Mandy's Thu Blog: Clean Speech and Proper Speech on the Same Day!

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CLEAN SPEECH COLORADO IS A THING AND BOY DO WE NEED IT Rabbi Raphael Leban joins me today to talk about a growing movement in Colorado in November. It's Clean Speech Colorado and it aims to bring civility back into our speech and our society. Find out more by clicking here and the Rabbi will be on at 1!

PLEASE TELL I'M RIGHT WITH CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER IS BACK! He joins me at 2 for all things word related so get your grammar and usage questions ready. Find out more and buy his excellent books by clicking here!

THE GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY THAT OVERSEES OIL AND GAS HATES THE INDUSTRY And there is no other way to spin it after a bunch of emails were sent to Oil and Gas companies by mistake that showed exactly how they are viewed by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. The Commission was testing out a new email filing system and blasted emails to oil companies FULL of very telling and derogatory comments about the very companies they are supposed to be overseeing. How is this fair and equitable? How does this even make sense? How does the Governor not show these people the door? Don't answer that, I already know the answer.

AND THAT SAME AGENCY IS PASSING RULES THAT WILL KILL THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY IN COLORADO This report shows that the new rules on setbacks by the COGCC will kill the industry that provides a CRAP ton of tax money for the state plus having really good paying jobs. How is this allowed to continue when the same people making these rules show such contempt for the industry they are regulating? More importantly, how do think we are going to pay for the progressive utopia without oil and gas money? Oh yeah, tax hikes on everyone.


WHERE ARE YOU IN THE PECKING ORDER FOR THE COVID VACCINE? This is good information to have as we move closer to a vaccine for covid. The state has already created a plan for covid vaccine distribution so find out where you are by clicking here.

HOW MANY OF OUR CURRENT PROBLEMS ARE CONNECTED TO MISSING DADS? This is a really, really good article that draws a lot of lines between the crisis of missing fathers and pretty much every ill in the world today. How do we fix this? How do we tell men that they matter when it comes to their children? Why don't we start by driving home The Success Sequence into every kid's head from 1st grade on? How do we stop fetishizing single motherhood as a viable option for women? Men, we need you. Period. From the article:

Like Edmund in King Lear, who despised his half-brother Edgar, these disinherited young are beyond furious. Like Edmund, too, they resent and envy their fellows born to an ordered paternity, those with secure attachments to family and faith and country.
That last point is critical. Their resentment is why the triply dispossessed tear down statues not only of Confederates, but of Founding Fathers and town fathers and city fathers and anything else that looks like a father, period. It is why we see generational vituperation toward the Baby Boomers, like the diss of “OK, Boomer” and the epithet “Karen.” It is why bands of what might be called “chosen protest families” disrupt actual family meals. It is why BLM disrupts bedroom communities late at night, where real, non-chosen families are otherwise at peace.
Resentment of the Edgars of the world is also the unbidden method beneath the seeming madness of BLM protesters surrounding a home in suburban Portland and demanding that the American flag be taken down, as happened in September. That the homeowner was black, and a veteran, did not matter. The men and women who think they have no country cannot abide those who have a country, any more than the illegitimate son inKing Learcan endure his half-brother’s enjoying a patrimony.

We have to fix this.

A MEETING ABOUT COVID IN CANADA DIDN'T QUITE GO AS EXPECTED LAST WEEK A doctor addressed the Community and Public Services in Edmonton Canada last week. He gives his background in virology so you don't think he's a quack. He says simply, there is NOTHING we can do to contain this virus. NOTHING. Just listen to it.

AND A STUDY ON MARINES SEEMS TO PROVE WE CAN'T STOP CORONAVIRUS NO MATTER WHAT WE DO Nearly 2,000 Marine recruits who were in a quarantine situation where they went above and beyond what most of us do in terms of cleanliness, social distancing and more, STILL SPREAD CORONAVIRUS to others. As in, they did EVERYTHING right and STILL gave coronavirus to other recruits. The kicker? Nearly ALL the cases were asymptomatic. The virus is gonna do what the virus is gonna do. We just need to make sure hospitals are ready for it.

IS THIS THE PERFECT COUNTRY SONG? Probably not but it's still funny.

WHEN TRYING TO MAKE A BABY LAUGH GO WRONG This baby does not like daddy cheering.

THE NEW YORK TIMES GOES ALL IN ON FAKE NEWS ABOUT ALEXANDER HAMILTON And this must have given the Broadway show loving New Yorkers quite a fright to realize that Alexander Hamilton OWNED SLAVES! Except he didn't. The assertion was made by a woman on a mission to destroy anything good about American history in a column the New York Times published. This column carefully rebuts the authors sloppy accusations easily, but I wonder how many good New York liberals already burned their copy of the Hamilton soundtrack?

HERE IS WHY THE DANISH MASK STUDY MATTERS Because it's one of the few real world studies on mask wearing, which doesn't have real world evidence to back it up. Otherwise, we'd not be seeing a huge uptick across states with mask mandates, would we?

SO YOU WANT TO BE LIKE AUSTRALIA? A region in southern Australia just banned outdoor exercise and dog walking. Read this:

For six days, only one person from a household will be allowed to leave home each day, and only for essential reasons, authorities said. Schools, universities, cafes and restaurants are closed, weddings and funerals are banned and mask-wearing is mandatory.

This to contain an outbreak of 23 people who are asymptomatic. This is lunacy.

MANSCAPERS YOU CAN COME OUT OF THE CLOSET NOW And I don't mean that in a sexual orientation way, I mean it in the "lots of guys do it" way. What is manscaping? If you don't know you've probably got a wild and unkempt nether region going on. I may or may not talk about this today, it depends on how delicately I can discuss cleaning up your pubic hairs.

THIS GUY IS AN IDIOT But you can watch it if you want to.

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