Mandy's Mon Blog: I'm BACK, BABY and A New Book on the Constitution

ONCE AGAIN, I LEAVE FOR A WEEK AND ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE First off, rest in peace, Justice Ginsburg. When she passed on that Friday, my heart sank because I knew what was coming next. It has begun.

THIS IS A COOL NEW BOOK ON THE CONSTITUTION FOR KIDS And though there are some things I would change, this book is a good attempt to present the WHOLE history of the Constitution, warts and all. I will admit that I got a bit defensive at first when reminded that the Constitution did not give EVERYONE freedom, but I'm glad Katie Kenney is trying to make sure the ENTIRE story gets told. She is on today at 1 to discuss it, and you can buy the book by clicking here.

CORONAVIRUS VIRAL LOADS ARE DECLINING IN NEW CASES And this could be because of a lot of things like mask wearing and social distancing. We know it's happening because doctors in Detroit have been measuring HOW MUCH virus is present in new patients since March. It's been dropping like a rock as of late. They aren't sure why, but it's likely because those who are exposed are being exposed to less of the virus so their cases are mild. Maybe. We just don't know.

I WANT AMY CONEY BARRETT CONFIRMED I've had a week to think about what I'd like to see happen with the now vacant Supreme Court seat. I'd like to see it filled by Trump's nominee Amy Coney Barrett. This is my favorite column I've read about her, and I've read a lot of them. Judge Barrett scares feminists not only because she is Catholic and may help overturn Roe v. Wade, but because she is the EMBODIMENT of what feminists have been telling us for years: you CAN have it all. Seven kids, a lawyer husband and now perhaps a seat on the Supreme Court? But they hate her because she is living the dream without bowing to the altar of progressive causes. And the utter disgusting responses by some on social media have shown exactly how nasty the Left can be when it feels threatened. Good thing I don't think she cares. I'll talk about this today. The Senate Judiciary Hearing for her will begin October 16th.

I DON'T CARE ABOUT TRUMP'S TAX RETURNS And I think this has ZERO impact on any of those undecided voters who wish they had access to accountants who could eliminate THEIR tax liability. The notion that you should not take EVERY deduction EVERY which way you can is just stupid. Who among us pays more to the government than they absolutely HAVE to? Additionally, the New York Times will not release their documentation, so that is immediately suspect in my mind. They used to have some credibility but that is long gone. Here is a column that explains nicely why I don't care. It would have been nice if the New York Times were as concerned about overseas donations to the Clinton Foundation, but I guess they were busy.

APPARENTLY ELLEN ALSO CAN'T APOLOGIZE RIGHT And her former employees are not happy with the talk show hosts on-air apology. They think she made light of their "trauma" by making jokes in and around her opening monologue as she started a new season. They took to Buzzfeed to continue trashing her.


COMEDIAN RYAN LONG IS EMPOWERING MUSIC FOR FEMINISTS And it's everything you think it might be.

THE SEATTLE CITY COUNCIL IS PURSUING THE SAME DUMBASS STRATEGY THE MINNEAPOLIS CITY COUNCIL IS NOW DISAVOWING And Seattle would do well to check out the crime stats in Minneapolis before barreling ahead to defund the Seattle PD. But this is why we don't have to live in places where dumbasses make the rules. Check the story out here.

PLEASE BECOME AWARE OF WHAT'S BEING TAUGHT IN LOCAL SCHOOLS Because it is NOT GOOD. I got an email from a Denver Public Schools worker who is being forced to sit through Critical Race Theory and being told his/her religion makes them automatically intolerant. Now we see this where Trump's order to remove such garbage and replace it with a more even and balanced version of history is being called tyrannical and racist. You want to know why so many young people are advocating for the destruction of this country? Because they have been steeped in "America Bad" since elementary school. Thanks Howard Zinn, you unmitigated A-hole. Please pay attention to what your kids are reading and being taught in school.

NOW SCHOOLS THINK THEY OWN YOUR HOMES TOO With the rise of virtual classes we are going to see more nonsense like this. A boy who owns a bb gun is now suspended from school because it appeared on camera during a virtual school session. Read more here, but someone has got to stop this ridiculous overreach.

NEVER PROPOSE NEAR WATER Or it could go like this.

DUDE...THIS AD.... Is the best ad ever made for Republican candidates. It's just totally badass.

AND YOU THINK YOUR SANDWICH IS WEIRD It's not as weird as some of these from Subway workers talking about their oddest orders.

CAN'T TELL IF YOU'RE BEING FLIRTED WITH? Researchers have found THE FACE that most people KNOW is a flirty face so guys and gals, check this out to have total clarity.

A NASAL SPRAY COULD HELP PREVENT COVID...AT LEAST IN FERRETS And now they are moving to human trials.

YOU CAN TRICK YOURSELF INTO LOWER BLOOD SUGAR This kind of stuff is SO COOL and demonstrates the power of our minds and suggestion. This is why I am such a fan of hypnosis. Our minds are much more powerful when it comes to controlling our biological functions than we know. Researchers have proven this with an experiment with Type 2 diabetics and sugary beverages. Read more here.

ARE WILDFIRES WORSE BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING OR BAD FOREST MANAGEMENT? YES. This is a great column on the causes of the horrible wildfire seasons we've been having. The bad news is, they are likely to get worse before they get better.

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