Mandy's Tue Blog: Mayor Michael Hancock Joins Me at 1

THE MAYOR IS ON TODAY AND BOY HOWDY DO WE HAVE A LOT TO TALK ABOUT Join me at 1 for his monthly check in.

COUNCILWOMAN CANDI CDEBACA IS LYING TO INFLAME TENSIONS And she's doing it on Twitter where she posted a photo that clearly shows an officer holding, by the barrel, a bb gun that he had taken from a man as they were trying to get control of a situation during a homeless camp cleanup. CddBaca says the officer "pulled his gun" on her and other protesters, which is clearly not the case. She then urged everyone to sue the cops, as their liability is now up higher because of the Police reform bill that did away with qualified immunity. She is not helping, she is making things worse and there is literally nothing we can do about but hope the Dems run someone against her next time or the Republicans can pull a miracle off in her district.

THE GOVERNOR SUPPORTS A LOWER TAX RATE And I'm not sure this helps or hurts him. Jon Caldara said in a recent article about the tax measure his organization The Independence Institute got on the ballot that he was merely the "Governor's faithful foot soldier" and I nearly shot coffee out of my nose. Now the Governor has issued words of support that have to have the other members of his party very unhappy.

NOW USING PROPER GRAMMAR IN A TEXT MESSAGE IS THREATENING AND I'M DONE. As God as my witness, I WILL CONTINUE TO PUNCTUATE PROPERLY IN TEXT MESSAGES. This article nearly made me smash my head on the desk. First off, just because the kids today are too lazy and fast to punctuate doesn't mean those of us properly educated should not. Second off, the fact I punctuate should not be THREATENING because it's a PERIOD for goodness sake. What the heck is wrong with these people? The world is doomed.

CORONAVIRUS HAS NOW KILLED FINGER LICKIN GOOD As KFC made the decision to suspend it's famous tag line until we are past this pandemic. I feel like no one asked them to do this but okay.

I'LL TAKE A CUP O' JOE WITH A SIDE OF WOKE A small coffee shop chain is charging ridiculous prices for a cup of coffee, all in the name of social justice and wokeness. They did away with tipping because they believe it's racist. They charge $4.50 before tax for a small cup of black coffee so they can pay their employees fifty grand a year. And they have "educated" customers along the way. If you read "educated" as "alienated" you are forgiven. I wish them well but won't be visiting such an overpriced coffee outlet.

THE MORRISON SPEED TRAP IS GOING TO BE BACK Because the Chief of Police was forced to retire in large part because he didn't have his officers write enough traffic tickets. If you've ever wondered why there are so many small towns KNOWN to be speed traps, this story demonstrates it perfectly. It's not about safety, it's about MONEY. Their budgets come from traffic tickets. And now a Chief who was loved and respected by the men and women he lead is out. Shame on you, Morrison, shame on you.

THE FARMER'S ALMANAC SAYS A SNOWY WINTER IS COMING OUR WAY And before you scoff at these long range predictions, they said this summer was going to be a scorcher and well, nailed it.

THE RNC JUST MAY PULL THIS OFF As the first night moved along at a nice clip, although because I share their ideology I am far more patient this than the DNC. Georgia Democratic Vernon Jones did a REALLY good job making the case for what the Trump Administration has actually DONE for black people. Watch him here.

SOUTH CAROLINA HAD A STRONG SHOWING LAST NIGHT And Senator Tim Scott crushed it with this.


The only speech I really didn't like was Kimberly Guilfoyle's. Her intensity and yelling was too much for me. This is a great overview of the first night.

THERE ARE NO MEN OR WOMEN IN THE BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL ANYMORE As their awards have gone genderless. No more Best Actress or Best Actor. I hope this doesn't become a thing.

NANCY PELOSI IS GOING TO GET SOMEONE KILLED WITH THIS KIND OF RHETORIC Just ask Steve Scalise, he was the victim of an unhinged Lefty who was riled up by talk like this. She's horrible and needs to go.

JERRY FALWELL JR. IS OUT AT LIBERTY UNIVERSITY And unfortunately when you are a religious leader you have to meet standards far above those of an average Joe. He has admitted now that his wife had an affair or something and then he unbuttoned his pants in a photo and I don't really care about this. Now he's resigned.

OUR CORONAVIRUS CASES ARE CONTINUING TO FALL But I'm sure Herr Polis will find a new reason to keep us masked and at home. Check the numbers here.




BEST LIP SYNC BATTLE EVER At least according to Angie and she might be right.

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