Mandy's Tue Blog: Nine Minutes of Magic Before Baseball!

WE LITERALLY HAVE NINE MINUTES TODAY And I was hoping to just do Of the Day and call it a day but then I saw some stuff that made me mad and I'm going to share it here even if we won't talk about it until tomorrow.

JEFFCO IS TEACHING MINORITY KIDS THEY CAN'T SUCCEED WITH HARD WORK And it's in video form. Pay close attention to the :10 mark. It will infuriate you.

It's part of some BS training the teachers had to attend. You can read more here.

THE DNC IS AS BORING AS I THOUGHT And I'll say it again, this isn't necessarily the fault of the speakers, it's just boring watching a Zoom call about how bad Trump is. And that's pretty much what it is. Michelle Obama did a good job though, she came across with passion and concern, although she practically said if you vote for Trump you hate civil rights and after rehashing her husband's accomplishments never said why Biden should win, but whatev. She also trotted out all the lies about peaceful protesters and said it was awful to call people names as she insulted anyone who didn't agree with her. But she was the highlight. None of the others matched that. Watch it here if you want.

COULD DOUGCO BE RECONSIDERING MAKING UP WITH TRI-COUNTY HEALTH? That's the word on the street as the two factions are talking to decide how to move forward.

THERE IS A TAX MEASURE ON THE BALLOT THIS YEAR And it will help Governor Jared Polis meet one of his campaign objectives which is to lower the income tax rate. And the Independence Institute was the team that got it on the ballot. When I read this story, I choked on my coffee when I read this line:

“I’m just Jared Polis’ faithful foot soldier,” said Jon Caldara, president of the free-market think tank Independence Institute.* “He campaigned that he wanted a flat rate reduction in taxes. We’re doing just that for him.”

SPEAKING OF THE INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE, THEY GOT ROBBED THIS WEEKEND And of course it's the usual collection of scumbags. Jon writes about it here.




TRUMP IS GAINING GROUND WITH MINORITIES? It seems to be true according to polling in some battleground and swing states where Trump is gaining on Biden. We don't know how Harris on the ticket will do, but the rise has occurred SINCE the protests BEGAN. Huh. Maybe these left wing lunatics burning down black neighborhoods are creating a backlash.

ONE MUELLER LAWYER DOWN, HOW MANY TO GO? I told you yesterday about Robert Clinesmith pleading out to a felony charge of making a false statement during the Mueller investigation. He changed a CIA email to read that Carter Page was NOT a CIA operative when he clearly was. But this column lays out why this first plea deal is only the creaking before the dam breaks and it's really got me excited about what might be coming.

THE TRAILER FOR DENVER IN DECAY IS OUT My pal Steffan Tubbs is making a very important movie and here is the trailer. Please consider supporting this important film by clicking here.

CORONAVIRUS CASES KEEP TRENDING DOWN IN COLORADO And of course officials are warning about Labor Day BBQ's. If you're having friends over, just call it a protest, the virus doesn't spread at those.

PLEASE DON'T MESS UP THIS MOVIE I know it's dorky, but Planes, Trains and Automobiles is one of my favorite comedies of all time. I STILL laugh out loud when i watch it. Now it's being remade by Will Smith and Kevin Hart, who I both like a lot. I just hope the writer understands why the movie works and that is the genuine kindness and goofiness of John Candy's character. Please don't mess up this movie.

CHAOS BY THE BAY IS A LOOK AT SAN FRANCISCO'S DISASTER And this is where we are heading.

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