Mandy's Fri Blog: STILL No President Yet and This is Embarrassing

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MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES IS ON TODAY But we're also going to talk about the election a bit too. We're discussing a weird and really good series on Netflix called The Queen's Gambit, plus Mike and Dave watched something else that was on Apple tv, which I don't have.

HEY LADIES, WANT TO KICK AROUND THE ELECTION WITH ME AND SOME OTHER DAMES? Joni Inman joins me to talk about next Tuesday's Women and Wind Down event. RSVP by clicking here! She's on at 1:05.

OUR BUDDY ROB JOINS US TODAY TO TALK ABOUT HELPING VETS IN THE COLD WEATHER And he's going to tell you all about the coat drive happening TOMORROW. I'll add the details when I find them but he's on at 1:35.

NO, I'M NOT GOING TO TALK ENDLESSLY ABOUT THE DEMOCRATS STEALING THE ELECTION Because as of right now, there is ZERO proof of cheating. Yes, I saw all the stuff on the internet about ballots appearing in the middle of the night, poll workers being locked out and more. But that doesn't prove anything. We will talk about Pennsylvania as it's going to go to the Supreme Court. We will discuss the latest news every day, but it will not be an endless litany of angry accusations I CAN'T PROVE. We're going to try to deal with facts as we know it, not what we wish would happen. If there is a time to take to the streets to insure the integrity of the elections in the face of obvious cheating I will let you know. If there is a time to call your representatives to demand they do the right thing, I'll tell you.

TRUMP'S SPEECH YESTERDAY WAS AN EFFORT TO MAKE EVERY REPUBLICAN DOUBT THIS ELECTION And it was a lot of sour grapes and accusations WHICH NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED AND EXPLAINED. It may have been his best case to speak directly to the people about why he thinks fraud is an issue and he spent the entire time blaming Dems for cheating without any proof, which isn't helpful. Maybe he gets more people to demand a fair count? Watch for yourself.

I totally agree that we need openness and transparency and legal votes counted and illegal votes tossed out. I just don't think when all is said and done the President is going to be the victor in this. I sure hope I'm wrong, but I'm not hopeful.

WHY DOES THE MEDIA KEEP USING THE WORD FALSE WHEN REPSONDING TO TRUMP'S ALLEGATIONS? If you don't know that news organizations parse words carefully it may be because they only do that occasionally these days. We are still counting votes, some hinky stuff is going on, but rather than say "unsubstantiated" allegations, they keep saying "false accusation" which means they've made a judgement call with ZERO investigation. Just another example of how the media is in the tank against Donald Trump. They give the benefit of the doubt to people who have obviously committed a crime by saying "allegedly" all the time but not here.

NO, SHARPIE MARKERS IN ARIZONA DID NOT GET VOTES BOUNCED And the Republican Attorney General looked into accusations that voters were told to mark ballots with Sharpies and that got their votes kicked out. He investigated and released this letter about it. Oddly, the Democrat Secretary of State was NOT HAPPY that he took this step, even though in this partisan era she should know him adding his statement will HELP people in Arizona trust the vote. This is how we should deal with these things as they arise.

THE STATE OF COLORADO IS SELLING YOUR PRIVATE INFO AND YOU CAN'T STOP THEM This story isn't shocking but it is irritating. I'm going to see if I can get the reporter who did this on the air to talk about it. The long and short of it is, the State is selling your driver's license info to a third party who can do whatever they want with it and you have no option to opt out. Nice, huh?

THE GREY WOLVES SHOULD BE INTRODUCED TO CIVIC CENTER PARK The Grey wolf initiative that was on the ballot is a unnecessary boondoggle and very damaging for our farmers on the Western Slope. Those farmers and ranchers, who have to live with the result, voted NO on the measure. The city kids who LOVE the idea of nature without having to live with it, voted yes. Let's put those wolves into Civic Center Park then.


DON'T HAVE A HEART ATTACK OVER THE ELECTION AND I MEAN THAT LITERALLY A news study shows that election related stress DOES lead to an increase in heart attacks and strokes, at least it did in the two days prior to the 2016 election. Trust me, politics is not worth your health.

IF YOU DON'T WEAR A MASK IN SIMI VALLEY THE COPS WILL COME REMOVE YOU It's come to this. Businesses, who have been put in the position of being the mask police up until now, can call the cops to have someone removed if they refuse to wear a mask. Nothing on the publication of the Danish Mask study which allegedly shows they don't work.

HOUSE DEMS THREW A FIT ON A CONFERENCE CALL And this does NOT bode well for San Fran Nan keeping her leadership position. I'll believe that when I see someone else take the gavel in the next Congress. But Dems vented their spleens in the now leaked call, blaming The Squad, Bernie Sanders and the move towards socialism that they think drove voters away in a year with an incredibly unpopular incumbent. They are right. We'll see what they do with this newfound knowledge.

CASES ARE RISING IN SWEDEN....JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD And this is something we should look at. Sweden has had very few mandatory government orders, no mask mandate and their economy has fared better than the rest of the world. Now cases are going up. Just like they are here, where we have had a mask mandate, lockdowns, restaurants closing and more. So which is better? As a point of order, I grabbed the big numbers. Colorado has a population of about 5.75 million, whereas Sweden has a population of 10.23 million. The death numbers look bad for Sweden here, except a vast majority of their deaths were early on in the pandemic.

Cases overview


Total cases








Cases overview


Total cases








So what has happened lately? I pulled the number of deaths over the last 30 days (knowing this doesn't capture all deaths because of lagging reporting) but it looks like this:

Colorado: 296 Covid deaths

Sweden: 140 Covid deaths

So who is doing this right? And have you noticed that as of RIGHT NOW, there isn't a surge in New York of the magnitude there is here? Could it be that before mass testing was a thing far more New Yorkers were exposed and had a mild case so they are closer to herd immunity? This does lend credence to the position by scientists that lockdowns actually create MORE deaths than letting the virus run it's course while protecting the most vulnerable among us. Our hospital capacity is not near being overwhelmed right now, but we need to watch that carefully. But we also need to consider that what our Governor is threatening us with, more lockdowns, may not be the right answer at all.

THERE IS A NEW DRUG TO SLOW THE DECLINE OF ALZHEIMER'S And this is good news as it attacks the plaque that forms on the brain during the progression of the disease. This isn't a cure, just a treatment.

I'D HATE TO LIVE IN GEORGIA FOR THE NEXT TWO MONTHS The balance of power in the Senate is likely going to come down to two runoff races in Georgia in January. That means that unlike us, Georgians will have TWO MORE months of political ads and haranguing and I fully expect the RNC and the DNC to run full bore ground games to get their vote out in a runoff.




TRUMP THE RACIST WON MORE NON-WHITE VOTES THAN ANY REPUBLICAN SINCE 1960 And you can read the glorious details here. This one has to have Dems utterly confounded.

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