Wed Super Short Blog: China, Nancy Got Her Hair Did, the EPA and Baseball!

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WE'VE GOT BASEBALL TODAY BUT I'VE GOT AN ACTUAL MINI SHOW FOR YOU ANYWAY! We're going to toss (see what I did there?) the station over to the Rockies at 12:30, but we've got a real show before, just super tiny.

DOUG BENEVENTO HAS GOOD NEWS FROM THE EPA And I don't say that sentence very often but this IS good news. He joins me at 12:10 to talk about about a new office of the EPA that is coming to Colorado. It's actually a VERY good thing.

THE SPEAKER GOT HER HAIR DONE AND IT'S CAUSED QUITE THE FLAP Normally Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done would never be a story. However when hair salons have been forcibly closed in California SINCE MARCH and she has HER girl open one up to get HER hair done, it's a thing now. I find this wildly entertaining because it just goes to show some animals are more equal than others. This is my favorite photo to commemorate her "let them eat blowouts" moment. The owner of the shop, who leases a chair to Nancy's hair stylist, was fit to be tied and called the Speaker out.

Pelosi Antoinette

THIS DISCUSSION ON COMMUNIST CHINA FROM THE STEAMBOAT INSTITUTE'S FREEDOM CONFERENCE IS A MUST WATCH And not because I am doing the introductions. You will learn a lot in this one.

COVID IS KILLING MARRIAGES As divorce rates are WAY up compared to the same time last year. This part is the MOST disturbing to me:

In fact, 20 percent of couples who sought divorce who were married within the past five months or less, compared to the just 11 percent in 2019 – doubling the rate.

Y'all, for real? You've been married less than five months and you're seeking a divorce? I'd love to know the demographics of these newlyweds and whether or not this was a first marriage or later. This is just sad. If you can't try to work it out in the first year of marriage you shouldn't be getting married.

OUR DEBT IS LARGER THAN OUR ECONOMY FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE WWII And unlike after WWII where government spending was dramatically ratcheted back, the current Washington clowns have no intention of telling anyone no. I hate this story.

CAN WE PLEASE CANCEL JOY REID NOW? The fact Joy Reid, who peddles in conspiracy theories and anti gay rhetoric, has done it again by insulting Muslims across the Middle East. Now Muslims are demanding an apology, but not calling for her to be fired. So weird. I'm sure it would go just as well for me if I said something so stupid.

HEY, HOW ARE THINGS IN SWEDEN? I keep hearing everyone say how Sweden's strategy has "failed" when I look at the numbers on this website and see the exact OPPOSITE of failure. They have fewer cases right now than we do in Colorado. So is the Governor's strategy failing WORSE than Swedens? And in case you were wondering if maybe the "failure" in Sweden is because they far exceeded expectations and modeling? Nope. This is a paper from scientists that came out at the end of April. Look what they predicted:

Taking Sweden as a whole, without further intervention, and presuming “standard” ICU admission criteria without restriction to ICU care (new ICU admission guidelines for COVID-19 have been communicated March 17, 2020 for Stockholm region 36), the model predicts a required ICU capacity of at least 20,000 beds if continuing with current recommendations, with a peak in the first half of May.

Did this happen? Not even close. The largest number of ICU hospitalizations was...665. Not 20,000. They were off by just a skosh. Check the numbers here if you want to. They've reported FEWER deaths than we have here in Colorado in the last half of August. If this if failing, it's failing up. This is a great article from late April which shows some of the ridiculous, wrong dire predictions that were made about Sweden's lackadaisical approach.

NEED A LITTLE MOTIVATION? WE'VE GOT IT FOR YOU This is a difficult time for many people and if you are one of them, this might help. If things are going well, the message will still lift you up.

COCKADOODLE CUDDLE I have no idea why this girl and this rooster are cuddling but here you go.


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