Mandy's Tue Blog: Let the Gaming Towns Make Their Own Limits

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LET THE MOUNTAIN TOWNS DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES And I'm talking gaming limits with Bill Cadman today at some point. It's Amendment 77 on your ballot. I'm voting yes and you'll find out why today.

SO ABOUT THIS BALLOT HARVESTING VIDEO BY PROJECT VERITAS It's BAD. REALLY, REALLY BAD. The saddest part is that the videos show a big problem when people immigrate from third world, corrupt countries. They bring that corrupt mentality with them. When you have to bribe everyone to get anything done in your home country, why not bring that mentality to your new home? Paying people for ballots? Not a big deal. Harvesting ballots? Perfectly fine, even though everyone in this video KNOW what they are doing is illegal. If nothing comes of this in terms of charges and people going to jail there can never be a free and fair election in this country again. Watch ALL the videos here. The Minneapolis Star Tribune was forced to cover it, but only because trump "seized" on it. That's what conservatives do, we seize on things.

EXPECT ACTION ON THE HOMELESS SITUATION AS HOMEOWNERS IN CAPITOL HILL ARE NOW COMPLAINING And I'm expecting there to be a series of homeless camp cleanups where they squeeze the homeless population to another area of town where the homes aren't that expensive and the owners aren't that well-connected. A lawsuit is being considered by the homeowners left to clean up after the homeless folks using their property as a toilet. This should go well.

HERE'S A GREAT ARTICLE ON WHY TO VOTE NO ON PROP 118 FAMILY LEAVE And it's not that it's not a GREAT idea for companies to provide job security for someone needing some extended time off, but this program is insolvent from DAY ONE and gives an unelected bureaucrat the power to raise taxes without permission from voters to try to cover the losses. Read more here.

THE GRAND JURY TAPES WILL BE RELEASED IN THE BREONNA TAYLOR CASE As one member of the Grand Jury sued to make the public. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is being criticized for not making a stronger recommendation of charges during the grand jury, which resulted in the charge of wanton endangerment for one officer who fired his weapon blindly into an apartment. The tapes should be released tomorrow. This as questions about the reliability of one witness who says the police DID announce themselves have been bubbling up all week. This is why no-knock warrants need to go.

COLORADO'S OIL AND GAS COMMISSION POISED TO ENACT RULES WE ALREADY REJECTED And some in the oil and gas business, which is already struggling here in Colorado, say these new setbacks will all but eliminate new drilling in Colorado. Coupled with the promise by the potential Biden-Harris Administration's promise to ban drilling on federal lands, this will pretty much kill a huge part of our economy. Blame Jared Polis for his appointments to this Board.


MY FRIEND KELLY HASN'T STARVED TO DEATH...YET And this video is pretty cool. Her husband Mark went bow hunting for meat for her and this is what it looks like. She is living off her farm and what she can kill or trade for this year, so this deer is VERY IMPORTANT to her. If you are squeamish about a deer being killed, don't watch this.


SWEDEN IS UPPING IT'S RESTAURANT LIMITS EVEN AS THE CASE NUMBERS GO UP And the limits go from 50 to 500 in October. Still watching to see if Sweden got it right and the rest of us are suckers.

NO, TRUMP'S NEW MEDICAL ADVISOR IS NOT SOME SORT OF QUACK And the media seems to be very invested in tearing down Dr. Scott Atlas because he isn't out there scaring the crap out of everyone about coronavirus. This column explains who and what science is behind Dr. Atlas' information to President Trump. It's not a bunch of quacks. Dr Atlas recommends quarantining the vulnerable and opening everything else back up.

THEY JUST MADE BASIC TRAINING PRETTY DAMN BASIC And I have no idea how softening basic training will affect troops later in life, because they can't soften combat. It's my understanding that everything from the first day "shark attack" (which is out) to the rigorous physical requirements (which are out) are designed to increase troop unity and make reacting to being shot at something that good training can help manage. This doesn't seem like it's going to end well. Cue the "these kids today are SOFT" from retired troops in 3...2...1...

WANT TO BE IN POLITICS? I HOPE YOU'RE A NARCISSIST This is literally the LEAST surprising study I've ever read. Guess what? Narcissistic people are far more likely to be active in politics. Well duh.


IT'S NATIONAL SWEET NECTAR OF THE GODS DAY I mean coffee, of course, and here are a bunch of places where you can get a free cup o joe today.

CHECKING OUT COLLEGES? HERE IS THE NEW COLLEGE FREE SPEECH INDEX And I think this is a GREAT idea for parents and students looking for schools to attend. Find out how intolerant your campus is before you even apply by clicking here!

IT SEEMS APPROPRIATE THAT THERE WILL BE NO HANDSHAKES AT TONIGHT'S DEBATE And it's because of coronavirus, not the incredible animosity between these two candidates. But it very well could be.

ERBODY SAYS THEY ARE WATCHING THE DEBATE TONIGHT But most say it won't change their minds. A whopping 78% of potential voters saying they will tune in. We'll see how that translates when it comes to ratings.

BUT I'M SURE MAIL IN VOTING WILL BE FINE Except in Wisconsin, where three trays of mail, including absentee ballots, were found in a ditch. Whoops.

CONGRATS TO BAILEY THE GIRAFFE AT THE CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN ZOO! She is a proud first time mama and the zoo live streamed the entire birth.

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