Mandy's Fri Blog: The Social Dilemma is the Scariest Movie I've Ever Seen

WE'RE REVIEWING THE SOCIAL DILEMMA TODAY And if you haven't seen this movie on Netflix drop everything and watch it this weekend. Social media has created the most dangerous tool ever imagined and if it's ever weaponized against us, we are doomed. We'll do that with Mike Rosen today at 2.

TOMORROW IS WORLD DIABETES DAY And I've got Dana Davis with the Children's Diabetes Foundation to talk about how important supporting research into both forms of this horrible disease is. Find out more or make a donation by clicking here!

ELON MUSK SAYS THE RAPID COVID TESTS ARE GARBAGE And since he got four tests, same nurse, same machine, same time and 2 were positive and 2 were negative, we need to stop using whatever test he used and make sure that our testing is good. We are making business destroying decisions based on positive tests. If the tests are not accurate, we are screwing over our entire economy for nothing. This is not good. Not good at all. We just got a bunch of these deployed to Colorado.

XCEL ENERGY WANTS YOU TO PAY FOR CHARGING STATIONS Most of us are years away from owning an electric car. Currently, they can't go far enough on a charge, are expensive or tiny, and the batteries cost a fortune. But Colorado is determined to put charging stations all over the place and Xcel wants to charge ALL OF US to install them. To be clear, Xcel will end up profiting from these in the future, but they want US to pay for it up front. I just checked, and Xcel made about $1.3 BILLION last year. Let them pay for it.

RENTERS ARE LEAVING DENVER AND THIS STORY MISSES A BIG, BIG REASON WHY And I know this is a reason not mentioned in this story because I've had conversations with people about it. Rents are declining in Denver and going up in the suburbs and this story says it's the pandemic. That is part of it, but let's not act like the ongoing riots and destruction of downtown along with the booming homeless camps are not a reason. Why would you pay exorbitant prices when everything is boarded up and homeless squatters are left to take over with impunity?

YOU GUYS, STOP SENDING ME PETITION DEMANDING A RECOUNT OR REVOTE There are about a million petitions flying around the internet demanding a total recount or even a re VOTE for the election. They are not going to do ANYTHING. You can sign them all but my feeling is they are just there to gather your data so they can sell it to marketers. Stop. Just stop.

THE GOP HAS RAISED $32 MILLION DOLLARS FOR THE GEORGIA RUNOFF That is going to determine who is going to control the Senate. If you want to protect the Republic you may want to donate yourself. So far a whole bunch of people have given a whole bunch of money really quickly.

YOU GUYS, OUR HOSPITALS ARE NOT IN DANGER OF BEING OVERRUN RIGHT NOW I keep getting people tweeting at me that I'm not focused like a laser on terrifying you about coronavirus every moment of every day. That's because EVERY day I look at the numbers released by the State of Colorado on this site. You should too, because the numbers are not terrifying. Plus we've been told by every single hospital system that they have made changes to quickly make more ICU beds available if necessary. Currently our ICU capacity is at about 85% and that might sound scary, but a vast majority of those beds are NOT covid patients. A whopping 41% of our adult ventilators are in use. And discharges are moving on the same trajectory as admissions. So if you want to panic over that, you need to look back to 2018 when hospitals were overwhelmed in some areas by flu, but we didn't shut down the economy.

IF YOU LOVE SCIENCE ABOUT COVID, WATCH THIS Of course it won't make you scared or freaked out but it's all data based although Ivor does focus on Ireland because that's where he lives.

THIS MADE ME LAUGH HARD THIS MORNING And thanks to emailer Joe for this one!

CONSERVATIVE GUY BENSON PLAYED A PROGRESSIVE AND IT'S MAGIC They flipped the parties for this segment on Kennedy

YOU GUYS, THE DEMOCRATS GOT SHELLACKED IN THE HOUSE And I mean BAD. This article from Politico lays out how wrong the polling data was (duh) and also how ticket splitters killed Trump but gave the GOP serious gains in the House. This is NOT good news for Dems in the mid terms and they know it.

CNN COMPARES TRUMP TO HITLER AGAIN AND WHATEVER AT THIS POINT Christine Amanapour, who has a history of attacking Israel and Jews, is at it again, this time comparing the Trump Administration of the last four years to the Kristallnacht. Kristallnacht for those of you who skipped history, was the night of terror perpetrated by Nazis against the Jews in Germany and Austria. Ninety one people were murdered and 7,500 Jewish businesses were looted and burned. It was the beginning of the Holocaust. This is yawn worthy because it has happened so much.

DON'T SNIFF THE CORK AND OTHER DUMB WINE STUFF People are often put off from ordering wine because they fear they will be judged harshly by their wine "betters". This column dispels some of the dumb alleged rituals around wine and will put you at ease. Oh, and you don't need sixteen different glasses for wine. That one is a big relief for me.

GET READY FOR SUPER FUN COMEDY FROM MSNBC'S JOY REID AND ADAM SCHIFF Listen to this steaming pile of horse poop. Adam Schiff must have balls the size of cantaloupes.


THIS HUSKY WANTS DONUTS NOW This is why I don't have a husky. Jinx does this to me SOMETIMES but huskies do it ALL the time.

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