Mandy's Wed Blog: More Victimhood in Schools and Please Tell Me I'm Right!

CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER IS BACK FOR PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT So get your word and grammar questions ready for 2pm today! Find out more about Charles and order his OUTSTANDING books by clicking here!

MY INNER FAT GIRL JUST SQUEALED WITH DELIGHT And I know it's not the most important story of the day, but a Swiss town got covered with chocolate snow after a problem with a chocolate factory's ventilation system. It wasn't harmful it was JUST CHOCOLATE SNOW!

I SHARED THIS YESTERDAY IN THE SEVEN MINUTE SHOW And it's so infuriating that I'm sharing it again. JeffCo schools made all of it's teachers watch this trash as part of their re-education camps.

It's part of the diversity training they are forcing teachers to consume. You can see more about it here. If public schools are teaching minority kids they are victims of a forever rigged system they are dooming them to fail. This is educational malpractice. This is what you get when you elect a bunch of progressives to the school board. And JeffCo has done just that.

RUSH LIMBAUGH IS GETTING A LOT OF CRAP TODAY And I'm not sure he needed to do this, but apparently he talked about a story about Kamala Harris being called a "ho". He did this so he could make the point that she doesn't deserve to be Veep because she got a boost from her affair with Willie Brown. He read an article where she was called a "mattress" and one where she was referred to as a "ho". That is unnecessary to make the larger point. This is just lazy by the Godfather. It's really easy to pander to your base and call a woman names rather than engage on her incredibly progressive record as One of the Most Liberal Senators in the Senate. This is as bad as what they said about Sarah Palin and I remember him being righteously indignant about her treatment. I am frankly disappointed in him.

IS THIS THE TRICKLE DOWN TRUMP EFFECT? I don't normally give a rat's behind about a Maryland Congressional race, but this candidate has gotten my attention.

That's a truth bomb right there. And she's not afraid to bring it. I like her. Donate to her campaign here if you're so inclined, maybe it will inspire other Republicans in big cities to grow a pair and talk about the disaster that Democrat policies have wrought on big cities.

DON'T WEAR A MASK AND MAYBE GET SHOT IN THE FACE WITH A MASK GUN And this guy made a mask launcher to shoot at people, though it seems to have some issues actually working.

IF YOU DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW KIM JUNG UN WAS A MONSTER, THIS SHOULD CLEAR THAT UP As he has ordered the roundup of any pet dogs in North Korea. He says it's because normal people raise pigs or chickens on their porch but only the rich have pet dogs. Many fear the dogs are going to end up on someone's dinner plate. THIS MAN IS A MONSTER.

SCIENTISTS ARE TRYING TO MAKE MILK CHOCOLATE AS HEALTHY AS DARK CHOCOLATE By adding coffee grounds and peanut skins to up it's anti oxidant content. Just eat dark chocolate instead, people, especially from The Chocolate Therapist!

Y'ALL, THE DNC PUT LIZ WARREN ON A NATIVE AMERICAN PANEL DISCUSSION And I don't even know what to say about this. The Federalist writes about it here.

THERE ARE POT VENDING MACHINES BUT DON'T FREAK OUT They are ONLY being used INSIDE pot dispensaries where ONLY people over 21 are allowed to be so it's not like they are going to be on the streets where kids can use them. This is just streamlining the now corporatized pot biz.

A REPUBLICAN ASKS A CNN PANEL HOW BILL CLINTON HAS NOT BEEN CANCELLED And he was shut down by the panel, one of whom said Bill Clinton is "good at explaining stuff" while Van Jones said Bill Clinton has apologized. I must have missed Clinton's apology to Juanita Broadrick for raping her in the late 70's. He has ONLY apologized for the things he got caught doing.

AT LEAST THIS PROFESSOR IS HONEST ABOUT WANTING TO STIFLE THE FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS OF HER STUDENTS A professor at Iowa State threatened students in her syllabus if they dared to write about or support any cause she disagrees with. The syllabus came with a GIANT WARNING:

Labeled a "GIANT WARNING," the portion of the syllabus banned "instances of othering," which it defined as "sexism, ableism, homophobia," and a variety of other things. "The same goes for any papers/projects: you cannot choose any topic that takes at its base that one side doesn’t deserve the same basic human rights as you do (ie: no arguments against gay marriage, abortion, Black Lives Matter, etc). I take this seriously," it added.

The school says that the syllabus is inconsistent with their First Amendment policies and has been changed. The professor has also been provided with a copy of that policy for study. She probably wiped her butt with it.

COUNCILWOMAN CANDI CDEBACA WANTED HER COLLEAGUES ON RECORD ABOUT ABOLISHING THE POLICE FORCE And they responded by voting NO across the board on her measure to put on the ballot the abolishment of the DPD. The final tally was 11-1. Guess who voted yes?

OF COURSE THERE ARE TREE CLIMBING RATTLESNAKES IN 2020 Of course there are. I knew that alligators can climb chain link fences, and now I know that HUGE FREAKING RATTLESNAKES can also climb trees.


THIS MAY ALL BE IN Q'S FUTURE WITH HER DAD As Dad's have a special way of embarrassing their children.

AND NOW, TRUE FACTS ABOUT HUMMINGBIRDS From ZeFrank. There is inappropriate though very funny information in this.

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