Mandy's Tue Blog: I'm Accepting Apologies Today

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THE MAYOR IS ON TODAY AND HOLY COW HE'S GOING AT THE SCHOOL BOARD And I literally stood up and applauded when I read the letter Mayor Michael Hancock and former Mayor Frederica Pena wrote about the Denver Public Schools Board. Here is it:

I am thrilled that Mayor Hancock is willing to call out the board and frankly, the unions, for their role in the departure of Susana Cordova. I'm glad the Mayor called out the delay in opening Noel High School. He is not the only one to do so, with former school board members signing a letter as well, and former Obama administration official Arne Duncan doing the same. We are going to talk about this today, plus I want to know when the fencing and plywood are coming down downtown, it looks like a war zone in a third world country right now. He's on at 2.

WANT A GOOD DEAL ON SOME GOOD GIFTS? Then you need to check out It's a site that allows you to bid on cool stuff, sort of like Priceline. I've got one of the founders Everett Graves on today at 1:05 to help you with your holiday list. Find the website by clicking here!

HOW ABOUT SOME AFFORDABLE ART FOR THE HOLIDAYS? I LOVE the Affordable Art Festival every year, but this year was tough. They went online so people could buy all kinds of art under $100 and it was a smash hit, so they are doing one just for the holidays! Jim DeLutes joins me at 1:35 to talk about the Holiday Affordable Arts Festival, which you can find here!

I'M WAITING FOR MY APOLOGIES FROM TRUMP LOYALISTS Last week when I said very simply that I wanted every reasonable accusation of voter fraud investigated while also saying that I didn't think any fraud was great enough to overcome Biden's lead, I got lots of "I'm never listening to you again" emails from angry Trump voters who were not ready to admit defeat. I was told it was MY fault somehow that Trump lost and I just needed to stop listening to the news media and ONLY listen to Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. Now that Powell has been thrown under the bus by the Trump team and NO real evidence of massive voter fraud has been presented, Rush Limbaugh said PRETTY MUCH THE EXACT SAME THING I DID, which is put up or shut up. Now we know the Trump Administration is allowing the transition to the Biden administration to occur. Trump has not conceded, but the writing is on the wall and it says President Biden. I'll take apologies at the top of the show today.

THIS IS EVERY CAT ON A LEASH I'VE EVER KNOWN Let's face it, leashes are for dogs. And ferrets. And some children.

OF COURSE THERE'S A GIANT MONOLITH OF MYSTERIOUS ORIGIN IN THE UTAH DESERT Because it's 2020 and it's about time some alien overlords came down here and straightened out this mess. Biologists counting big horn sheep via helicopter in a remote area found the giant metal monolith sticking out of the red rocks. No one knows what it is or how it got there. Of course.

KNOW THE SIDE EFFECTS OF ANY COVID VACCINE BEFORE YOU TAKE IT The most common of which is feeling like you have the flu. Doctors are warning physicians to warn people they may not feel well so they come back for the second dose of the vaccine. This is a good idea and I wish my doctor had warned me about the shingles vaccine, I would have planned much differently.

BLACK FRIDAY IS NOW A MONTH FOR MANY RETAILERS I sure hope we are spared the video of unruly people fighting over some stupid trinket on Black Friday this year, as coronavirus keeps many people out of the stores. Retailers who have already been hit hard by coronavirus shutdowns are trying to get creative to salvage the year with massive Black Friday sales that go all month. I'm good with this, I've always hated the Black Friday crush anyway.

OREGON'S GOVERNOR WANTS YOU TO SNITCH ON YOUR FRIENDS Every year around this time I can bring up things like Thanksgiving food and people want to call and talk about their favorite dishes. Not this year. I've chalked it up to the fact that we have all been forced into Thanksgiving hiding, not wanting to tell people that we are indeed going to have family over. At least we don't live in Oregon, where the Governor is actively telling residents to rat out neighbors who may dare to have people over. This would make me want to invite 40 people to my house because I'm juvenile and don't like this one bit. But that's just me.

SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR AND LEAVE THAT PUPPY ALONE A Florida man saved his three month old puppy from the jaws of a tiny alligator.

HOW ARE THE NEW mRNA VACCINES DIFFERENT THAN OLD SCHOOL VACCINES? We kind of talked about this yesterday, although I did not know AstraZeneca's vaccine was the traditional variety. This gives a pretty good overview.



HERE'S HOW TO HANDLE A ZOOMSGIVING WITH YOUR FAMILY And many of you will be catching up via Zoom this holiday season so here are some helpful tips on how to make your socially distanced day work for everyone.

WHAT DOES ONE OF THE UFC'S UP AND COMING YOUNG FIGHTERS DO IN HIS SPARE TIME? He works at Walgreens. The 26 year old has had two of the most impressive knockouts in recent fights, but he's still clocking in at this day job at Walgreens. And read this, this is why I now love this kid.

"The thing is ... besides UFC -- and they're giving me these big checks -- I still don't have a business of my own. So, I need to just keep working," Buckley says.
The fighter says it's important for him to maintain a "working mentality and work ethic" -- "So, I'm gonna just keep holding down a job."

How can you not root for him after that?

COLORADO VETERANS, THERE IS SO MUCH HELP FOR YOU AND YET SUICIDES ARE OUT OF CONTROL This article is why I spend so much time talking about the many, many veterans organizations out there who help veterans struggling with PTSI and other re integration issues. We have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to programs designed to help veterans struggling get the help and community they need. The Colorado Springs Gazette did a story on our alarmingly high rate of veteran suicides. From the article:

Colorado recorded 43 deaths by suicide of male and female veterans per a general population of 100,000, compared with 32 deaths nationally for 100,000 in population for 2018, the most current year for national statistics.
Statewide, the latest statistics show last year’s 217 veteran suicide deaths marked an all-time high and a 25% increase over 2018. Of those in 2019, 56 were from El Paso County, also the highest ever locally, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the state's violent-crime statistics.

If you are vet looking for help, email me, I will connect you with someone who can move you in the right direction and help you get your life back. or visit this link for a list of programs and people geared toward veteran mental health. Don't become a statistic, there is a better way.

AND NOW HERE'S AN ARTICLE THAT SAYS WE NEED MORE REAL LIFE MASK STUDIES Because what we CURRENTLY have in real world settings is that masks don't work. But we need to keep digging to find out. This sounds oddly familiar to what I've been saying for MONTHS NOW.

DEAR SHERWIN-WILLIAMS, YOU REALLY MESSED UP ON THIS ONE This is what happens when a young guy passionate about his job takes to TikTok to spread the word. In this case, an Ohio University senior who worked at Sherwin-Williams amassed over a MILLION TikTok followers by posting videos of mixing paint. Seriously. And when Tony Piloseno tried to talk to the marketing team at Sherwin-Williams about using the account to market to Gen Yers like him, the company FIRED HIM. This is just SOOOOO dumb. So dumb. They should fire the marketing director who blew him off and give his job to Tony instead. What an embarrassment.


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