance where there are more men desirable as mates as there are successful women looking for them. The author frets that this could lead to women having to play by "men's rules" which means they may feel pressure to put out. First off, THANK YOU GOD FOR CHUCK. Second, I think that ship sailed a long time ago from what my dating friends are telling me. We shall discuss.

MAYBE THIS YEAR'S COLORS OF THE YEAR WILL CHEER YOU UP I have no idea why the Pantone Color of the Year is a thing and yet I look at it every year as if it's important. This years two colors are a shade of gray and bright yellow. Which is what we used when we redid The Q's room this year, proving what trendsetters we are in my house.

TULSI GABBARD IS ABOUT TO BE IN THE MIDDLE OF A TRANS POOP STORM Because she has introduced legislation that would keep biological boys, even if they identify as girls, out of women's sports. This is HUGE and necessary and though I have a ton of compassion for young trans people who would like to compete, it is simply not fair to allow them to compete with biological women. I'm guessing she's gonna get the JK Rowling treatment after this.

IF YOU'VE BEEN CONTEMPLATING THE PERFECT BAKED POTATO I'VE GOT YOU COVERED With this long and detailed article about Martha Stewart's favorite way to bake potatoes. You're welcome.

THE HARDY BOYS ARE BACK ON HULU! And apparently they didn't ruin it like they did Nancy Drew in the recent reboot of that storied book series. Check out more about this reboot here. My only question is whether or not Parker Stevenson makes an appearance (swoon).

HEY LOOK, MOROCCO JUST NORMALIZED RELATIONS WITH ISRAEL! In what should be another heralded foreign policy accomplishment of the Trump Administration we have another Muslim nation recognizing and establishing relations with Israel. Don't expect to read much about it from the mainstream press. Read about it here instead. Saudi Arabia needs to be next.

SO DISNEY PLUS IS GOING PRETTY WELL Disney has almost reached the 90 million subscriber mark which they were expecting to reach in YEAR FOUR. To be clear, they launched last year, so this is well ahead of schedule. Disney is one of those companies that I would study if I were trying to figure out how to run a business because they get it right far more than they get it wrong.

OF COURSE JINX UNDERSTANDS ENGLISH, SHE JUST CHOOSES TO IGNORE IT I'm not going to lie, I think this study about whether or not dogs understand human words is garbage. My dog Jinx now understands that when I say "tug" she has to get a certain kind of toy from her toy box (and yes she has a toy box, don't judge me) for me to play tug with her. She understands "stick" and "sit" and "fat puppy". The researchers here used untrained dogs for their experiment and that's where they lost me. Of course an untrained dog doesn't understand words, they are UNTRAINED. Stupid researchers.




THIS VIDEO CLEARLY DEMONSTRATES WHY DOGS ARE BETTER THAN CATS Does your cat wag it's little tail with excitement when you get home? We both know the answer.


THE OKEE DOKEE BROTHERS ARE NOT OKAY WITH THEIR GRAMMY NOD And the brothers have turned down their nomination for Best Children's Album because the nominees were all white and mostly male. It's been a hot minute since I was immersed in the world of children's music, but I only know of one black children's artist from that time, Ella Jenkins. Is this an action which could be explained away by the fact there aren't a lot of black artists who released an album this year to qualify? I don't know the answer to that question but I'll say this. Kids don't care about the color of who is making the music, they just love the music. In doing some research on this topic I discovered Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and his kid hop music is awesome so check it out here. I wish he'd had music out when Q was little. This is one of his kid hits.

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