Mandy's Tue Blog: DPS Charter Parents, You Better Pay Attention

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WHEN DO YOU FEEL OLD? I think this is an interesting question because there is physically old and then mentally old. Obviously physically old predates mentally old by a long shot. This article says most people start to feel old at 47. That's fair. I've had more medical issues in the last two years than I've had in the previous 49 and I'm not kidding about that. We're going to talk about being old and feeling old today.

WITH THE DEPARTURE OF SUSANA CORDOVA CHARTERS COULD BE IN TROUBLE IN DENVER As we already know the school board is decidedly anti-charter, this could be big trouble for the district's fantastic charter schools. The Board already delayed the opening of a new charter high school whose student population would be overwhelmingly minority and poor kids. I would be very watchful of what this incompetent board does next, because it's not going to be good for kids who need better options than DPS is currently supplying. This story says parents believe Cordova was pushed out by the Board. It wouldn't surprise me. This is yet another reason I don't live in Denver.

YES, I AM ON PARLER Find me @mandyconnell and follow me there. I have mixed feelings about this sort of ongoing segregation, but I'm tired of Jack Dorsey and his minions on Twitter.

I WAS WRONG ABOUT BIDEN WINNING DOUGCO and several of you pointed that out yesterday (and thank you for your kind corrections) and I'm not sure if I just saw an earlier vote total that stuck in my head but sorry about that. This is an article about to two most red counties in the state and DougCo and Weld are them. Sorry for the confusion, although in going back to check my work I found numerous stories in other states about ticket splitting that hurt Trump so I do feel somewhat vindicated.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPC ODELL "JACK" PLYLAR! He's 99 today and a proud WWII vet. If you know Jack, maybe give him a ring or a drop by today to wish him well!

GOVERNOR POLIS IS CALLING A SPECIAL SESSION TO TALK ABOUT A COVID SPENDING PACKAGE To assist Coloradoans who need help because of covid shutdowns. I'm not sure how they are going to pull this off in a state where deficit spending is actually prohibited but at least they are doing the right thing by asking the Legislature to weigh in. We'll see what happens here.

SWEDEN THROWS IN THE TOWEL AND CREATES MORE RESTRICTIONS And I can't blame them for trying to do everything possible with cases rises as fast as they are now. They still have fewer cases than we do at twice the size. Now the government has limited parties to eight and last call is 10pm. That's it, those are the restrictions. They still have fewer cases per thousand than several other European nations who implemented strict lockdowns. We still can't declare Sweden a failure unless we admit that everything WE'VE done is a failure too, eh? We'll see when this is all said and done who fares the best overall and my money is STILL on Sweden.

A COLORADO CONNECTION TO A NEW NETFLIX SERIES And this is what we're reviewing this week with Mike Rosen. It's called The Liberator and it's an animated series about a Colorado resident who lead a rag tag group of soldiers to some of the biggest events in WWII. From the article in the Post:

The ethnically diverse group of soldiers he commanded — including Native Americans, Chicanos and white cowboys — were some of the first Allied forces to see the notorious Nazi concentration camp of Dachau when units of the 3rd Battalion, 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division (Sparks’ ragtag Thunderbird group) arrived at the site in the south of Germany on April 29, 1945.

The animation isn't creepy like The Polar Express at ALL and it's really good so watch it.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR PIES FOR THANKSGIVING THIS YEAR? My friend Alex makes AMAZING pies (I had her on the show last year) and you should order some from her by clicking here.

AND HERE IS LORI LYNN'S PECAN PIE BREAD PUDDING RECIPE And it is OH MY GOSH delicious but far more dessert than breakfast. Here you go!



WE'VE GONE FROM SUPPORTING FREE SPEECH TO BURNING BOOKS And this is the ongoing story of a woman who had the nerve to write a book questioning why we've had a HUGE spike in teenage girls who all of sudden decide they are transgender when someone else in their sphere does the same. I emphasized that last part because she is in no way saying that EVERY transgender person is suffering from Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, but that SOME teenage girls may be peer pressured into it. And now Target removed her book, a professor wants to BURN her book and she is wondering why we can't even have the conversation. This is lunacy. Good news though, Target has decided to continue selling the book.

LET'S COMPARE THE PFIZER AND MODERNA VACCINES Because they are both showing great promise and they work differently than any other previous vaccine, but this is a good thing for a lot of reasons.

NO, BIDEN DIDN'T UNDERPERFORM IN MAJOR CITIES This rumor needs to die and this guy has done the work to make it die. If you see any social media posts that declare that Biden underperformed against Hillary in 2016, read this first. He did NOT according to the vote totals. He gained in many of them.

YOU NEED TO CANCEL THANKSGIVING BUT A BUNCH OF LAWMAKERS JUST FLEW TO HAWAII FOR A CONFERENCE NBD And this is yet again why the general public isn't taking the gloom and doom proclamations seriously. The kicker here is that a BUNCH of the lawmakers are from CALIFORNIA where the Governor has literally banned people from having all their family members at Thanksgiving.

RELIGIOUS HATRED IS A THING AND IT'S MOSTLY AGAINST JEWS I wonder if they included the treatment of Hasidic Jews in New York by the Mayor as a hate crime too? Probably not, especially when there are so many others to choose from. A full 60% of religious hate crimes were directed at Jews. Way to go, America.

ALEXA IS BEING TRAINED TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT BEFORE YOU KNOW IT And this is exactly like the AI used by social media to create a version of us that Alexa can sell things too. We're all being lulled into a sense of security before the robots take over. Now Alexa is being trained to respond to questions with answers you didn't yet ask for.

FRANCE ACCIDENTALLY KILLED A BUNCH OF FAMOUS PEOPLE Well not REALLY but they accidentally released all of their obituaries when they WEREN'T dead. How awkward.

THIS IS A BIG STEP FOR OUR MISSILE DEFENSE CAPABILITIES And super cool to boot. We shot down an intercontinental ballistic missile IN SPACE for the first time. This is badass, James Bond type stuff and renders a LOT of our enemies a lot less dangerous.

HOW ABOUT A NICE TURKEY ICE CREAM CAKE FOR THANKSGIVING? And there is NO real turkey in this confectionary, just delicious ice cream and sugar cones and other stuff that tastes wonderful, it just LOOKS like a turkey. You can get it at Baskin-Robbins near you for the holiday!

AND NOW AN AWESOME BABY LAUGH Because who can't use more baby laughs in their life?


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