Mandy's Tue Blog: Are We Past the Covid Peak?

I ACCIDENTALLY MADE AN ANESTHESIOLOGIST MAD LAST WEEK And I didn't mean to so when Ann Weyand reached out to defend her profession (after I used them in a cost example during last week's discussion on health care pricing) I quickly agreed to have her on. Never make the people who wake you back up angry.

ARE WE PAST THE COVID PEAK? I read this over the weekend and it intrigued me so I started down the rabbit hole. It's an article from a small paper in Florida that did some interesting graph making to test whether or not that particular counties drop in coronavirus cases was "inexplicable". It is not. Using anonymous mobility data and overlaying that with graphs on mask usage and lockdowns it is apparent that there is NO impact on coronavirus from either. It's just gonna do what it's gonna do. It follows Farr's law of pandemics, which says that pandemics follow a bell curve where deaths lag infections by about 21 days. That is EXACTLY what happened there, and EXACTLY what happened in Colorado. And we peaked, according to Farr's Law, in mid to late April, as you can see in this graph.

Covid deaths CO

Then I started looking around at Farr's Law and people who have been talking about this and found this very interesting article on how a crisis is used to expand government powers in a way that are NEVER rolled back and I sort of feel like this is where we are now. From Jefferson County Public Health to the Governor refusing to use the science and data he allegedly loves to open up our economy. Then this morning a dude tagged me on Twitter with an article about some dudes who did some modeling and now they say that the Sturgis event, which has lead to exactly ONE DEATH and a whopping 260 cases directly tied to the event, will cost $46 billion in healthcare and other costs. When we will all decide that such modeling is just gobbledy gook and move on? Then I found this article from March that discusses that government overreach and how we never really get our freedom back, plus he gives a great analogy about how government and useful idiots teamed up to make everyone miserable unless they complied. It all just really made me sick and tired of this nonsense. Plus one of my favorite restaurants in Parker, which had been open for 33 years, shut down permanently. Thanks, Governor.

THE BIDEN CAMPAIGN WANTS US TO BE LIKE CALIFORNIA, WHERE THEY HAD ROLLING BLACKOUTS IN 100 HEAT I saw this on Twitter and thought it really did the BEST job of explaining why I think the Biden-Harris environmental plan is a bad one.

Here is another fun image of what life is like in California right now.

By the way, do you know what rich people do during rolling blackouts? They fire up their fossil fuel run whole house generators and let the peasants suffer. Sure, Joe, let's all be like California!

AS IF RESTAURANTS DON'T HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS Aholes took to Larimer Square to taunt and scream at diners just trying to have a nice dinner. I'm sure they were all swayed by the important message being screeched at them through a megaphone. There is bad language here.

RENAMING OUR DC MONUMENTS IS A DUMB IDEA And our Congressman Ken Buck is on record saying so. While agreeing that we should teach the FULL picture of our Founding Fathers, we can't only focus on their failings. Read more here.

COULD THIS SPELL THE END OF HOLLYWOOD'S LOVE AFFAIR WITH CHINA? Specifically a love affair with a billion Chinese people who may want to see movies. China has flexed on Hollywood multiple times to insure access to the tightly controlled market, but now it may bite them in the wallet. The new live action Mulan is catching fire for not only filming in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, but also THANKING the Chinese communists, who are currently enslaving a million Muslim Uyghurs, in the films credits. This did not turn out the way they expected.


Plants in the basement

Because we're getting snow on September 8th now because of course we are because 2020. Even for us, this is crazy. Check out more here.


TODAY'S NON POLITICAL INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO If you've never seen this speech by Admiral William McRaven you are in for a treat. Make. Your. Bed.

A TWELVE YEAR OLD BOY IS SUSPENDED FOR HAVING A NERF GUN IN HIS ROOM And this is the kind of stuff that everyone should push back on because SERIOUSLY??? The school says the teacher saw the boy's nerf gun, said she thought it was a toy but called police anway. Did I mention that this was during VIRTUAL CLASS?? The kid was in his own room. Not at school. With a Nerf gun, which looks NOTHING like an actual weapon. But he got suspended for five days. Because that will help him somehow? Allt his teaches this kid is that rules and laws are stupid and don't make sense.

THE IMAM OF THE GRAND MOSQUE IN MECCA CALLED FOR NORMALIZING RELATIONS WITH ISRAEL And he never said the name "Israel" but he specifically did a sermon showing the relationship with Jews in a positive light. Why would he do this? It caused some controversy in Saudi Arabia...but not much. It just HAPPENED to be the same week that the first El Al flight not only flew between Israel and the UAE, but OVER Saudi airspace, which has never been allowed. Does this mean the normalization of relations with Israel? My guess is yes, as the Imam is not going to go against the wished of the Saudi royal family. If the Saudis seek peace with Israel (which would be in their best interest as on the other side is Iran) how can Trump not win the Nobel Peace Prize? Trick question, he won't.

JOHN BOLTON SAYS THE ATLANTIC STORY ABOUT TRUMP DISPARAGING TROOPS IS GARBAGE And we know that John Bolton is not a fan of Trump, as Bolton knows that no one is as smart as he is. However he has come forward, not anonymously, to say that the exchange that allegedly occurred where Trump called fallen soldiers "suckers' did not happen. No equivocation, just it didn't happen. But the anonymous sources, who will not come forward, have more weight for the Left.

A STAR IS BORN, BUT ARE WE SEEING DEAD ONES? And I mean actual stars here, not celebrities. This is a nerdy explanation of stars and how long they live and whatnot and the short answer to the question about whether or not we are seeing light from dead stars is no.

A VACCINE COULD BE HERE AS SOON AS OCTOBER And this is from the CEO of Pfizer, who has signed a pledge to not rush out something without proper testing. Pfizer is working with a German drug company and they have a vaccine in Phase 3 trials which the CEO says are going "very, very well". He says they will know about efficacy by the end of October. Here's hoping!

A MASQUERADING BIDEN SUPPORTER TRIES TO THROW SHADE AT TRUMP SUPPORTERS The back story in this is that Biden Bob, a Biden supporter, had been flag waving at an intersection. A bunch of Trump supporters started showing up with their flags and signs. Then Biden Bob got creative. Watch what he did.


IF YOU CAN'T HAVE FUN WHEN SOME SCUMBAG SETS HIS FEET ON FIRE WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS More fun from Antifa scumbags in Portland. This one is oddly satisfying. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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