Mandy's Wed Blog: Feeling Adrift After the Election? I've Got a Group!

JIMMY GRAHAM IS BACK TO TALK ABOUT STAND IN THE GAP After the initial wave of disappointment from the election subsided I got a SLEW of emails asking for information about the Stand in the Gap Initiative we talked about a month ago. I've invited Jimmy Graham back for more discussion and you can find out how to join in your area by clicking here.

IS COLORADO FOREVER A BLUE STATE? GOP stalwart Dick Wadhams has some words of hope for Colorado Republicans in this column today, and he's joining me at 1:05 to talk us all off the ledge.

HEY FELLOW RIGHT LEANING CHEFS, PLEASE DON'T GIVE PENZEY SPICE ANY MONEY THIS YEAR I am not one to boycott. I am not one to urge people to take their business elsewhere. HOWEVER, the CEO of Penzey's Spices HATES conservative people. HATES. US. Luckily we have a great alternative called Savory Spice shop and there are multiple locations around the metro but you can also order online by clicking here. If you stop by the store on Platte, you may even see Lori Lynn working there! They are not a sponsor and I get nothing from this, but Bill Penzey is an ahole. That's it.

HAPPY VETERANS DAY! To all the men and women who have answered the call to defend this great nation, I am grateful. You are the best this country has to offer. The Wine Yogi, herself an Air Force vet, shared this on Twitter and it's really incredible. It's the moment the guns fell silent on this day in 1918 when WWI was finally over. Volume up.

I'VE HAD THE PLEASURE OF MEETING VETERAN KENNY THOMAS He was part of the Black Hawk down team in Somalia and a talented musician. You can often see him at the TAPS songwriter event each year. This is a great song and video for this Veterans Day.

SOLAR AND CROPS CAN CO-EXIST NICELY And this is really neat that CSU is studying how to use solar farms for more than just energy creation. Check this out.

FOR PEOPLE BEING ACCUSED OF FRAUD ENCOURAGING MORE OF IT ISN'T A GREAT IDEA And yet, that's what Democrats are doing all OVER the place. Many Dems are urging people to MOVE TO GEORGIA for two months so they can vote in the Senatorial runoff. Because results are all that matter to these power mad idiots and cheating is okay if it gets them what they want, amiright?

SHOULD WE STOP FIST BUMPING TOO? PLEASE SAY YES I don't get the fist bump. It just seems aggressive, whereas a handshake seems unifying. Covid has killed both. If you've given up the shake for the bump, researchers now say that's not much better. We all need to recognize that our hands are filthy disgusting petri dishes of germs and stop touching other people with them.

THIS VACCINE DELIVERY IS STARTING TO LOOK LIKE AN AIRLIFT OPERATION The new Pfizer vaccine must be stored at -94 degrees Fahrenheit. Why? I have no idea. But that's what we are dealing with. This makes logistics a nightmare. But Pfizer is unveiling their plan and it's complicated but workable. Maybe. We'll see.

ONE STUDY ALLEGING THAT MASKS WORK HAS BEEN RETRACTED Why? Because the counties they touted as examples of mask wearing excellence have seen significant upticks in the virus now. Huh. Imagine that. The virus is gonna do what the virus is gonna do. I'm still waiting for SOMEONE to publish the Danish mask study. ANYONE.

I FOUND AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE DRUDGE REPORT! I honestly don't know the last time I looked at the Drudge Report after consuming it like mad for 15 years. It's too negative, too much click bait, and not enough balance. I have just discovered The Citizen Free Press and I dig it.

TED CRUZ SCORCHED ANDY MCCABE ON THE LOGAN ACT And if you still believe the Russia investigation was based on anything but politics please explain this.

AND HE WASTED THIS SHOT ON A PRACTICE ROUND Apparently this was the SECOND hole in one Jon Ralm hit in his practice rounds before the Masters. If I made this shot I would drop my clubs and walk away from the game forever.

WHERE DO THE POST ELECTON LAWSUITS STAND? This is a good overview from National Review.

THE IDIOTS ON THE MINNEAPOLIS CITY COUNCIL ARE FORCED TO BRING IN COPS FROM ELSEWHERE To fix the mess they made. When Defund the Police took hold in Minneapolis, a lot of cops quit. As in a LOT. Now that crime is up 20%, the Minneapolis City Council is having to spend a crap ton of money to bring in officers from OUTSIDE the metro on a contract basis. Sure, defund the cops, that'll work. Idiots.

AND NOW A BIDEN PRESIDENCY THAT WILL GO AFTER COPS TOO Why anyone would become a police officer at this moment in time is beyond me. Talk about a thankless situation. The Biden-Harris administration has already indicated that they believe cops are racist and will likely use their DoJ to go after MORE cops. But I'm sure it will be fine.


AN ESTES PARK HOSPITAL IS LAYING PEOPLE OFF BECAUSE OF COVID Not because we have too many covid patients, but because they don't have enough patients. Wrap your head around that.

WHY HAS AFRICA WEATHERED COVID SO WELL? I've wondered this same thing and this article tries to offer some answers, from the young age of the overall population to people staying home to genetic differences. One thing not noted is that Africans consume far more chloroquine and it's variants than the rest of the world to control malaria. Could this be a thing?

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