Mandy's Thu Blog: Thirty Minutes Until Baseball!

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BASEBALL AT 12:30 AND NOW YOU CAN STREAM THE GAMES! We'll hand it over the Jack and Mike for the Pre-Game at 12:30, so today's show will be fast and furious!

KITTIES TEACHING HUMANS TO WALK ON A LEASH Because why not start with an adorable video with kitties?

LONGTIME REDS BROADCASTER SUSPENDED FOR UNPROVOKED GAY SLUR And I say unprovoked because I have no idea why Thom Brenneman would utter the phrase he did, which was about Kansas City being the "fag capital" or something. Why, Thom, why??? He apologized before he would be pulled off the game and suspended, but this is such a rookie mistake and unnecessary end to a long broadcast career. And yes, it's the end for him. You don't get to come back from this now.

GERMANY IS GOING TO MANDATE THAT YOU MUST WALK YOUR DOG And I sure hope that this doesn't spread here, although I am a dog walker myself. Why have a dog if you aren't going to take care of it properly? I do like the provision where you can't leave your dog tied up in your yard indefinitely. We have a neighbor who does that and all the neighbors are about to go ask them to rehome the dog. It's just sad.

XCEL IS TRYING TO PASS OFF A HUGE RATE INCREASE WITHOUT PUBLIC INPUT And they are being challenged on it. Excel says they need to pass the $57 million plus they are spending putting new "smart meters" on everyone's homes onto the consumer, but they are using an end-around to do it. Not so fast. Read about it here.

EX-PRESIDENT OBAMA TRIED TO SCARE AMERICA INTO VOTING FOR BIDEN And as he tried to tell you that a vote for Trump is a vote for the destruction of America, he ignored the fact that it is HIS PARTY that wants to fundamentally remake this nation into his vision. Watch for yourself. Oh, and how many Republicans were consulted before Dems shoved it down our throats? That's how much Obama cared about working across the aisle when he was President. Obama is a lying dog-faced pony soldier. He can go pound sand.

THE DNC RATINGS CRATERED ON NIGHT TWO Because it's horrible and unwatchable. Read more here.

GOODYEAR'S STOCK CRATERED YESTERDAY AFTER ENDORSING BLACK LIVES MATTER I said yesterday that I had no issue with companies banning political expressions in the workplace. It's too divisive and angry these days. Goodyear feels the same way, but we differ on what constitutes a political statement. They don't think Black Lives Matter is a political statement, though Blue Lives Matter is. They are wrong. And their stock has taken a huge hit because of it.

DO PROJECT LINCOLN OR THE CLINTON INITIATIVE NEXT PLEASE! I don't care that Steve Bannon and some other just got arrested for using money they raised allegedly to build a border wall on their own stuff. But please be consistent if you're going to go after people who are using donations to fund things like, say, a wedding.


I THINK KAMALA'S SPEECH WAS BETTER THAN OBAMA'S She did a good job of defining herself and giving her history and bonafides. I still think she'd be a disaster but this was a good speech.

I SAW THIS LAST NIGHT AND I THINK IT SHOULD BE THE THEME SONG OF 2020 Because I love Jackson Browne and this hits all the right melancholy notes.

DEMOCRATS HAVE NO CLUE HOW DEADLY OR NOT COVID REALLY IS And this is from a Franklin Templeton–Gallup research project on the behavioral response to the COVID-19 pandemic and implications for the recovery. Check it out here. I am talking about this tomorrow and it's INSANE!

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