Mandy's Wed Blog: Can't We All Just Get Along?

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IS POLITICAL HARMONY EVEN POSSIBLE? My guest Rick Raddatz says it is. He's put his considerable brain power towards creating a system that could put an end to political strife. His plan is even called Political Harmony and you can join for FREE at this website. He joins me at 1 to discuss.

Y'ALL THE RNC IS KINDA GOOD I ended up watching pretty much all of the RNC last night. I tuned in expecting to be as bored as I was with the DNC, but this is just a better SHOW. The pageantry and uplifting music and lofty speeches are just way better than the DNC pulled off. I find this surprising because the Democrats have Hollywood at their disposal and they came up with a long Zoom meeting for their convention. One striking difference to me was that last night was what I'm calling The Real People night. Real small business owners telling real stories of how the policies espoused by Trump helped them. It was quite compelling. Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro life activist, gave testimony that was incredibly moving about abortion. One columnist said it was the "revenge of the normies" and it was. It was just a really, really good night.

PEOPLE ARE GETTING KILLED AT PROTESTS IN WISCONSIN Last night in Kenosha Wisconsin, this happened and it's GRAPHIC VIOLENCE but I happen to think everyone should see this.

This is where we're headed. You've been warned.

GREEN ENERGY MEANS BLACKOUTS DURING HEAT WAVES And if you don't know what I mean by "blackouts" I mean the power company cuts power to your house or business in the middle of the hottest days of the year because they can't produce enough energy with "green" methods to meet demand. This is not idle speculation, this is what's been happening in California for the last couple of weeks. They are practically a developing nation right now.

WE NEED KIDS BACK IN SCHOOL NOW Because frankly, the kids who need education the most to improve their lot in life are the ones not showing up for remote learning. This is sad and shameful but it clearly demonstrates the need to open schools back up so kids get back to learning. I understand a lack of technology, but EVERYONE has a cell phone and parents aren't even responding to emails they are likely getting on their phones. I think it's time we need to start calling parents out for not making any effort to keep their kids in school.

CNN'S DON LEMON SAYS RIOTING MUST STOP BECAUSE IT'S POLLING BADLY FOR DEMS And that is EXACTLY what he said. He didn't say they should stop because they are destroying the country and people are getting killed, he said it's "showing up in polling" and that will hurt the Dems. Watch for yourself.

AAnd just so you know, the NEW Democrat narrative is that these protests are the fault of right wing extremists. Uh-huh. Please be sure and ask for evidence. There is none.

CELEBRITIES CALL THE FIRST LADY ALL MANNER OF HORRIBLE NAMES I thought Melania Trump's speech was nice last night. Not mind blowing, not earth shaking, just nice. She came across as warm and compassionate and likable. But I'm not an angry progressive. They unleashed a torrent of obscenities about the First Lady, that I'm sure would be unacceptable to hurl at Michelle Obama.

NICK SANDMANN CALLED OUT CNN ON CNN AND THEY DIDN'T LIKE IT With one CNN political analyst calling Sandmann a "snot nosed kid" because Sandmann reminded him that CNN is a garbage network. Heh. I'm sure Nick Sandmann wiped his tears with a $100 bill he got from his settlement for defamation from CNN. Double heh.

THIS LITTLE GIRL WASN'T FEELING THE MUSIC And she responded by standing perfectly still in her dance recital.

JOHN BARRYMORE WAS THE ORIGINAL WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S As his granddaughter Drew Barrymore confirmed that three of his pals, including Errol Flynn and WC Fields, stole his corpse from the funeral home so they could have one more party with him. They played poker and propped up John at the table. This is so Hollywood.

WHAT THE BEST FAST FOOD FRENCH FRIES IN OUR STATE? Apparently Coloradans go with McDonalds, which is okay, but I think there are better. This seriously may be a topic today.

IF I CALLED A BLACK PERSON A COON THAT WOULD BE RACIST, RIGHT? So why is okay to refer to black men who spoke on behalf of President Trump by that name? And yet, here we are. I'd love to pretend to be shocked, but we all know who the real racists are here.

PLEASE VOTE YES ON THIS IMPORTANT BALLOT INITIATIVE TABOR is a very important part of why Colorado's economy is strong and our government is somewhat in check. It prevents government from raising our taxes without asking our permission. However, slimy politicians from BOTH parties figured out a way to get around that check by calling something a "fee" even if it's not at all a fee. Since our Supreme Court continues to let them get away with it, let's close that loophole by adding fee based services to TABOR restrictions.



THIS BOXER HAS SERIOUS BOUNCE She should be named Tigger.


THERE'S A NEW NEWSPAPER IN TOWN AND THE POST IS ON NOTICE Because the new Denver Gazette is entirely online, which will help them get younger people. And it's done by Clarity Media, who owns The Gazette in the Springs. Watch this!

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