Mandy's Fri Blog: The Gaylord Does Christmas and The Liberators

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IT'S MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES AT 2 We're discussing The Liberators which is an animated war series on Netflix. I wanted to not like it, but I did. We shall discuss.

THE GAYLORD ROCKIES IS READY FOR CHRISTMAS! I went to a very socially distanced preview last night at the Gaylord Rockies of all their Christmas stuff and it's really, really cool. Plus it was just nice to be SOMEWHERE. I've got Deanne French from the Gaylord on at 1 to tell you how to get some Christmas cheer from your favorite Christmas movies! Find out more by clicking here!

LOOK, SHOW US THE EVIDENCE OR SHUT UP ALREADY I'm with Tucker Carlson on this one. If Sidney Powell has evidence, SHOW IT. If she doesn't, shut up already. This is what Tucker Carlson had to say about this entire line of what appears to be garbage by Powell and Giuliani. He asked for evidence. She won't provide it.

PFIZER IS ASKING FOR AN EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION FOR IT'S NEW COVID VACCINE And this means the vaccine could roll out nationwide by the end of December. Seems weird that NONE of the good news about a vaccine THIS FAR ALONG leaked out before the election. Weird, huh?

THE COLORADO OIL AND GAS CONSERVATION COMMITTEE HAS BEEN EXPOSED And I'm genuinely not sure what to do about it. It seems the commission HATES the players it is charged with regulating and that hatred was confirmed by an unexpected email blast. This editorial talks about it, but I'm not sure there is anything oil and gas could do expect pour millions of dollars into our political system to get a more fossil fuel friendly Governor. If I were the GOP, I'd be reaching out RIGHT NOW to make that happen.

GM HAS HAD BATTERY BREAKTHROUGH THAT COULD MAKE ELECTRIC CARS MORE DESIRABLE Because they say their new battery is not only FAR cheaper than the old ones, it has a longer drive capability by a good bit. This could be the thing that tips the car market. We shall see.

DON'T TRY TO ROB AN OLD MAN WITH A WALKING STICK Or he might beat you with it like this 81 year old Marine did when he caught intruders in his house trying to rob them. Thanks to his grandfathers antique walking stick the burglars didn't get anything but a lump on the head.

IF YOU CAN'T BEAT INVASIVE SNAKES, EAT EM That's what Florida officials are looking at as a solution to the problem with invasive pythons in the Everglades. People buy these snakes when they are small, and then when they get BIG, they release them into the Everglades. This is a HUGE problem as there are no predators for these animals and they are taking over the delicate Sea of Grass. So now officials are looking into mercury levels in these snakes so people can get more comfortable eating them. This is gross to me, although I eat alligator so I'm not sure what the hangup is. That's not even the weirdest thing I've ever eaten.

THANK YOU TO THE COLORADO BOARD OF EDUCATION FOR SMACKING DOWN DPS DPS recently delayed the opening of a new charter high school for the flimsiest, most ridiculous of reasons. The real reason is the teacher's unions hate charter schools and got in the ear of members like Tay Anderson who voted to delay the opening of DSST Noel High School. The Board of Education is forcing DPS to reconsider the application NOW, and if DPS turns them down again, the Board of Education can simply override that decision. Thank Goodness our state board recognizes how important this school is to the high performing, mostly minority students in the Noel Middle School who simply want to continue their top notch education.

I CAN'T FIND THE ENTIRE GONE WITH THE WIND SKETCH But I've got a clip of Carol Burnett talking about it.

IF 2020 WERE A BOYFRIEND This made me laugh kind of hard today.

ROSS KAMINSKY DARED ME TO TALK ABOUT THIS STORY TODAY And I sent back: Challenge Accepted. How does salary correspond to penis size? Of course there is a study for that, even though no one has ever been asked to whip it out during a salary negotiations. It does seem that men in banking have the least to brag about in their pants and the most to brag about in their wallets. Sorry banker dudes.

A RESTAURANT IN NYC REQUIRES AN EXPENSIVE AND UNRELIABLE TEST TO EAT THERE You guys, the Rapid covid tests are GARBAGE. They give false positives, false negatives and even the company that sells them says you need to follow up with a more reliable PCR test to be sure of results. And now a restaurant in New York is REQUIRING such a test before you can eat in their restaurant. Oh, and YOU have to pay for the unreliable test to the tune of $50. Yeah, I won't be eating there.

IF YOU'RE PLANNING ON VISITING THE BOTANIC GARDENS LIGHT SHOW THIS YEAR You probably want to buy your tickets NOW as they are going fast. Space is limited this year and slots are going fast. Find out more by clicking here.

HERE IS SWEDISH DEATH CLEANING IN ACTION And why not do a little decluttering now before you die?

HAVE NO COVID TALK WITH YOUR COFFEE AT THIS SHOP A small coffee shop in Rome has officially banned any talk of covid or lockdowns or anything like it. I love this coffee shop.

PURE OXYGEN THERAPY CAN REVERSE AGING And leave it to the Israelis to figure this one out. Aging can be seen in our telomeres, which are the protective caps found at the end of chromosomes. Telomeres shorten over time, making our cells less able to regenerate and keep us young. Scientists have lengthened telomeres in older people by giving them pure oxygen in a pressurized tank. I'd do this.

DENVER'S DMV OFFICES ARE CLOSED TO IN PERSON TRAFFIC So you are out of luck if you can't do what you need to do at a kiosk in a grocery store somewhere. Read more here.

THE 50 MUST UNDERAPPRECIATED CARS OF ALL TIME And I am genuinely shocked at how many of these I've never heard of. I'm not a car fanatic, but I am a car FAN, and many of these are totally new to me!


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