Mandy's Mon Blog: Dr. Gary Plus Dinner Ideas for People Sick of Cooking

DR. GARY IS IN TO TALK REGENERATIVE THERAPY AND MORE And you can reach him at Downtown's Healthcare by clicking here.

REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE EXCITED TO QUARANTINE COOK? Cooking fatigue is wearing us down as most of us have been cooking nearly all of our own meals for months now. Remember the halcyon days of sourdough mastery and making your own mayo? Now we're just sick of trying to figure out what to make every day. I want to know what YOUR go-to meals are when you are sick of cooking and there will be no shaming today. If you've fed your kids cereal for dinner this is your time to shine.

STILL NO PRESIDENT YET Just wanted to remind you that nothing is official, Trump hasn't conceded, there are a bunch of challenges going on and Gore didn't concede until December 13th so settle in.

THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN IS DROPPING CLAIMS THEY CAN'T PROVE In the case in Pennsylvania, anyway. They have no evidence that over 600k ballots were counted without ballot watchers from the GOP. They dropped that claim as part of their suit.

SO WEIRD THAT THIS STORY ON BIDEN'S CANCER CHARITY NOT DOING ANYTHING FOR CANCER COMES OUT NOW They raised a lot of money for cancer research or something and spent exactly ZERO dollars on anything remotely resembling cancer research. But I'm sure it's fine. This is how The Lincoln Project worked and the Dems LOVE them, so I don't expect any blowback from this.

YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY PEOPLE AREN'T TAKING COVID SERIOUSLY? This column written by a guy who is a pretty reliable liberal at a very reliable liberal publication nails it. When our leaders tell us covid could strike AT ANY TIME except during things they think are okay, it's a bit tough to swallow.

BECAUSE THERE IS NO SECOND STIMULUS, COLORADO STAYS OPEN And I'm not going to lie, I'm glad. I don't think we can do much to stop the spread of this virus and all of our efforts need to be on taking care of the sickest who need medical attention. The faster is blows through here in a second wave the faster it's done. Probably not popular, but I'm wondering if our Governor doesn't realize this and that's why we are STILL open. This article in the Post says that without another federal stimulus (blocked successfully by Nancy Pelosi's unwillingness to negotiate with Republicans) the Governor realizes that poor people who can't work remotely would be the hardest hit. I don't care what the reasons are, I'm just glad this is where we are.

MODERNA'S VACCINE IS 95% EFFECTIVE and unlike Pfizer's vaccine that has to kept at a ridiculously low temperature, Moderna's does NOT. Both are the mRNA type vaccines, which I've been reading about now and have a higher comfort level about than I did last week.

HOW DOES RTD RECOVER FROM COVID? Mass transit is in trouble everywhere, not just here, as people are not quite willing to hop back onto a crowded bus or train in an age of coronavirus. But there were problems BEFORE covid and now RTD is trying to figure out how to get through this. I think mass transit is about to go the way of the dodo bird and this just speeds us along, but are the central planners willing to admit they can't control how we get from point A to point b?

TALK ABOUT AN INDUSTRY THAT DOESN'T PAY IT'S FAIR SHARE That would be Higher Ed, and John Stossel takes a look.

THE DETHRONE POLIS MOVEMENT DIDN'T TURN IN ANY SIGNATURES And according to their Facebook page, they are asking for an extension because of covid. We'll see if they get it, but based on the election results I have zero confidence that Polis will be recalled if it does go to the people of Colorado.

CLICK IT OR TICKET STARTS TODAY And it's that time of year where lots of tickets are given out to people who aren't wearing their seatbelts. So wear yours.

I'm sure this author is going to be cancelled from his role as a Professor Emeritus for just suggesting this, but this article asks an important question about black underperformance and racism. It's pretty much what I'm talking about when I discuss the teaching of victimhood to children of color. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Read this for more.

OUR KIDS MUST GO BACK TO SCHOOL And I'd love to ask every teacher's union standing in the way of full time in-person schools how they plan to make up the "horrifying" losses that children are suffering during covid shutdowns and online schooling. In Dallas, the alarm is being sounded, and sounded loudly. The kids most adversely affected? Minority children. We need our kids back in school NOW.

TEENS WHO SPEND MORE TIME ON EXTRA CURRICULARS AND LESS ON THE SCREEN ARE HAPPIER And there is nothing surprising about this. I'd be shocked if ANY study showed that kids spending more time on screens and social media was good for mental health. Coupled with The Social Dilemma I sure hope that parents are taking steps to limit screen time and get their kids outside and involved in real activities with real kids.

I'M SERIOUSLY THINKING OF MAKING PLANS TO GO TO DISNEY Because they are limiting capacity right now to 35% and I'm not going to lie, that's damn good.

I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW THIS TO CHUCK People who decorate for Christmas early ARE HAPPIER. *micdrop*

COVID BE DAMNED, AMERICANS ARE HAVING THANKSGIVING ANYWAY With at least 10 people. We are tired of covid and having a day of Thanks.

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