Mandy's Fri Blog: Joe Biden Goes to Pittsburgh and Mike at the Movies

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MIKE ROSEN IS ON TO TALK MOVIES And we're talking about the new Perry Mason, which is not a remake but might not suck if it wasn't called Perry Mason.

JOE BIDEN WAS IN PITTSBURGH And he invoked how police are just shooting black men all over the place, he invoked right wing militias but oddly, Antifa didn't make the cut. So weird. He also said Trump is fomenting violence and blah blah blah. There were apparently no people at the event. One odd note: when I search for Trump speech I get tons of links on YouTube that show the speech from many different outlets. Do you know how many popped up for Biden't speech in Pennsylvania? Three. That's it. Why doesn't YouTube want you to see the whole speech? Maybe because of stuff like this?

Watch the lackluster speech here.

COMPARE BIDEN'S SPEECH TO TRUMP'S AND YOU HAVE TO WONDER WHO HAS THE ENTHUSIASM EDGE Skip to the 10 minute mark to get the real beginning. There is a crowd and they clearly love this man. I don't know if this sort of anecdotal story means anything but it has to have Democrats a bit concerned that polls, which clearly show Biden ahead in Pennsylvania, are as accurate as they want them to be.

A STUDENT GOT DOCKED FOR NOT AGREEING THAT THE CONSTITUTION WAS MADE TO ENFORCE WHITE SUPREMACY And it happened at Vanderbilt University, which until now I thought was a good school with crappy athletics. The question asked was a true or false question: Was the Constitution designed to perpetuate white supremacy and protect the institution of slavery? The student answered False and got it wrong. Blame the 1619 Project and mealy mouthed, white guilt ridden professors for this.

THE JOBS REPORT IS VERY GOOD And in some cases seem to undergird the point that when extended benefits ran out, some people went back to work. There was a lot of government hiring for the census that went on, so we'll wait to see if the numbers remain strong going forward.

WE'VE GOT DUELING LAWSUITS OVER COVID AND ARBITRARY SIZE RESTRICTIONS After Bandimere Speedway hosted a protest where thousands attended to end the Covid Chaos, Jefferson County Public Health sued Bandimere for having more than 175 people at their outdoor event. Good luck with that when our government has done NOTHING to stop "protests" night after night when hoodlums ran wild in the streets. Now Bandimere is suing Jefferson County Public Health and the Governor. Good for them. I hope they win although with how the courts have behaved so far they are scared to do anything that might mean someone gets covid.

ULTRA PROGRESSIVE MEOW WOLF ISN'T HAPPY IT'S WORKERS ARE UNIONIZING And I find this very funny somehow. If you're not familiar with Meow Wolf I can't even begin to explain the interactive live action art installation fun house to you. However, it's got a ton of artists and creatives working for it, and now they want a union. The Meow Wolf CEO's disagreed by saying this:

“Meow Wolf recognizes and respects our employees’ right to organize,” ownership said in a statement attributed to its “co-CEOs,” who have been previously identified as Ali Rubinstein, Carl Christensen and Jim Ward. “The policies, practices and culture already in place make our company a great place to work and we value our ability to work directly with employees. As such, we feel Meow Wolf works best without a union.”

Proving once again people love progressive ideals until they come to fruition in THEIR business. This is Meow Wolf.

TODAY'S NON POLITICAL MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO Is one of my all time absolute favorites and I watch this on a regular basis when I am feeling blah and unmotivated. This is one section of a longer interview that is OUTSTANDING and you should watch it all by clicking here.

DORA IS NOW THREATENING COLORADO BUSINESS OWNERS By sending out emails with a certain part IN BOLD LETTERS for emphasis. This is that part:

We continue to urge you to adhere to the orders issued by Governor Polis and the health experts at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), including continued compliance with the statewide mask ordinance and social distancing requirements. Please take a moment to visit both the for industry-specific information, and for information pertaining to specific DORA-regulated programs and professions.
Please know that if you violate current public health orders, depending on the nature of the violation, regulatory action may be taken against your license.

That certainly seems threatening, doesn't it? Considering what is happening at Bandimere, I'd say this is a very distinct threat. Regulatory action may be taken against your license? Herr Polis is ratcheting things up when he should be ratcheting things down.

THIS IS A SUPER COOL ANALYSIS OF THE DNA STRUCTURE OF COVID And it may have some very useful insights into how the disease attacks us and which medications we already have might be best to treat various versions of covid. Read and share this!

THIS DOG WATCHING SOCCER IS AMAZING And he loves it way more than I do.

PREDICTING FUTURE PSYCHOSIS MAY BE A BLOOD TEST AWAY And this is SUPER cool because if they can figure out what markers indicate someone is at high risk for psychosis, they may be able to come up with targeted treatments to stop it without all the horrible side effects of anti-psychotic meds. Now there is a blood test that can show who may suffer in the future.

THE SALON OWNER PELOSI SAYS SET HER UP GETS A WINDFALL ON GOFUNDME It's now well over 150k and still climbing.

THE RUSSIAN COVID VACCINE SEEMS TO WORK But I'll hold out signing up for it just yet. The Lancet published a peer reviewed study that showed no major side effects and an antibody response. We'll see what happens next.

I'M SHEDDING NO TEARS FOR THIS ANTIFA SCUMBAG Who is dead after pulling a weapon on officers trying to arrest him for murdering a Trump supporter last week. I hope he rots in hell.

I CAN'T...STOP...LAUGHING... Watching CNN whine like bitches because they go shut out of debate moderation. Perhaps if one of their analysts gives a candidate the questions in the last election cycle. Watch and enjoy.

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