Mandy's Mon Blog: Can You Take Care of Your Family If Bad Things Happen?

ISN'T IT BETTER TO BE PREPARED FOR SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN? My guest today is a veteran of the US Navy SEAL and Master Training Specialist- CEO/founder of the Able Shepherd Training Program. Jimmy Graham wants you to recognize that YOU are your families first responder and to prepare like it. We're talking about the Stand in the Gap Initiative which helps people prepare and connect with other people who in in the same mindset. Click here for more information about their next event.

GOVERNOR POLIS EXTENDED THE MASK MANDATE And I want answers. Like what are we trying to accomplish? Hospitals are NOT overrun or in any danger of being overwhelmed, deaths are very, very low and infection rates are falling. He said, "masks are working" but are they? I did some quick checking on Sweden, where less than 10% of people wear masks regularly. This is what I found:

Swedish Covid cases 091420

Now compare that to our caseload in Colorado

Colorado Covid cases 091420

Hmmm, very similar to ours, and yet Sweden has TWICE our population and NO masks. So how are things going with Covid deaths?

Sweden Covid deaths

Not too shabby. How about Colorado?

Colorado Covid deaths

Does that look familiar? And yet in Sweden, schools are open, sports are being played, gyms are open and people are living their lives with reasonable precautions in place. And we're walking around wearing masks with no exit strategy in sight. You can click here to see the interactive graphs for Colorado and here for Sweden.

Y'ALL THIS MADE ME GIGGLE THIS MORNING Because of the sheer lunacy of it. Don't tell these Trump supporters that no gay people support him, because straight people did not come up with this gem.

MUSIC VENUES ARE NOT TOO HAPPY ABOUT THE BRONCOS GETTING SPECIAL TREATMENT And this column lays out ALL the reasons why they are unhappy with the arbitrary decisions being made about letting people do things outside in large venues. I bet you not a one of the people affected by all these voted Republican in the last election cycle. Elections have consequences.

LET'S ALL VOTE TO LOWER OUR TAXES BY SAYING YES TO PROPOSITION 116 This column lays out why it's a good idea to vote to lower our income taxes during this difficult time when there is so much uncertainty. Just say YES! If you're worried about the state not getting enough money, they raised your taxes several ways without asking you in the last legislative session, so they will be fine.

LET'S ALL VOTE TO REIGN IN SNEAKY POLITICIANS WHILE WE'RE AT IT The Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) is a bit of genius that protects taxpayers from greedy politicians raising their taxes without permission. It's been under attack for a while, with lawmakers naming things "fees" instead of taxes so they can take more of your money and mine. Now there is a ballot initiative to STOP that by forcing the legislature to ask our permission for ANYTHING called ANYTHING that would bring in more than $100 million dollars over five years. Please vote yes on Prop 117 as well.

WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THE DOUGCO SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS? I should say FORMER Superintendent of Schools Thomas Tucker. I'm not a fan so I'm not sad to see him go, but the Douglas County School Board owes parents and taxpayers an explanation for what's really going on. Tucker resigned last week by saying he needed to attend to his ailing mother across the country. Okay. But then we find out he's been place on "administrative leave", paid of course, while an investigation into a complaint of some sort is conducted. Why not just accept his resignation and send him on his way WHILE NOT PAYING HIM? That would be novel. There is more to this story and I want to know what it is.


DON'T REPEAL THE GALLAGHER AMENDMENT BECAUSE GOVERNMENTS CAN'T MAKE THE CASE FOR HIGHER TAXES And if you don't understand this complex issue that is on the ballot via Amendment B, please read this column because it does a FANTASTIC job of explaining how and why Gallagher has kept our property taxes low and under control.

DID YOU KNOW THERE IS A WAY FOR DEMOCRATS TO SIMPLY NULLIFY AN ELECTION? And that not only does it exist, but Democrats are HAVING MEETINGS ABOUT USING THIS OPTION? It would be nothing short of a coup, but does anyone think that Democrats are going to just accept it if Trump win re election? No? Me neither. You need to read this.

SO YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS BIT OF THE JOE ROGAN SHOW Joe Rogan has the most popular podcast in the world, with millions of listeners tuning in weekly.

Trump seems to have accepted the offer. I'm sure Biden will too when his handlers tell him he should. JK, he won't. He's too busy being interviewed by that media giant Cardi B.

THIS ACTUALLY MAKES A SLINKY LOOK FUN And if you've ever had on in a one story house, you know they really aren't that fun.

WELL DONE PROTESTERS, WE NOW HAVE A SHORTAGE OF COPS IN A LOT OF PLACES And I'm sure some nincompoops will cheer until they need to call 911 and there are no available officers to come to their aid. Between a five year dip in hiring and a rush of retirements from experienced cops tired of being cast as the villains, this could get very serious very quickly.

THE NOBEL COMMITTEE LOVES TO CONSIDER DICTATORS BUT NOT TRUMP When in comes to the Peace Prize. Read this column and you too will be shocked if Trump wins the award.

"WE HOPE THEY DIE" IS THE NEW BATTLE CRY OF THE FAR LEFT At least it should be, because at least it's honest. Those words were shouted as protesters tried to block the entrance to the Emergency Room after two cops were ambushed and shot in their car in Compton. I hate to say it, but we should be grateful that these scumbags are showing who they really are. This Wall Street Journal Editorial rightly demands that Democratic mayors step up and back cops. Period.


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