Mandy's Mon Blog: Govt Ruins Everything & Denver Public Schools Wants Money

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MORTGAGE RATES ARE AT ALL TIME LOWS SO OF COURSE THE GOVERNMENT HAS TO RUIN SOMETHING And I've got the President of American Financing Tim Hager on at 2 to discuss how these changes are going to affect what you pay for a refi right now. Find American Financing by clicking here.

FOR ANYONE GETTING THE VAPORS OVER RUSH CALLING KAMALA A HO Please stop. I'm old enough to remember way back in 2008 when Dems called Sarah Palin a "c*nt" and then made shirts and sold them on the internet and Democrats bought them. So stop. Do I agree with what Rush said? I think it's a lazy attack from a man capable of doing much better. So no. You can click here to find proof of the Palin shirts. I can't put them on my blog because they are THAT bad.

DID YOU GUYS MISS THE FBI LAWYER WHO PLEAD GUILTY TO LYING TO THE FISA COURT? No? That's because it was a Friday news dump they were counting on you to miss. Find out more here. The long and short of it is that this attorney KNEW Carter Page was in informant for the CIA but altered an email FROM the CIA to show that he WASN'T so they could wiretap his phones. From the article:

That relationship might have given law enforcement officials reason to be less suspicious of him. And the F.B.I. was told about it: A C.I.A. lawyer provided a list of documents in the August 2016 email at the heart of the case against Mr. Clinesmith that explained Mr. Page’s relationship with the agency.
But an F.B.I. case agent who learned about Mr. Page’s ties to the C.I.A. played them down while preparing the first wiretap application, according to the inspector general’s report. At the time, Mr. Clinesmith was not involved in determining whether Mr. Page was a C.I.A. source, people familiar with the case said.
But later in 2017, a supervisory F.B.I. agent handling the third and final renewal application asked Mr. Clinesmith for a definitive answer on whether Mr. Page had been an agency source, according to Mr. Horowitz’s report.
Mr. Clinesmith incorrectly said that Mr. Page was “never a source” and sent the C.I.A.’s information to the supervisor. He altered the original email to say that Mr. Page had not been a source — a material change to a document used in a federal investigation.
The agent relied on the altered email to submit the application seeking further court permission to wiretap Mr. Page, the inspector general wrote. By changing the email and then forwarding it, Mr. Clinesmith misrepresented the original content of the document, which prosecutors said was a crime.

But there was no anti-Trump bias at work. None. Nothing to see here. Oh, except the same attorney sent anti-Trump text messages that got him booted from the investigation. But no anti-Trump bias. None.

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS HAS JOINED THE ANTI-POD CLUB And they sent out a letter so transparently manipulative to parents it's insane. They are worried that parents who can will unenroll their students and create a small pod of kids with a private tutor. It's happening all over the place as parents are unhappy with the hodge podge plans rolled out by so many school districts. But rather then assuring parents that their plan is a good and solid one to make sure that ALL students get a great education in this trying year, they are using guilt and fear to persuade parents to keep their kids in public schools for the good of the schools or something. I have words on this today, they are not kind and you can read the whole letter by clicking here.

NO TRUMP ISN'T DISMANTLING THE POST OFFICE And this story in the Wall Street Journal explains exactly what IS happening and that is that some letter sorting machines are being taken out of service because they are no longer needed. Much like over 12,000 postal boxes were removed during the Obama administration because they were no longer needed. So why the histrionics now? Because Trump. From the Wall Street Journal:

The Postal Service sent letters last month to election officials in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, echoing public reminders that mail-in balloting shouldn’t be left to the last minute. The Postal Service disclosed the letters on its website in response to a records request.
In several of the letters reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, the Postal Service warned certain states that it can’t promise it will deliver all mailed ballots in time to be counted. The letters said tight deadlines allowed by some states are to blame, depending on state laws. (Emphasis mine)
Some states allow voters to request and cast a mail-in ballot up to a few days before Election Day. That might be insufficient time for delivery and “creates a risk that ballots requested near the deadline under state law will not be returned by mail in time to be counted,” said a July 29 letter from the Postal Service’s general counsel to Pennsylvania’s top election official.

So the issue is that state's are not telling voters to send in their ballots far enough in advance, not that the Post Office can't deliver them because of sorting machines. This is yet again, much ado about nothing. My listener Ronald sent me this today and he's 100% right about all of it.

The thing which surprised them the most was that in March 1970 the Postal Employees went on strike to receive higher pay. At that time they where part of the Civil Service Retirement System. They felt they were a critical operation and employees and should be paid more.
Congress gave them what they wanted their own pay system as well as retirement system. Their retirement system includes retirement villages around the country where Retired Postal Employees can retire and live in a controlled rent environment ( I have two friends living in one such village in Florida, not far from Tampa, $400.00 a month for a one bedroom house).
At that time the Postal Service accepted to be self funded off their revenues. This means their revenues did not go into the General Fund for Congress to reallocate.
This has worked great for the USPS until about 10 years ago, when people started using emails and text to send messages and keep in touch. Whereas people used to write letters, send birthday cards, anniversary cards, graduation cards and Christmas cards.
All of this snail mail is the USPS revenue source. Businesses still use the USPS as well as the Federal Government to send hard copies of official documents.
Also the sorting systems are not being dismantled to stop absentee ballots and mailing in ballots ( they are different), one is requested and the other is sent out in blast form, is used to sort regular business mail as well as holiday cards. So the Democrats saying the systems is being dismantled to stop mail voting is totally false.
Become of the reduction in mail the USPS revenues have dropped, which means their Contribution to the USPS retirement plans are being underfunded.
The money Pelosi is trying to send to the USPS is really money to fund the USPS Pension Plans. One reason the USPS Union President saying they are supporting Biden and Harris.

So please stop with the Trump is dismantling the Post Office nonsense. Here are six things you should know about the Post Office before you spout off.


I THINK THAT BIRD OWES THIS GUY A DRINK And I've been attacked like this and it isn't funny when it's happening but this video sure is.

THIS IS THE GREATEST PRANK EVER And if you've never seen the telekinetic coffee shop you are in for a treat.

COVID HAS KILLED OUR FASHION SENSE This column is funny, but oh so true. I have a closet full of unworn items as I am living in tshirts and jeans and workout britches because no one sees them so WHY? I've pretty much given up makeup though I did wear some yesterday just to see if I still could. One good thing is I've become used to seeing my face sans makeup. Which is weird to say, but other women know what I'm talking about here.


EVEN MILD COVID CASES CREATE IMMUNITY THAT LASTS And several studies have now shown it. Read this for more.

HERE IS THE LINEUP FOR THE VIRTUAL DNC And I can't help but think this is going to have all the excitement of a Zoom call on steroids. The entire lineup is here, but it includes Michelle Obama, known for being married to a President, and Bill Clinton, widely known to be a sexual predator. Should be good times.

YES FATHERS MATTER AND IT'S NOT RACIST TO SAY SO And by "fathers" I mean white fathers, black fathers and every other sort of fathers. This column by Larry Elder explains why this concept is not political nor should it be. Both liberals and conservatives know from the data that unwed motherhood is damaging to children and especially to boys.

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