Mandy's Thu Blog: Mostly Peaceful Protests and No President YET.

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NO PRESIDENT YET BUT I'M FEELING PRETTY ZEN ABOUT THINGS I'm coming to terms well with the thought of a Biden Presidency. And even running against a candidate as bad as Donald Trump, the Dems did NOT get their "blue wave" they were expecting outside of Colorado. There is upside here, and the mid terms are just two years away!

PROTESTERS TOOK THE STREETS LAST NIGHT IN DENVER And they broke things and threw bricks and some got arrested. My favorite part of the entire protest is this sign:

These protesters have been encouraged and emboldened by Democrats. The Dems used these protests to create havoc so they could argue they would bring calm back to America. Okay Dems, now's your chance, even though apparently they are coming after you too now. Heh.

IF YOU'RE NOT READING GLENN GREENWALD YOU SHOULD BE Glenn Greenwald is a gay man living in Brazil who is not afraid to go after people in power. This is what we need right now more than ever. This column about how embarrassing and criminal it is that we can't count votes in a timely fashion in the US is spot on. The longer this goes on, the worse it gets and more suspicious the outcome is. Just don't be mad if Greenwald comes after your guy or girl, if he does, there is probably corruption lurking.

DON'T BELIEVE THOSE FACEBOOK MEMES ABOUT VOTER TURNOUT VS REGISTRATIONS BUT.... I've seen a bunch of these flying around, including one that says we had more votes that voters registered here in Colorado. That is wrong, HOWEVER, there are some questions about Wisconsin. Check this thread out. So 89% turnout in Wisconsin? I'm not buying that. In Colorado, where we have 100% mail in ballots, we only hit 85%. We have questions that need to answered before victory is declared anywhere and if Dems don't like it, they are as bad as Trump demanding vote counting be stopped in Pennsylvania. Free and FAIR elections are a cornerstone of this nation. We need to insure it stays that way.

EXIT POLLING DOES NOT BODE WELL FOR DEMOCRATIC POLICIES At least according to this story on exit polling. This paragraph LEAPED off the page at me:

On balance, the voters of 2020 were sympathetic to concerns about racial discrimination. In the initial exit poll results, 57 percent expressed a favorable opinion of “the Black Lives Matter movement,” and 53 percent said the nation’s criminal justice system “treats Black people unfairly.” (Forty percent chose the alternative answer: that the system “treats all people fairly.”) But despite Trump’s tirades against immigrants and Black Lives Matter, he seems to have done better with Blacks and Latinos, by about 4 percentage points, than he did in 2016. In the preliminary numbers, he got 18 percent of Black men and 36 percent of Latino men.

Trump got 18 percent of black men! That is HUGE. So if we can get a less bombastic candidate who can make the case that Republican polices are better than Democratic policies, this is UGE.

CHRISTMAS IS GOING TO MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER! The Holderness family gets it. I may put up my tree this weekend.


EVEN SUPER SICK PEOPLE ARE SURVIVING COVID NOW Amazingly this article appeared AFTER the Presidential election even though the data has been pretty clear since JUNE. People in intensive care are surviving covid at a remarkable rate now, with less than 20% of them dying versus 40% that were dying in ICU early on. And these are the sickest of the sick, not just anyone with covid. From the New York Times:

Were the lower death rates simply a function of the demographic changes, or a reflection of real progress and medical advances in treatment that blunted the impact of the new pathogen?
Researchers at NYU Langone Health who zeroed in on this question, analyzing the outcomes of more than 5,000 patients hospitalized at the system's three hospitals from March through August, concluded the improvement was real, not just a function of changing demographics. Even when they controlled for differences in the patients’ age, sex, race, underlying health problems and severity of Covid symptoms — like blood oxygen levels at admission — they found that death rates had dropped significantly, to 7.6 percent in August, down from 25.6 percent in March.

Get that? The death rate for ALL HOSPITALIZE PEOPLE was 7.6%. We need to calculate the death rate RIGHT NOW and begin making decisions based on THAT. At the height of the pandemic in Colorado in April, we had 965 cases and 37 deaths (that is the highest single day totals from April) and now we have over 2600 cases and ONE DEATH. THIS SHOULD MATTER TO POLICY MAKERS.

***Make a note about this, because stories downplaying the seriousness of covid will come fast and furious now that it looks like Biden will win.

NEW JERSEY JUST MADE TAKE OUT FAR, FAR MORE EXPENSIVE They have banned the use of single use foam containers and plastic bags so they can make their state and the world more environmentally sound. When are restaurant owners going to realize the Dems don't care about their businesses? Just asking. It doesn't go into effect for a year and half so at least there's that.

CALIFORNIANS REJECT A RETURN OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION And did so resoundingly. The Proposition, put on the ballot by Dems in the California legislature (but then I repeat myself) would have repealed the1996 ban on considering race and gender in public hiring, college admissions and contracting. This is going to be a problem for the Black Lives Matter organization going forward. People may be wholeheartedly in favor of ensuring that black Americans get equal treatment in all endeavors, but they aren't particularly fond of giving them PREFERENTIAL treatment. I have a feeling we'll be hearing about how racist all the California voters are. Who did they elect again?

IT'S GOING TO BE A GREAT TIME TO BUY A MINK SOON A new strain of covid 19 has been detected in farmed mink animals, so the Danish government is going to destroy 17 million of the animals to prevent the spread. That's a lot of coats.

JOY REID PROVES PROGRESSIVES HAVE LEARNED NOTHING FROM 2020 You would think that the people who have been hurling hate and ugliness towards Republicans and conservatives only to see it didn't result in the Blue Wave they expected would learn. But no. MSNBC's resident race baiting, Jew hating liar Joy Reid is shocked and disappointed at how racist all those voters who didn't vote for Joe Biden are. Because calling them racists everyday since 2008 has worked so well.

WE ALL LOOK THE SAME TO HORSES And that's okay because having humans around seems to make horses more calm according to this new study. But there doesn't seem to be any difference WHICH human is around them. I'm guessing horse owners can confirm or deny this better than I can.

WHICH PROVES DOGS ARE BETTER, THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR His little charge appeared to be struggling so this good pup came to the rescue!


CHRISTIAN TOTO ASKS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO LATE NIGHT TV IF BIDEN WINS? And this is a great column, although I think it's 12 years too late. Remember when Obama was above mockery? Yeah, that was cool.

PENNSYLVANIA DEMS HAVE TO RESPOND TO A LAWSUIT ABOUT THEM MOVING DEADLINES FOR VOTING And though I think the recount in Wisconsin will fail, this MIGHT have legs. Pennsylvania Republicans are suing over a change of date as to when ballots can be accepted. Now the US Supreme Court seems poised to force a decision on this issue as they have required Penn Dems to respond to the lawsuit by Thursday at midnight. Watch this carefully.

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