Mandy's Tue Blog: Could This Be the Cure for PTSD?

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COULD A SHOT BE THE CURE FOR PTSD FOR SOME? PTSD doesn't just strike soldiers but it does strike them hard. I've got a doctor on today who does a treatment called Stella Ganglion Block (SGB) that gives instant relief from anxiety and hyper vigilance for many suffering with PTSD. I've done some looking around and the VA has done a study which shows very good improvement with SGB. I've got Dr. Eugene Lipov on today to discuss how it works. Find Dr. Lipov and his clinic in Chicago by clicking here. A very small number of VA clinics are already using this therapy, but it's not done locally by the VA from what I can see.

PRESIDENT ELECT JOE BIDEN GETS READ TO RAISE YOUR TAXES AND FUND ABORTION WITH OUR MONEY Not wasting time waiting for the election to be officially over, President Elect Joe Biden is getting ready to try and undo the things that Trump did via Executive Order. So far he's going to rejoin the Paris Accord, rejoin the Chinese Communist controlled World Health Organization, spend our money promoting abortion around the world and reinstating DACA. He says he's going to repeal the Trump tax cuts but he can't do that with a Republican Senate. I'm glad he's giving the Republicans in Georgia something to run on.

ATTORNEY GENERAL BILL BARR LAYS OUT THE FRAMEWORK FOR VOTING IRREGULARITY INVESTIGATIONS And these parameters are not going to make a lot of rank and file angry Republicans very happy. He's saying what I've been saying, which is these accusations need witnesses or some form or evidence to give them credibility before the DoJ will open a PRELIMINARY investigation to determine if there is evidence to build on. Plus, the accusations need to be about fraud significant enough to change the outcome of a Federal election. That is a high bar, folks. Some on the left are apoplectic that the AG would begin to investigate before elections are certified, but I'm not seeing how a look into large, egregious, evidence based claims (if there are any which meet that standard) would be problematic.

ARE THERE CREDIBLE CLAIMS OF VOTER FRAUD? Two instances so far have people coming forward with stories of voter intimidation and ballot fraud. This one in Nevada and this one in Detroit. Is this going to change anything? Probably not. But it would be nice if they were investigated.

COULD HYPERLOOPS BE THE FUTURE OF TRAVEL? Maybe not trans-oceanic travel, but maybe cross country. Leave it to Richard Branson and Virgin to successfully test the first hyperloop travel in the desert in Las Vegas. The first humans rode the hyperloop successfully this past week, which is a huge step in the mag-lev designed people mover. Virgin says the hyperloop could eventually move cars of 30 to 40 people at 600 miles per hour while using far less energy than planes do. This is super cool but does this mean that perhaps my grandchildren could be robbed of the chance to fly across the country in the sky? That would be sad.

BRAZIL HAS SUSPENDED TRIALS FOR THE CHINESE VACCINE After a "serious adverse event". We don't know what that adverse event was, but it must have been bad enough for them to suspend all injections until they figure out if it was the vaccine that caused whatever it was. This is bad news for Chinese pharma as Pfizer came out with their own good news about their vaccine.

HEY VETERANS, STARTING VETERANS DAY YOU CAN GET A FREE PARKS PASS FOR LIFE My family is definitely taking the government up on this offer. Now you can get a free National Parks pass if you're a veteran, read more here! Active duty military members already get free admission.

GAY UK NEWS SITE ERASES FIRST OPENLY GAY CABINET MEMBER FROM HISTORY Richard Grenell became the first openly gay cabinet member in history when he was appointed by President Donald Trump named him Director of National Intelligence. He has been instrumental in negotiating peace between Serbia and Kosovo and has also served as Ambassador to Germany. Someone needs to tell Pink News that the Rainbow Ceiling has already been shattered by Trump.

DOUGLAS COUNTY HAS MADE UP WITH TRI-COUNTY HEALTH After several changes were made at the last meeting. The changes allow Douglas County to opt out of orders they deem excessive and the County Commission will be consulted as well. It's all about local control, amiright?

THIS BABY MADE MY DAY And God love her Dad for trying to get her to say he's her favorite.


THIS IS ME WITH THE Q ONLY I WORK IN MORE ARMS This is literally how I drive down the street with Q only I jam my arms for full effect.

POLIS EXTENDED THE MASK MANDATE Because it's working so well in stopping the spread of Covid. We have 30 more days.

ONE MORE STORY OF HOW PROGRESSIVES LOST THIS ELECTION, THIS ONE IN ILLINOIS I have jokingly said for years when whatever state I was living in performed poorly against other states, "Thank God for Mississippi" because inevitably the poor Southern state did worse in whatever category. When it comes to unfunded pension liabilities, we can all say "Thank God for Illinois" because they are a like a warning beacon of what happens when states make promises and then don't fund them. This year the politicians tried to pass a graduated income tax rate. The people overwhelmingly defeated it. This means Illinois has to figure out how to pay for their over $4 billion in unfunded liabilities by taxing EVERYONE at crazy high rates. This article lays out the tough situation Democrats find themselves in now.

WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT SOCIAL CONTAGION IN TRANSGENDER TEENS The number of teenage girls who have decided they are transgender has SKYROCKETED. Why? We're not allowed to ask that question according this journalist who wrote a book on the subject. I'm going to try to get her on the show to discuss the book, but read how Big Tech and Big Media have literally censored even the DISCUSSION of the concept that girls may be influenced by other girls more than actually being transgender.

A REAL LIFE EXAMPLE OF WHY MEDICARE FOR ALL SUCKS And though this thread is from last year, it's still totally relevant to where we are today. I've been sharing with people that the death tolls for the elderly in Sweden are in part because in their socialized medicine system, they simply don't offer critical care, or any care really, to the elderly. They gave them morphine and left them to die. They are deemed too old or infirm for care. This thread demonstrates the OTHER end of the spectrum. Under Medicare for All, your life will be assigned value based on your social worth, and frankly, children aren't that valuable. Read the whole thing, please. then read this column by the architect of Obamacare, who maintains that life has no value after the age of 75. He doesn't want to live past then. And he obviously thinks we should deny care to anyone older than 75 who might feel differently. Nice guy.

AND OH, HEY, JOE BIDEN IS COMING FOR CHARTER SCHOOLS The teacher's unions will be running the Department of Education again, with the focus on "neighborhood schools" rather than "charter schools". What's comical is that there has never been a focus on charter schools, just a concerted effort by Democrats to prevent them from happening because they marginalize unions.

OBAMACARE IS FACING ANOTHER CHALLENGE AT THE SUPREME COURT This case rests on the individual mandate, which Chief Justice John Roberts turned himself and the law in knots to uphold as a "tax" in an earlier hearing. Now that the Republicans have reduced the penalty to $0 it can no longer be considered a tax. The decision won't happen until June.

HERE IS THE SKINNY ON THE APPARENT FRAUD IN PHILLY From the lawyer who forced the corrupt Board of Elections to let Republican observers do their jobs.

YOUR REALITY TV IS ABOUT TO GET WAY MORE DIVERSE As CBS has pledged to make the casts of their reality shows Survivor and Big Brother at least 50% minority cast members. Good for them. I really don't care who the cast is, these shows have run their course for me years ago.

THIS BIRD SPEAKS BETTER THAN SEVERAL CANDIDATES He's a budgie and he's got quite he vocabulary.

THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE ARMY OPENS VETERANS DAY It's in Fort Belvoir in Virginia and it's been years in the making. If it's anything like the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning, I must go. Find out more here.

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