WHO IS SICK OF BEING TOLD TO GO VOTE? As my crazy Hungarian grandmother used to say, "Tanks be to God" that this election is almost over. Not that I think we are done with the vitriol and nastiness after the election, but at least we won't have to see more tripe like this for another few years. Hey look, they're just like us?

Swing and miss, Gaga.

DID YOU PARTICIPATE IN THE MAGA DRAG THIS WEEKEND? THOUSANDS of Coloradoans showed up to circle the metro with their vehicles in support of the President. My friend Michelle was part of it and we're going to talk to her at 12:35 about it.

IS CASH BAIL REFORM THE REASON FOR THE UPTICK IN CRIME? This might be a perfect storm situation where the elimination of cash bail meets less aggressive policing, but I've got Robert Riggs, host True Crime Reporter podcast and Justice Facts Podcast is on today to talk about it at 1:05.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW PEOPLE TREAT THEIR DOGS IN COLORADO FOR A MINUTE? And I am genuinely looking for information here. Do people leave their dogs outside during the winter here? When it's 12 degrees? I am in a situation with a neighbor and I want to know if I am being overly dramatic by worrying about their puppy being outside in bad weather. This while my dog is on a hunger strike because I won't put bacon grease on her food. True story.

HERE IS MY BALLOT INITIATIVE GUIDE FOR YOU LAST MINUTE VOTERS You can find it by clicking here, and don't forget to DROP OFF YOUR BALLOT instead of mailing it.

ART SAVES THE SAY AND A METRO TRAIN DRIVER This is my favorite story of the day, and maybe the year. A Dutch metro driver lost his brakes and crashed through a barricade at the end of a raised portion of the tracks. Luckily there was a GIANT whale sculpture at the end and it saved the train. Check this out.


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How cool is that???

ARE YOU STRESSING OVER THANKSGIVING THIS YEAR? A lot of people are trying to figure out how to have a wonderful family meal while probably excluding a lot of family. How are you handling this in your house? We shall discuss.

NOW WE KNOW WHY JOE HAS BEEN HIDING IN HIS BASEMENT Joe has been out and about his week campaigning to small crowds all over. This column put together some of Joe's greatest hits...or misses. He doesn't even know where he is right now, but sure vote him President. Sure.

YOU CAN GO TO NEW YORK AGAIN IF YOU WANT TO But why would you want to? The streets are boarded up, Broadway is closed and there is no Rockettes Christmas show but you can go if you have a negative covid test. But why?

IF YOU DISOWN A FAMILY MEMBER BECAUSE OF THE WAY THEY VOTED, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, NOT TRUMP This story makes me sad. Even though I realize family dynamics can be hard, for a 21 year old idiot son to disown his mother because she told him she voted for Trump is just wrong. Especially because when we are 21 we are SO MUCH DUMBER than we will be in later life. I want to talk about this.

HERE ARE THE CELEBRITIES WHO SWEAR THEY ARE LEAVING IF TRUMP WINS And don't get your hopes up, at last check Barbra Streisand, Chelsea Handler, and Rosie O'Donnell are still here even after making such promises in the past. Here is the new list of "I swear I'm leaving" celebrities.

THE BEST BOND IS DEAD AND I AM SHATTERED I love James Bond movies. And the best Bond forever will be Sean Connery. He passed away this past week at the age of 90 in his sleep. His widow of 45 years says he struggled with dementia in the last six months and the death was peaceful, as it should be and we all hope for. RIP, Sean Connery, you will be missed.

YOU'VE MADE THE SOURDOUGH BREAD, HOW ABOUT AN ELECTION CAKE? I'm not going to lie, I read the recipe and this thing has to be like a doorstop when it's done. What is an election cake?

Election Cake used to be a tradition as American as, well, voting.
Originally, the unique leavened cake, which typically calls for sourdough starter, was called “muster cake” and was created by colonial women to feed to incoming troops who were ordered for military training by the British. (Some early colonists also called them "great cakes," after a similar dessert served in England, the New England Historical Society notes.)

It has a LOT of butter, sugar and raisins, plus mace, which is one of those spices I'm always mildly suspicious of. The recipe is in this link if you've got four pounds of flour burning a hole in your pantry. I'll take a hard pass on this one.

12 YEAR OLD BOY HAS A NATURAL MOMENT He broke the scoreboard with his homerun.

WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF SELLING MY BROTHER TO THE PET STORE Like this little entrepreneur who wants to trade her brother in at the pet store for an owl.


A THIRD GRAND JURY MEMBER HAS COME FORWARD IN THE BREONNA TAYLOR CASE This juror agrees with the other two jurors who say they were not allowed to consider other charges on the other officers. I'm not sure this matters a lot, as from the evidence that has been put forth, the only reason to charge the officer who killed Breonna Taylor is to make the community feel better. I don't think there is a snowballs hell in hell they would get a conviction on the evidence we've seen so far. I'll say it again, this situation is a horrible, tragic death but not one where police fired without cause. They got shot at first. That matters a LOT. I'd like to hear from all these grand jurors who want to come forward though. If it can help a better understanding of what went down, that would be good.

A SCIENTIFIC DEBATE ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT LOCKDOWNS WORK This is very interesting and I wish we had more of this here. Note that the doctor advocating for lockdowns of 12 weeks or more is simply wanting to do MORE of what they've been doing without addressing AT ALL why it isn't working already.

WHY ARE WE PREPARING FOR WIDESPREAD DESTRUCTION AFTER THIS ELECTION? I'm asking this genuinely here. Do we think that Republicans are going to loot and riot if Trump wins? I'm guessing you laughed at that as I did when I typed it. Can we just say what this story dances around? That many, many cities, including Denver, are preparing for Democrats to throw a massive fit and loot and burn if they lose. Am I wrong?

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