Mandy's Fri Blog: We've Got a BIG BIG BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY!!

WE'VE GOT A SUPER GIGANTIC ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY AT 2 And I'm not telling you what it is until then.

MY PAL MADE A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT DENVER IN DECLINE And I donated to it and now it's available and you NEED to watch this. Here it is and it's available on YouTube as well.

SHOULD WE STAY ON DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME FOR ANOTHER YEAR? That is a bill being introduced by Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott from Florida. The only issue I have with this bill is that it's only until November 2021, but I have a sneaking suspicion that once we all stay on Daylight Saving Time no one will want to go through the rigamarole and switching back and forth again. Please urge your Senators to support this common sense legislation!

NO ONE LIKES OUR TWO CHOICES FOR THIS ELECTION And BOTH candidates are under water when it comes to their approval rates. Biden is sitting at 46% approval, whereas Trump is sitting at 41% approval. This has to be concerning for Dems, who nominated Biden as the "safe" choice. No one expects people to like Trump, although there are many who do so passionately, but Biden was supposed to be the good choice. Not so much.

ANGIE WANTED TO SHARE HER FAVORITE RECIPE WITH YOU For cold hot dog pie. You're welcome.



WANT TO CELEBRATE THE CONSTITUTION? Grand Lake, which truly is the loveliest little mountain lake town, celebrates it every year with a weeklong celebration which concludes tomorrow. Find out more here.

PRESIDENT TRUMP GOES AFTER HOWARD ZINN AND CRITICAL RACE THEORY AND IT'S ABOUT TIME I wish there were some other President that a lot of people like a respected doing this, but thank God someone is. President Trump launched a full frontal attack on Anti-American history curriculums, including the demonstrably false 1619 Project created by a non-historian hack at the New York Times. Don't worry, an alleged journalist from PBS took to Twitter to defend the woman who created the error riddled "history" project. Because that's what unbiased journalists do, right?

YOUR FOUR EYES MAY PROTECT YOU AGAINST THE RONA And it makes sense as they block things like infected spit from entering your eye. This may be the first real advantage to crappy eyesight. The sample size of this study is pretty small though, so you don't need to run out and buy fake glasses to wear if you have perfect vision. Trust me, that just irritates those of us who have no choice.

THE GOVERNOR IS PROMISING TO PUSH FOR A 4AM CLOSING TIME FOR THE BAR'S HE DOESN'T KILL DURING LOCKDOWN And I guess this is supposed to calm the ire from restaurants and bars who are going under left and right about the ongoing, non-data based limits on both. Governor Jared Polis now says he'll support and push for a 4am closing time for bars...once the pandemic is over. This is cold comfort to bars who will never open their doors again. But whatev.

THE TV RATINGS FOR MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL WERE ABYSMAL And the Broncos game was down 38% from the late Monday Night Game last year. This isn't great news. I'm trying to find ratings info for the Denver metro, but can't seem to lay my hands on them.

RTD IS CUTTING MANAGEMENT SALARIES And I must say this is going to be very interesting to watch. What do we do with RTD? It's hemorrhaging cash and ridership, there is no end in sight to these pandemic lockdowns and why would people want to get on mass transit unless they HAD to at this point? This is going to be reach critical failure mass very soon.

SPENDING TIME WITH FRIENDS IS MORE FUN THAN SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY And this isn't all that surprising when you consider how much crappy stuff you have to do with your family rather than your friends. Adjusting for THAT, we enjoy both about the same.

THE NEW IPHONE UPDATE HAS A WARNING SYSTEM IF YOU'RE BEING SNOOPED ON And I have to say, I don't trust this. Why? Because of this story where some Apple users have been spied on via Instagram. Just ASSUME your phone is spying on you all the time, and then take proper precautions when plotting a takeover of the world or something.

TODAY'S NON POLITICAL INSPIRING POST OF THE DAY And we're back to Mel Robbins and this one speaks to women SO MUCH.

CNN TOTALLY SOFTBALLED BIDEN DURING THEIR TOWN HALL And the network is being panned HARD for it. I didn't watch it because I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO BE WHAT IT WAS. Read more here.

IF YOU WANT GET TIKTOK SO THE CHINESE HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR PHONE YOU BETTER GET IT NOW Because the Trump Admin is banning it starting November 12th. It would be super cool if we got DETAILED explanations of how/why this program is exploited by the Chinese. Trump is also banning WeChat, which is the Chinese Communists controlled platform for chatting. I don't give a rat's ass about either of these things.

BIDEN WAS FOR A MASK MANDATE BEFORE HE WAS AGAINST IT. Joe must have gotten someone new to tell him what he thinks.

WE HAVE FAILED THE NATION BY FAILING TO PROPERLY TEACH GEN Z ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION Most of whom think it is an outdated relic. They want MORE government in their lives. MORE intervention. They have been raised by parents who took care of everything and now they want government to continue down that path. I fear it's too late to fix this as these people will be in charge of our institutions in the near future. My grandchildren are doomed.

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