Mandy's Tue Blog: Why We Don't Watch the NFL in our House Anymore

18 BRONCOS KNEELED LAST NIGHT And they did so to "raise awareness" of the mistreatment of black people. It is well within their rights to express themselves in this manner, just as it is well within my rights to turn my back on football. I feel like we've talked about this endlessly. As a matter of fact I did some time ago in a rant about the issue. My husband, who does NOT do politics, was so moved by what I said that he made a video to go along with it. You can watch it here.

CLIMATE CHANGE OR FOREST MANAGEMENT OR BOTH? If you watched Biden's speech on the environment you heard him say that the fires in California are the result of climate change. But is that the whole story? I've got's Steve Milloy on today at 1 to talk about the reality of this situation.

THE ANTI-COP DENVER CITY COUNCIL VOTES DOWN A NEW TWO YEAR CONTRACT And they did so with a lot of excuse making about uncertainty and worry about whether or not some other Denver city employee who currently isn't having expletives shouted in their faces while being told to stand down might not get a raise some day. I hate these people right now. Communist City Council member Candi Cdebaca is now facing an ethics complaint levied by a police officer who was involved in a homeless camp sweep where Cdebaca showed up to say of the police "fucking guard dogs, they're like animals" and other wonderful quotes by the esteemed Council member. Why hasn't the press asked the OTHER board members if they agree with those comments? The same people who just voted against the police contract at a minimum should be required to be on record answering these questions.

AURORA HAS ISSUED A MORATORIUM ON THE USE OF KETAMINE BY PARAMEDICS And this is a very good think in my estimation. Ketamine was the drug that was administered in an extremely high dose to Elijah McClain after his run in with Aurora PD and contributed to his death. I don't think paramedics dosing up people under arrest is a good idea, especially when they didn't seem to be properly trained on dosage by weight. Aurora is putting the drug on hold until the conclusion of the Elijah McClain investigation at least.

BACK TO WHETHER OR NOT MASKS WORK If they did, Sweden would still have rising cases and deaths, and yet no. My friend Joe sent me this video with great information based on REAL DATA and it CLEARLY shows that masks are just window dressing. You only need to watch the first few minutes to get to the gist, though you really should watch the whole thing.

ONE MAN'S POOPFUL PROTEST HAS MANY UPSET And I'm not sure why a man pooping in Pelosi's driveway is a problem when burning and looting are not. He is now dealing with quite the poopstorm he created.




Y'ALL...THIS STORY... We've now reached a point where men are not only attracted to Alexa, they are admitting it.

1950 VS 2020 This column actually made me sad, as it demonstrates how far we've fallen in so many ways. Now it's not all bad, but this comparison will make you wish we lived in simpler times.

WANT TO PURSUE A DOCTORATE IN ENGLISH AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO? Then you need to be willing to only study black stuff. As in black literature or whatever. The School announced they would ONLY accept PhD candidates willing to study race and blackness. Thanks for saving me an application. Apparently academic freedom isn't a thing there.

THERE IS A NEW CHOCOLATE MUSEUM WITH A CHOCOLATE WATERFALL AND THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE So now I'm gonna go to Switzerland because that's the closest I'm gonna get to Willa Wonka's waterfall. Technically it's not a "waterfall" per se, more a sculpture with chocolate pouring down over it but I'm gonna go full Gustav when I get there. FACE FIRST.

A CHINESE VIROLOGIST SAYS COVID CAME FROM A LAB And she's the one who sounded the alarm about human to human transmission in December of last year so I'm inclined to give her some authority on this. Plus, I simply don't trust that China hasn't infiltrated pretty much any university research program, including the one in California which said the virus was NOT human caused. Read more here.

I'D EAT THIS It being a Reese's Peanut Butter cup with potato chips added inside. I love salty and sweet together, but I'm wondering if the chips are soggy or crunchy. There's only one way to find out. Reese's, release the hounds so we can find out!

UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH SCIENTISTS DISCOVER A TINY ANTIBODY THAT KILLS COVID And they are now making a medicine using it. It's only in mouse trials but it shows promise for humans too.

THE WOKE COMICS INDUSTRY CRAPS ALL OVER CONSERVATIVE WOMEN In their zeal to prove how woke they are, DC Comics is publishing a "Wonder Women of History" book and it included every hard left lunatic you can imagine. Not included? Anyone who doesn't subscribe to the progressive agenda. I hope this sells as well as their woke comic books are selling, which is not at all. Our pal Christian Toto writes about it beautifully here. j

WHAT ARE THE GOALS OF THE UAE-ISRAEL DEAL? This Op-Ed, written by Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the United Arab Emirates' minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation, clearly outlines how badly they want peace. That is priority one according to the editorial. Here are some more of their hard goals:

A second priority is to expand a community of peaceful coexistence. Perpetual resistance and sectarian extremism have delivered a deadly and decadeslong pandemic of chaos and strife. In the Emirates, we are trying to set a different example. We are committed to the true tenets of Islam—moderation, inclusion and peace. We hosted the first ever visit of the pope to the Arabian Peninsula last year. We are building an interfaith Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi, with a mosque, church and synagogue in the same complex.
The third priority is to build a powerful engine of economic and cultural exchange that generates opportunity and understanding across the region. From the Gulf to the Red Sea through the Suez Canal and into the Eastern Mediterranean, the extended Arabian Peninsula is the crossroads of the world. The U.A.E. and Israel must use their advanced economies and infrastructure, large markets, investment funds, educational institutions and human capital to ensure that Jordanians, Egyptians, Palestinians, and others benefit.
Progress on Palestinian statehood is also central. The U.A.E.-Israel accord stopped annexation. The Palestinian leadership should use this moment to reorganize its approach and prepare to re-engage in productive discussions. As always, they will have the U.A.E.’s full support, now carried with more weight directly to Israel. The pace and scope of normalization won’t be disconnected from progress on Palestinian statehood and rights.
Finally, normalization signifies both the importance of and the shift in America’s role in the Middle East. Normalization could happen only with the influence of American diplomacy and the reassurance of its security commitments. At the same time, the U.S. gains by divesting more of the burden for regional stability to a stronger team of dependable and willing partners.


A SECOND POLIS RECALL MOVEMENT IS UP AND RUNNING And I might sign on to this one. Read more here.

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