Mandy's Thu Blog: True Healthcare Transparency and A Man on a Mission

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WOULDN'T IT BE NICE IF WE JUST KNEW WHAT MEDICAL PROCEDURES COST? My guest today is on a mission to force price transparency in healthcare. Why is this such a big deal? Because if prices were truly transparent, real competition could occur. I'm talking with Cynthia Fischer about this at 1, find out more about their cause and organization by clicking here.

NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES And it's about time someone stood up and talked about this very important issue.

THE MEDIA IS NOT YOUR FRIEND, JUST ASK CHRIS CUOMO Because that's what he told Michael Cohen during a conversation with Cuomo that was recorded by Cohen because that's what scumbags do for leverage later. Watch this very funny segment Tucker Carlson did on it here. It's worth the time.

FROM YESTERDAY'S BLOG, LET'S CHECK ON SWEDEN I keep hearing everyone say how Sweden's strategy has "failed" when I look at the numbers on this website and see the exact OPPOSITE of failure. They have fewer cases right now than we do in Colorado.So is the Governor's strategy failing WORSE than Swedens? And in case you were wondering if maybe the "failure" in Sweden is because they far exceeded expectations and modeling? Nope.This is a paper from scientists that came out at the end of April. Look what they predicted:

Taking Sweden as a whole, without further intervention, and presuming “standard” ICU admission criteria without restriction to ICU care (new ICU admission guidelines for COVID-19 have been communicated March 17, 2020 for Stockholm region 36), the model predicts a required ICU capacity of at least 20,000 beds if continuing with current recommendations, with a peak in the first half of May.

Did this happen? Not even close. The largest number of ICU hospitalizations was...665. Not 20,000. They were off by just a skosh.if you want to. They've reported FEWER deaths than we have here in Colorado in the last half of August. If this if failing, it's failing up.predictions that were made about Sweden's lackadaisical approach.

ALSO FROM YESTERDAY'S BLOG: COVID IS KILLING MARRIAGES As divorce rates are WAY up compared to the same time last year. This part is the MOST disturbing to me:

In fact, 20 percent of couples who sought divorce who were married within the past five months or less, compared to the just 11 percent in 2019 – doubling the rate.

Y'all, for real? You've been married less than five months and you're seeking a divorce? I'd love to know the demographics of these newlyweds and whether or not this was a first marriage or later. This is just sad. If you can't try to work it out in the first year of marriage you shouldn't be getting married.

JOBLESS CLAIMS DROP BUT REMAIN CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC The reason for caution is the Labor Department made an adjustment to how some numbers are calculated (this will give them greater accuracy going forward) and this could depress this number artificially. We should see if it's real or merely a data adjustment in the coming weeks. Check the numbers out here.

IF YOU LOVE SPIDERS LIKE I LOVE SPIDERS! Here is a tarantula crawling across a Ring Doorbell.

LITTLE KIDS WITH AN OCTOGENARIAN + 1 this is the cutest thing you'll see all day.

IS THIS THE END OF THE EXPANSION OF LIGHT RAIL? RTD is hemorrhaging money as people are NOT riding trains and they are desperately trying to find ways to keep the lights on. They look like they are going to raid the savings account that was going to be used to build the Longmont to Boulder section of light rail. There is a whopping $120 million in that account now, and that line is currently expected to cost 1.5 BILLION so we are a LONG way off from getting that done. They are instead looking at Rapid Bus lines, which we should replace all trains with now and let them run on the already built tracks. Just saying.

HERE ARE YOUR DEBATE MODERATORS AND IT'S NOT THE USUAL SUSPECTS And LORD HAVE MERCY we won't have to see a SINGLE soul from CNN this year! Praise the Lord! Chris Wallace and Steve Scully I know and am actually excited about. The other two women I am not familiar with but I am just grateful we don't have a panel of moderators each trying to outdo his or her colleagues with the gotcha question or dissertation of the night. I am currently happy with all of this.

JOHN CLEESE IS SEARCHING FOR A WOKE JOKE And he continues to talk about cancel and PC culture in the most unflattering way. He did so with BBC4 in this great interview with that man I got totally flustered trying to interview myself.

DID TRUMP REALLY ASK SARAH SANDERS TO SLEEP WITH KIM JONG UN? Sarah Sanders has a new book out and though it is overall a very pro-Trump book, she has released some excerpts that have some humorless souls on the left making hay about. Namely a conversation with the President that occurred after North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un seemed to take a shine to Sarah and winked at her.

Ms. Sanders describes the meeting in Singapore between Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim in detail, including a moment where she and the North Korean leader “made direct eye contact and Kim nodded and appeared to wink at me.” She described herself as stunned.
“I quickly looked down and continued taking notes and for the rest of the meeting only looked up from my notes in the direction of the U.S. delegation,” she writes.
On the trip back to Air Force One, Ms. Sanders relayed the encounter with Mr. Kim to Mr. Trump and the White House chief of staff at the time, John F. Kelly. The two men burst out laughing, Ms. Sanders writes.
“Kim winked at you?” Mr. Trump asked, adding, “Are you telling me Kim Jong-un hit on you!?!?”
Ms. Sanders made clear she did not mean that, but Mr. Trump and Mr. Kelly continued to joke about Mr. Kim’s intentions.
“Well, Sarah, that settles it,” Ms. Sanders recalls the president joking. “You’re going to North Korea and taking one for the team! Your husband and kids will miss you, but you’ll be a hero to your country!”

This is 100% something I would have said in the exact same circumstances. It's funny. And I think Sarah Sanders took it just that way.

YES IT'S TOTALLY BELIEVABLE THAT A WOMAN ATTACKED A 12 YEAR OLD BOY OVER A TRUMP SIGN Because it happened in the most tolerant town ever, Boulder.

I SURE HOPE TRUMP DOESN'T MENTION THESE TREATMENTS Or we won't be able to give covid patients steroids even though they are have been shown to reduce the risk of death DRAMATICALLY in severely ill patients.

BIDEN'S ORIGINAL FRACKING POLICY WOULD KILL A MILLION JOBS IN TWO YEARS And I say "original" fracking plan because he told all KINDS of supporters and journalists during the primary that he was all in to "end fossil fuels". Now an analysis by the oil and gas industry says it would not only destroy jobs but also increase our dependence on foreign energy sources that has been largely eliminated by Trump's policies. You don't want another war for oil, do you?

YOUR DAILY BOOST VIDEO TO GET YOU MOVING I have started watching these every morning. Why? Because we all need to be reminded of what we are capable of. You're welcome.

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