Mandy's Mon Blog: Vicious Attacks, Dandelions and Covid Doesn't Kill Alone

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A FULL UPDATE FROM THE STEAMBOAT SPRINGS FREEDOM CONFERENCE And guys and gals, this is a MUST attend event. Put it on your calendar for next year NOW. Such amazing guests, great people and they pulled it off in a safe covid way. Simply outstanding. I'll have a full report today. Here is a great article about the event.

I'VE GOT REP. PATRICK NEVILLE AT 1PM To talk about his lawsuit against the Governor. Read about it here.

STURGIS SUPER SPREADER EVENT SUCKS AT SUPER SPREADING Remember all the hand-wringing and whatnot that went on when the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally went off in the beginning of August? How this event where over 400,000 people gathered, mostly without masks, was going to create a HUGE outbreak of covid? Well the numbers are in and they are low. They tested EVERY resident of Sturgis (there are only 650 permanent residents) and a whopping 26 people tested positive for covid. In case you're wondering, they were ALL asymptomatic cases. ALL OF THEM. Now we have a super scary story about residents of Colorado who were reckless enough to go have fun who are now positive. A whole 20 cases. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. In eight states we have "massive" outbreaks that total a whopping 100 people. That's it. I feel like this event and lack of outbreak should get this economy open NOW and kids back in school NOW and our lives back to normal NOW.

ABOUT THAT CDC REPORT THAT SHOWS ONLY 6% OF COVID PATIENTS DIED OF THAT ALONE Please read deeper into the report. When someone with Covid dies of "respiratory failure" or "pneumonia" or "sepsis" it stands to reason that covid LEAD to those conditions in the first place. Perhaps not every time, but most of the time. The real standouts for me in this document full of info is that people with heart disease and pulmonary disease and obesity are VERY AT RISK from this illness and the risk increases as they get older. It is just a lazy conclusion that his proves the covid isn't deadly. Just my opinion.

THIS HISTORY OF THE DANDELION IS THE HISTORY OF PEOPLE And this is a very interesting video on how dandelions have gone from hero to zero.


THIS IS A REALLY GREAT INTERVIEW ABOUT AN AMERICAN WAREHOUSE SUCCESS STORY Jake Jabs from American Furniture Warehouse is interviewed by Jon Caldara and I had no idea about Jake's story until now and it's a GREAT one.

WANT TO WEIGH IN ON COVID RESTRICTIONS? NOW'S YOUR CHANCE And you need to do this as NOW we are being told that CASES are the key instead of "flattening the curve" of hospitalizations so as not to overwhelm our hospital system (which is NOWHERE near being overwhelmed right now). If you want to get back to life, please submit a public comment! You can skip to the form by clicking here.

THE PINE GULCH FIRE IS OFFICIALLY OUR LARGEST EVER BUT NEWS IS GOOD ON CONTAINMENT And I put this here to give me a chance to commend the work of firefighters on this and all of the other firefighters fighting all of our fires. These men and women are heroes.

THE NEXT TIME SOMEONE SAYS YOU CAN'T VOTE IN PERSON Please just send them this link of the 50,000 people at Al Sharpton's protest this weekend in DC.

AS THE DEMOCRATS TRY TO NOW CONDEMN RIOTS AND VIOLENCE, PLEASE SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE It makes me very angry that Democrats, who have now received polling data that shows violent riots are unpopular, some brilliant human put together this handy video to remind people of who has been fomenting violence since before election day. And it's not white supremacists. Make them own it. This article from The Federalist reminds us that the media is going to work for Biden and try to change the narrative about who has let these cities burn and why. Do not let them. Oh, and there's this defense of looting published by a progressive trans feminist.


As a matter of fact, Rand Paul DID say Breonna Taylor's name when he sponsored the Breonna Taylor Act to end no-knock warrants once and for all. These idiots have no idea how much Rand Paul has done to make law enforcement more accountable and the justice system more fair.

BANDIMERE SPEEDWAY IS HAVING A PROTEST TOMORROW NIGHT Since those are allowed even though outdoor racing events are not because covid is smart enough to not spread through protests. Here is the info you need if you'd like to support this wonderful family owned business and others suffering under arbitrary rules created unilaterally by Governor Polis.




A SOROS BACKED CALIFORNIA DA WANTS COPS TO CONSIDER IF LOOTERS "NEEDED" THINGS BEFORE CHARGING And this is why these DA races matter so much. Read all the details here but I can't be held responsible if your head explodes.

MORE INFORMATION ON THE BREONNA TAYLOR CASE HAS BEEN RELEASED And it's not flattering for Breonna in the sense that she surrounded herself with a less than savory group of friends. Did she deserve to die? Of course not, but police were at her apartment for a reason.

SHRIEKING PROGRESSIVES HAVE RENDERED POLLING USELESS And if/when Trump wins re election in November, this will cause huge problems for those angry, shrieking progressives who want to believe the polls that show Biden ahead. Why? Because Republicans and Independents say they are reluctant to tell the truth about who they are voting for lest the angry mob come for them.

IF YOU CARE ABOUT KIDS LEARNING THEY MUST GO BACK TO SCHOOL NOW Because a new study shows that 64% of kids say they learned LESS when learning from home. It's time. We can make this work.

HISTORICAL FIGURES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EVOLVE BUT POLITICIANS ARE? If you don't know who John Muir is, he is considered the Father of the National Parks and the founder of the Sierra Club way back in 1892. Now the same club has cancelled him for comments about black and indigenous people early in his life. Now mind you, LATER in life he LIVED among Native Americans so surely he didn't hold those same views, right? But NO redemption for him as the Sierra Club is now "distancing" itself from it's FOUNDER. So why does Obama, who strongly opposed gay marriage early in his career, beloved by gay Americans? Why are Bill and Hillary Clinton allowed to evolve? There is zero consistency in this movement and I can't take it seriously.

LOOKING FOR A COMFY MASK? The Wall Street Journal tested a bunch, find their results here.

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