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IT'S AN ASK US ANYTHING FRIDAY! Got a question for me, Dave or Grant? Today is your day!

MIKE ROSEN JOINS ME AT 2 FOR MIKE AT THE MOVIES And guess what? I WATCHED the movie this week! If you haven't seen Fear City on Netflix, do it before you cancel your account. Why would you cancel? Well look below.

NETFLIX HAS CREATED A PROBLEM FOR THEMSELVES By airing a French movie called Cuties, which features a group of twerking 11 year olds. I hadn't commented on it because I haven't seen it, but check out this clip making the rounds on Twitter. be warned though, it made me physically ill to watch.

Those girls are the SAME AGE as my daughter. Netflix says the movie is actually an indictment of the over sexualization of children. Uh-huh. Maybe the storyline is but this clip is going to be saved on the home page of every pedophile in the world. And who are these parents who let their girls act in this? Are you kidding me? Are you so desperate to have some modicum of fame that you let your kid be exploited like this? Critics are rushing to the defense of the movie by saying crap like this:

I can see how viewers might be turned off by the way Doucouré shoots the dance routines, using close-ups of her young actors’ bodies both to show us their abilities as dancers and to make us deliberately queasy. But not liking that choice or not thinking it works in the way she intended does not make Doucouré an evil pornographer, just an ambitious director.

So zooming in on the crotch of an 11 year old is just an artistic choice. Okay.



I'M SURE THIS WILL BE FINE. The man who oversaw the mass spying at the NSA is now on Amazon's board of directors. But I'm sure it will be fine, right Alexa?

NO ONE LIKES SPORTS ANYMORE, ESPECIALLY NON WHITE AMERICANS And I'm not sure why non white Americans have soured the most other than they had the farthest to fall from earlier surveys. Gallup is asking people their general opinion of the sports industry in the US. The numbers should be extremely alarming. Get woke, go broke. Ratings from Thursday night's opener were down 12% from last year to about 17.1 million viewers.

CHIEFS FANS WERE NOT IMPRESSED WITH THE MOMENT OF UNITY And I personally didn't think this was bad in the grand scheme of things. The moment of unity, not the booing. The crowd was not impressed and there was a smattering of boos. It would have been nice to explain what it actually was, but it's better than something more disruptive. I still didn't watch and don't intend to however, as my husband is one of those guys who knows people who died for the flag and stuff.

NEBRASKA IS MAKING DECISIONS THAT ARE CONSISTENT WITH FLATTENING THE CURVE And the Governor has announced that he is lifting pretty much all restrictions except those on large indoor gatherings. Why? Because their hospital system isn't remotely close to being overwhelmed and since the stated goal was to prevent that from happening, he's loosening things up. Based on science and data. Imagine that.

MAYOR TED WHEELER DEMONSTRATES AGAIN HOW NOT TO HANDLE RIOTS By ordering police to not use tear gas to disperse violent protesters who have been tearing up his city for four months. He's awful. Elections have consequences, people. You get the government you deserve.

THE FASTEST WAY TO SELL A BOOK IS TO HAVE SOMEONE TRY TO BAN IT And that's exactly what happened in France, when a politician tried to ban the book that is translated as "Men, I Hate Them". The Ministry on Gender Equality in France, (yes, that's a thing and expect us to get something similar if Dems win the White House and Senate) took issue with the book and tried to ban it...and sales skyrocketed.

NO, STURGIS WAS NOT A SUPER SPREADER EVENT AND OTHER BAD SCIENCE This is a GREAT article (Thanks to the Wine Yogi) about that garbage study that purported to show that Sturgis was a "super spreader" event that lead to over 200,000 cases of the rona. Not only do they dismantle the idiocy of that event, which in reality has been connected to less than 300 total cases and one death, they go on to talk about how bad science is being used political and that's now what science is supposed to be. Read it and click through to the links for GREAT resources.

IT'S NOT JUST BIDEN WHO CAN'T DO AN INTERVIEW It's the people on his team. This is what happens when you only do interviews with Cardi B and media outlets who want you to win. You can't handle a simple question about the most significant issue we're facing right now. This is Biden's comms director.

But this Biden with Jake Tapper. Y'all. This is not going well for Joe.

You can watch the whole thing here.

DEMOCRATS KILLED AN EXTRA 300 BUCKS A WEEK FOR UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE Rather than vote for a bill that isn't chock full of progressive pork for their friends and donors. They sure do care about the little guy. From the Wall Street Journal:

With states reopening and the economy recovering, there’s no great need for new Covid relief. Congress has already appropriated some $2.9 trillion, and hundreds of billions haven’t been spent. The GOP recognized this by seeking to repurpose $146 billion from the $2.2 trillion Cares Act that passed in March, and reduce the size of the backstop for Federal Reserve loans, loan guarantees and liquidity for the financial system.
The GOP bill still offered $257.7 billion more in loans and loan forgiveness for small business under the Paycheck Protection Program. Many small businesses continue to suffer under lockdowns and arguably need the lifeline. The GOP proposal at least required that applicants demonstrate losses, rather than the willy-nilly loan approvals of the Cares Act.
The bill also included liability protection from Covid-related lawsuits for hospitals, health-care workers, businesses, schools, colleges and universities, religious, philanthropic and other nonprofits, and local government agencies. The idea is to create federal causes of action for Covid suits that pre-empt conflicting state laws and protect those who follow safety standards in good faith.
Oh, and the bill offered states $300 a week in enhanced weekly jobless benefits, as well as $105 billion for schools, $16 billion more for Covid testing and surveillance by the states, and even $10 billion in loan forgiveness for the U.S. Postal Service.

Elections have consequences.

TODAY'S MOTIVATIONAL NON POLITICAL POST Stop wasting time. You've only got some much of it.

OH, AND ONE MORE THING, BAHRAIN IS NORMALIZING RELATIONS WITH ISRAEL. You guys, the dominoes are falling. This is amazing.

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