Mandy's Thu Blog: I'm Back and Ready to Take on the 1619 Project!

HI EREBODY! I am actually glad to be back, as I spent the last week and half enjoying our beautiful state and all it's outdoor and hot spring glory. If you haven't taken a staycation in Colorado you really should. We live in an amazing place.

SO WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE NEW YORK TIMES 1619 PROJECT? I've got Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars and author of 1620: A Critical Response to the 1619 Project on today at 1 to talk about his dynamite new book. I read half of it yesterday and can't recommend it highly enough if you are looking for a GREAT resource to rebut many of the flat out falsehoods being sold by this dastardly project. This is going to require effort to keep this out of our public schools. Buy the book here.

THE HONOR BELL FOUNDATION IS ON AT 2 I'm talking with veteran Chris Boyer and Executive Director Michelle Mallin about the work happening at the Honor Bell Foundation today at 2. Find out more or donate by clicking here.

SO NO PRESIDENT YET, HUH? I feel like this Texas lawsuit is the last chance for the Trump campaign to overturn the election, and we should know soon if the Supreme Court is going to take this up as a case. They have asked the states named in the suit alleging that other states violated their own election laws to respond by noon today EDT. THEN the Supreme Court will decide whether or not to take the case. We'll just see how it plays out. Right now, the Left is saying it's crazy, but many on the Right think it's got legs. We'll see what the Supremes think of this. This article has a good overview of what the case is about.

THE NEWS MEDIA JUST DISCOVERED HUNTER BIDEN IS SHADY And of COURSE they are reporting this NOW, because the election is over and Trump is apparently the loser so NOW they can tell you that Hunter Biden is hopelessly compromised by China and a tax cheat to boot. Now the news is out that Hunter is being investigated for tax evasion AND money laundering and some other stuff. This is not surprising to any of you, of course, but imagine all the morons who voted for Biden because TRUMP was corrupt and how they must feel? I hope they feel like morons. I still believe that this will be used to unseat Joe Biden and install President Harris. Just watch. This article about a Senate report on Hunter Biden's misdeeds is a must read.

THIS MOOSE IS NOT HAPPY WITH YOUR CHRISTMAS DISPLAY And I have to thank emailer Joe for this gem.

IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS! With lights twinkling all over town! Who doesn't love Christmas lights? One scrooge in Minnesota, that's who. A Minnesota homeowner got the letter below after hanging up a small and tasteful number of Christmas lights. What a miserable SOB this person must be.

NEW YORK IS TRYING TO MAKE EVERYONE LEAVE THE STATE FOR GOOD Three stories today out of New York are making me more certain than ever that I dodged a bullet by not getting a job in NYC at some point in my career. First, New York is trying to charge $3 PER PACKAGE you have delivered from an online order. They are trying to save the MTA with the money and say that this will encourage people to shop locally instead of ordering online. Second, New York is probably going to raise taxes to cover the budget shortfalls created by government shutdowns over covid. They are already almost the highest tax state in the country, this will propel them into first place. Third, they are considering legislation to make the covid vaccine MANDATORY. Good luck with this New York. This is what living in a blue state looks like, Colorado, and yet you keep voting Dems in.

MINNEAPOLIS IS TRYING TO MAKE THEMSELVES THE CRIME CAPITAL OF THE WORLD And they are moving forward with their plan to cut funding to the police, just as crime is SURGING in the city. I truly don't get this. I just checked and Colorado does NOT have concealed carry reciprocity with Minnesota so keep that in mind if you're going there and thinking of protecting yourself.

THAT'LL DO DONKEY, THAT'LL DO This video of a donkey seeing the girl who raised him made me tear up this morning.

JOHN CRIST IS THE WEATHERMAN WE ALL WOULD BE He's a comedian, but he nailed this one.

GEORGIA DEMOCRAT SENATE CANDIDATE FORGOT HE PRAISED FIDEL CASTRO BUT THE INTERNET IS FOREVER And the Right Reverend Raphael Warnock is going to have to answer for his actual comments where he likened the US to Cuba and said Castro's legacy was "complicated". Read more here.

THEY ONLY HAVE EYES FOR EACH OTTER If you've been skeptical of dating apps here is a success story to inspire you. A lonely widowed otter was looking for love and found it on a dating app...for otters. For real this is a thing and it's adorable.

GET THE VACCINE, DITCH THE MASKS? NOT QUITE This article is depressing as hell as it says we will still need masks even AFTER a covid vaccine is taken. BOOOOOOOO.

PANDEMIC PRIVILEGE IS A THING AND PEOPLE ARE SICK OF IT From dining at the French Laundry to allowing film sets to set up catering tents right next to a shut down restaurant, people are starting to get SUPER annoyed at those who seem to be exempt from the rules when it comes to covid. Well duh. This column lays out some of the worst offenders.

TIME ANNOUNCES IT'S PERSON OF THE YEAR FINALISTS And they are utterly predictable and I'm betting Frontline Healthcare workers win. Read more here.

PITKIN COUNTY CAN'T BE BRIBED INTO LEVEL RED The state offered Pitkin county $102,000 to move themselves to Level Red voluntarily. Pitkin said no thank you. Garfield county did too, but now they are being FORCED into level red anyway. I was just in Aspen for a hot minute and had a long conversation with our server at the JBar. She said all of her fellow servers were FREAKING out about the possibility of not working. I will say Aspen stores are very strict on limits inside and they nearly spray you with sanitizer when you walk in. We'll see how long this holdout lasts.

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