Mandy's Thu Blog: Trey Gowdy and Stephen Moore for a Smart Nerd Show!

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FORMER CONGRESSMAN TREY GOWDY JOINS ME AT 1 He's got a new book he's promoting and it's a book on leadership and knowing the right questions to ask and it's very good. Find it here and listen up at 1!

ECONOMIST STEVE MOORE TODAY AT 1:30 And we're talking economic plans from Biden and Trump and which one he believes will bring prosperity to the country.

CU DOES THE RIGHT THING WHEN THE MOB CAME FOR THE CONSERVATIVE SCHOLAR And I keep telling people that we are lucky to have a university system that actually believes in free speech, not just free speech zones. It all started when Professor John Eastman, the Visiting Scholar for Conservative Thought and Policy wrote a column asking if Kamala Harris was actually eligible to be Vice President because she was born here but her parents were not. It was an intellectual discussion about whether or not the Constitution truly allows someone with that birth circumstance to be an automatic citizen. Of course the mob demanded he be fired. CU declined to do so and actually stuck up for academic and speech freedom. Way to go, CU!

WOLVES DON'T NEED VOTERS PERMISSION, THEY ARE HERE ALREADY And now we've got a pup sighting! That means they aren't just HERE, they are already breeding so we don't need to "re introduce" them using artificial means. Just get out of the way and let nature do her thing.

REP. PATRICK NEVILLE AND MICHELLE MALKIN ARE SUING THE GOVERNOR Over the mask mandate and pretty much everything else he's done under the Emergency Powers Declaration. The Governor already sent out a snarky "you can be on the side of the deadly virus" comments. This should be good.

Y'ALL I LOVE MIKE PENCE And I realize that many of my gay friends believe he is some sort of evil monster because his state passed a Defense of Marriage Act during a controversial moment in time. It WAS the SAME DOMA language the Bill Clinton signed, but whatev. His speech last night was great. I hated all the clapping interruptions though. Watch it here.


DID YOU KNOW THE BEST RYE WHISKEY IN THE WORLD IS MADE RIGHT HERE IN COLORADO? And it's called Laws Whiskey House and if you're so inclined you should try it. Read a hoighty toighty review of it here.

A REPORT SAYS JACOB BLAKE HAD A KNIFE IN HIS CAR And it was on the driver's side of his car. The Wisconsin Department of Justice released some details of the shooting that has left Blake paralyzed and in the report they outlined the reason police were at the residence in the first place (a domestic violence call from Blake's girlfriend) and that when Blake walked around the car to the driver's side door there was a knife in the vehicle at the time. I'm reserving judgment until we learn more, but can we all agree that if the police gives you a command, just FOLLOW IT? Fight them in court, not on the street.

NBA PLAYERS STRIKE AND WON'T PLAY AND JARED KUSHNER CALLS THEM OUT Several NBA playoff games didn't happen last night because of the shooting of Jacob Blake. The Lakers and the Clippers voted to quit the NBA Playoffs last night as well. They voted to "end" the playoffs but if everyone else keeps playing, they are just quitters. There is not enough eye rolling for me to convey how little I care whether they play or not. Jared Kushner did call them out by suggesting they call Trump to come up with concrete solutions to these issues.

BIDEN BACKS THE NBA BOYCOTT AFTER OBAMA TELLS HIM TOO And there is a lot of word salad here about how it's right that people stand up to institutions or something but what's totally missing is what they are boycotting FOR. "Systemic change" means nothing.

LET'S NOT BE HAPPY THE GUY IN THE WHEELCHAIR STOOD UP, K? That must have been the memo that went out to liberal pundits after GOP House candidate Madison Cawthorn stood at the end of his speech. Cawthorn was paralyzed from the waist down after a car accident in 2014. That was beyond the pale for PBS hack Yamiche Alcindor who tweeted this trash out:

She must be a ton of fun at dinner parties.


A WEATHER REPORTER ALMOST GETS HIT BY FLYING DEBRIS And they do this crap ALL THE TIME. Watch until about the 1:45 mark.

AUTOPILOT IN YOUR TESLA DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN WATCH A MOVIE WHILE IT DRIVES And the most SHOCKING thing about this story about a man watching a movie while his Tesla crashed into a police car is that THE DUDE IS AN ER DOC! In theory he should be smart.

AND WITH THIS, CNN OUT CNNS ITSELF In the Most CNN Thing EVER, check the chryon while the reporter is standing in front of a burning buidling.

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