Mandy's Mon Blog: Apparently Our Leaders Just Noticed the Rioting Downtown

AND HERE I THOUGHT A RIOT WAS THE LANGUAGE OF THE UNHEARD Saturday night there was another riot downtown and ALL OF A SUDDEN, The Mayor and Governor sprung forth with condemnation and a press conference on Sunday. Scumbags took to the streets to demand the end of the police (which I'm sure is made more popular an idea by rioting in the streets. This is my favorite video of Saturday night:

But the politicians apparently JUST FOUND OUT there has been destruction and nonsense in downtown and sent out stern tweets like this one.

THAT will do it,amiright? Mayor Hancock did a better job at the tweeting with this, although he and many other Dems keep referring to "far right" forces and I have seen ZERO evidence of "far right" anywhere. I'm going to ask him about this tomorrow.


LAST MINUTE ADDITION: THE VP OF THE LIBERTARIAN TICKET SPIKE COHEN He's on at 1! Find out more about their campaign by clicking here.

IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE REVOLUTION? A long articles from the past few weeks has me asking this question and you should read it here. The author of these articles and editor of Commentary Magazine Abe Greenwald joins me at 1 to discuss. (we have to reschedule this but you should still read it) From the article (which you can access for free by signing up for their newsletter which is VERY good):

It is, in our own domestic form, an American version of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.
Unlike Mao’s campaign, which lasted from 1966 to 1976, our revolution hasn’t been engineered from the top down. It has progressed upward from within the population. Like the Cultural Revolution, however, it is primarily aimed at the leading institutions of the political left. It seeks to remake in its own image the Democratic establishment and those sectors of society associated with present-day liberalism. As it succeeds in this aim, it imposes its writ on the rest of us.
The revolution’s left-liberal targets, in the media and the academy and mass entertainment, have been quick to adapt—some out of genuine sympathy with the cause, others hoping to protect their political standing, and still others out of abject fear. In China, few dared criticize violent Red Guard gangs for fear of seeming unsympathetic to the revolution. In the United States, rioters are furnished with every excuse the elite can muster. And the broad acceptance of the revolution in liberal institutions has resulted in a widespread pressure campaign of accusation, confession, and reeducation.
Mao sought to eradicate what he labeled the Four Olds: old customs, old culture, old habits, and old ideas—the established mental life of the country. Our own pressure campaign is shaped by similar goals. The revolutionaries have deemed American customs, culture, habits, and ideas racist. And instead of Mao’s Little Red Book to guide them in the ways of the proletariat, they have Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility, which shows them all the hidden places where racism is to be found and rooted out.

NO WONDER JOE BIDEN DELIVERED THAT SPEECH SO WELL, HE DELIVERED IT IN 2008 Biden plagiarized himself. Remember when Melania echoed Michelle Obama's speech and it was front page news? Don't expect that to happen again. Weird that he had eight years to fix all that stuff he talked about in 2008.

Good thing no one watched it.

I-70 IS BACK OPEN THIS MORNING But you probably need to pay attention to CDOT's app if you're headed that way as rockfalls and other issues will be an ongoing problem as the result of the wildfires that ravaged the canyon. Expect closures and delays on the interstate for some time.

THEY CHANGED THE STATE'S COVID WEBSITE And not for the better, imo. It's harder to navigate and the handy graphs showing our new cases and deaths falling off a cliff have been buried within the site. I believe this is because seeing a graph where deaths are down to zero or one most days, or that 88% of our deaths are over the age of 60 makes people ask why were are still ordered to wear masks and restaurants can't fully re open and businesses can't operate. Just my opinion.

GOD LOVES HANGING LAKE TOO As that's the only explanation in my mind on how the beautiful pit stop on I-70 survived the devastating fires that burned around it.

THE POSTMASTER GENERAL HAS EFFECTIVELY SQUASHED DEM CONSPIRACY THEORIES With his testimony before Congress, the Postmaster General has reassured everyone that the Postal service is capable of effectively delivering the ballots for the election. They can't deliver banana bread in a timely fashion, but ballots should be good to go.

KELLYANNE CONWAY IS LEAVING THE WHITE HOUSE And as her family has become a circus for the media, I don't blame her. Her fifteen year old daughter is out of control on social media, her husband is a fame seeking whore and she needs to work on that more than she needs to work for Trump.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE RNC You can find right here. Here's hoping it's not the snoozefest the DNC was but I'm not hopeful.

WILL THE NETWORKS TREAT THE RNC LIKE THEY DID THE DNC Because they presented the DNC without interruption about 90% of the time. Will they be able to resist throwing in their commentary during the RNC? My spidey sense says no.

JEMELE HILL PROVES AGAIN SHE IS A COMPLETE IDIOT You'd think someone would tell this dame to shut her mouth, lest she confirm to everyone that she is stupid. But no, she rides again, this time comparing the USA to...wait for it...Nazi Germany. Read the story here. She apparently never heard of gas chambers or six million people being murdered because they were Jewish or Gay or gypsies.

THERE IS A DONUT VENDING MACHINE AND NOW I HAVE TO MOVE TO NORTH CAROLINA The only way a Krispy Kreme donut vending machine would be better is if they MADE the donuts RIGHT BEFORE they were dispensed but this is pretty cool.



NO, THE PARTIES DID NOT SWITCH POSITIONS ON RACE Watch this deleted scene from Uncle Tom.

ANGIE HAS A HANKERING FOR SOME MANGO LEMONADE And she wanted you to have the recipe too!


THE NEW TRAILER TEASER FOR BATMAN LOOKS KIND OF COOL But are there NO new ideas anymore? How many times are we going to just keep rebooting this thing?

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