Mandy's Thu Blog: What Does JoeNomics Look Like and Wine for the Holiday!

LET'S SEE WHAT JOE-NOMICS IS GONNA DO THE ECONOMY With our favorite economic smart guy Stephen Moore. He'll review what may be coming at 1:05.

THE WINE YOGI IS IN WITH HOLIDAY WINES! And I gave her a task to recommend some EXPENSIVE bottles of wine because if you can't have a big gathering you may as well spend some cash on your small group. BUT I also told her to go to Costco and find a reasonable choice from there. Here is the lovely photo she sent me this morning of what we're tasting for your information. Find all the info on these wines on her blog here and she's on at 2.

WHAT THE HELL WESTMINSTER POLICE? This story is one of those stories that should concern you because it absolutely can happen to you and we all deserve answers. A young couple is woken up in the middle of the night by a team of officers barging in their house. The officers then trashed the house looking for Chinese people or drugs or something and when they find nothing they leave the house trashed and mock the couple on the way out. I spoke with the young man's mother in this case and they are beside themselves with anxiety over what happened. We all deserve answers and the warrant which destroyed their property must be unsealed. I get that mistakes are made, but an apology on the way out the busted door would have been nice. This could have been Breonna Taylor all over again.

WHY DON'T DEMOCRATS CARE ABOUT US WASTING TIME IN TRAFFIC? This editorial by the Denver Gazette is SPOT ON and goes to what Dick Wadhams was talking about yesterday. Democrats just don't care about you being stuck in traffic on crappy roads with potholes and whatnot. They just don't think it's a priority. Our governor hired an incompetent political appointee who only cares about mass transit, which is currently being utterly killed by covid. This can be a winning cause for Republicans.

WE ARE NOT DYING AT THE SAME RATE FROM CORONAVIRUS ANYMORE And that has to do with who is getting it (young people) and that we've gotten better at treating it than we were before. Governor Polis touted the declining death rate for people who need to be hospitalized but neglected to extrapolate that out to TOTAL fatality rate when you count all "cases". I put quotes around that because the government is counting all positive tests as "cases" even if the testee has no symptoms. We need to figure that out, please.

LOOKING FORWARD TO SKI SEASON? HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT And the projected Opening Days for the resorts.

KEEPING WITH THE THEME OF THINGS THAT PLAY INSTRUMENTS BETTER THAN I DO How bout this little girl tearing it up on the drums?

BIDEN TO REVERSE THE POLICY WHICH SLOWED ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND WON TRUMP HISPANIC VOTERS Wow, it didn't occur to me that we haven't seen caravans of people trying to break into the southern border in...well...years. Expect more of that as Joe Biden has indicated a return to the Obama policies and the return of DACA. He's also halting deportations for 100 days, even for criminals. If the GOP keeps the Senate, I sure hope Mitch McConnell will make dealing with Dreamers a key issue for the next Congress. We can't keep using these people as a political wedge, we need to settle that once and for all. Remember, the Obama policies created the need for the cages for children to be built in the first place. I'm actually excited to see how this all ends up.

BIDEN TO SUCK UP THE IRANIANS AGAIN TOO And his people are telling Israel that he is going to re-enter the nuclear agreement with Iran asap. I have no clue why this man can't see how successful the Trump Middle East doctrine has been except that Joe Biden has ALWAYS been wrong on foreign policy. Always. Especially since the UN now says that Iran, who is allegedly still in the deal with the EU, is cheating their asses off.

WHEN THE UGLY SIDE OF ISLAM REARS IT'S HEAD WE NEED TO PAY ATTENTION AND FIGHT BACK This is a really good column on the flashes of Islamists in France still wreaking havoc. The author reminds us that there are still Muslims (although in the minority) who believe that beheading a teacher over cartoons is not only allowed, but demanded by their faith. We can't get complacent about that sort of Muslim, while supporting Muslims who just want to practice their faith freely without trying to inflict their religious standards on anyone else, which again, is the vast majority of Muslims. It's a good piece and you should read it.

A LAWSUIT HAS BEEN FILED IN WAYNE COUNTY OVER DETROIT'S ELECTION And affidavits have been signed that massive voter fraud occurred there. We'll see what happens.

KARL ROVE SAYS THIS ELECTION WILL NOT BE OVERTURNED And I'm inclined to agree with him. Read his take here.

IS IT TRULY A PARADE IF IT ONLY GOES ONE BLOCK? Covid has killed the Thanksgiving Day tradition of the Macy's Parade in New York. Sort of. The parade will still air on live tv, with pre taped Broadway performances and the floats and balloons zipping down one whole city block. No spectators will be allowed, which sort of makes this whole thing stupid, imo.

JEFFREY TOOBIN HAS BEEN YANKED BY THE NEW YORKER After his embarrassing Zoom incident where he yanked his own wanker during a conference call. He's out officially now.



NEW TECH ZAPS MUSIC DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EARS Without creating sound others can hear. Weird? Yes. Read more here.

ELIZABETH WARREN PROVES AGAIN SHE'S A POLITICAL IDIOT By crediting Biden's win to the progressive agenda that was rejected down ballot across the country.

WHO DOESN'T LOVE A WIN FROM A TRICK PLAY? Because they almost never work. This one did.

ARBY'S HAS THE MEAT HATS And now I want one. It's a deep fried turkey pillow that fits OVER your head to act as a pillow and a mask. Don't get excited, it's already sold out. You can enter to win one though.

A VIRTUAL SAFARI IS NOW A THING AND I'LL PASS This story is about a virtual safari you can sign up for in lieu of a real safari during covid. I'll pass. It's a nice way to make a donation to conservation though, as real safaris foot most of that bill normally.

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