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THE BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER And I'm talking to Chief Instigator from the Independence Institute Jon Caldara about their annual ATF Party celebrating freedom and vices and the joy that comes from them. Buy your ticket soon by clicking here, there is very limited space this year. Jon joins me at 2 to discuss.

DO YOU NAME YOUR PUP BEFORE YOU GET IT? Dave's daughter Annie just got a new pup. She decided before she got him to name him Simon. He is very cute, but do you name your dog before you get it? Is this weird? How do you name your dog anyway?


GOVERNOR POLIS IS GOING TO EXTEND THE MASK ORDER And he says it's because "data" shows it worked to slow down the spread of Covid after an early July spike. We are in no danger of running out of hospital beds. We are in no danger of overwhelming the health care system. So why is this being extended? Can someone ask the Governor when the numbers are "good enough" to allow us all to breathe freely again?

THIS COLUMN EXPLAINS HOW STUPID THE MODELS USED BY POLIS REALLY ARE It's even worse than I thought. Our Governor is relying on the most outrageous models which predict 70,000 Coloradans dead, which is just not realistic knowing where we are with this virus now and it's fatality rate.

AND ABOUT THAT "DATA" AND MODELS THE GOVERNOR RELIED ON TO SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF US They were all wrong. Not just a little wrong, SPECTACULARLY wrong. So wrong that we had a pop-up hospital in the Convention Center that costs millions. And we were told over and over again that death and doom were going to befall us. Now the Denver Post has this to say about the models used to terrorize us:

Jimi Adams, an associate professor of health and behavioral sciences at the University of Colorado Denver, said there’s often a misunderstanding of what models do. Some, like new two-week predictions from Google, try to forecast what will happen. Others try tolay out what could happen under different possible scenarios, including if no policies change, which isn’t likely during a pandemic, he said.
Think of the difference like Ebenezer Scrooge’s question to the Ghost of Christmas Future: “Are these the shadows of the things that will be, or are they shadows of the things that may be only?” Basically, Scrooge is asking if he has any power to avoid a future where he dies alone and Tiny Tim dies young. While the ghost doesn’t answer, Scrooge changes his behavior to try to avert the worst-care scenario, and the future that comes is less bleak.

Isn't that adorable? They are like ghosts in a fictional novel, these models. Those scamps. I'm so glad we crushed our economy based on this.

EVEN HOUSTON DIDN'T IMPLODE LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO Remember when the virus spiked in Houston and we were told that the hospitals were going to be hopelessly overwhelmed and people would be dying in hallways? That never happened. National Review explains how Houston handled the surge and didn't leave anyone to die in a hallway.

SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR FOLKS NEAR THESE WILD FIRES Because one of them is officially the largest wildfire in Colorado history right now and the other one is threatening northern Glenwood Springs. Here's hoping just the dry wood burns and not homes or people.

NOW RESIDENTS IN CHICAGO ARE SAYING NO THANKS TO BLM I love the man in this video who is simply saying NO MORE to what he called opportunists. Just watch this.

VIRTUAL JURIES ARE OFFICIALLY A THING And I'm not sure how I feel about this without knowing a few more details. The jury appeared by Zoom from their own living rooms. My question is, is there a camera on the defendants table ALL THE TIME? I think that's important. If you've ever watched a trial, you notice how the jury will check the defendants reaction to testimony during the trial to gauge whether or not they think the defendant is guilty. If there is a camera there, I'm all for this. It would make jury duty much easier.

DALLAS FANS BOO SOCCER PLAYERS TAKING A KNEE And one player is mad that the crowd responded to their free speech with some free speech of their own. This is what he had to say. Sorry pal, but there is no requirement to support your political views on the field.

READ THE ONE WHERE KAMALA HARRIS SHUT DOWN A HOSPITAL CHAIN TO HELP UNIONS OUT And it's really that simple. It involves a not-for-profit hospital chain that was to be sold to a for-profit company. The unions wanted to unionize ALL the new companies hospitals and Kamala Harris killed the deal when they balked. Read it all here but here is the good part if you don't subscribe to the Wall Street Journal:

California’s Attorney General must approve nonprofit hospital acquisitions, and Ms. Harris attached dozens of poison pills to the deal. They included requiring 24-hour nursing, surgery, anesthesia, laboratory, radiology and pharmacies for five years and mandating that hospitals offer an additional 12 to 18 “essential services” such as orthopedics for 10 years. These conditions were unprecedented.
Prime walked away from the deal and sued Ms. Harris for violating its due-process rights. According to the lawsuit, Daughters’ executives had told Prime that Ms. Harris would block the sale “or require financially crippling approval conditions” if Prime did not reach an agreement with the union. The lawsuit alleges that in return the union promised to support her with $25 million in political contributions.
Ms. Harris denied the accusations, and a federal judge in 2017 ruled that she had “qualified immunity”—the doctrine that shields public officials from liability for violations of constitutional liberties. This is ironic since Ms. Harris earlier this summer introduced a resolution in the Senate to abolish qualified immunity for police officers.


No, she is NOT moderate. She wants forced gun buybacks, Medicare for All and the elimination of private health insurance, voted against the Born Alive act, and has donated to and supported the organization getting accused murderers and rapists out of jail in Minnesota. I defy George to tell me where in that record is anything "moderate".

AS A MATTER OF FACT, SHE'S THE MOST LIBERAL MEMBER OF THE SENATE And the Senate include Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren, and yet she beats them both.

YES CHARGING WHITE PEOPLE A FEE AND NOT BLACK PEOPLE IS DISCRIMINATORY And a clothing store in Savannah, Georgia learned the hard way that being woke with your business isn't the best policy. The store started requiring a $20 deposit to schedule a visit at the store...but only for white people. The internet explained how discrimination works. To be clear, I don't believe the policy is "racist" because it isn't rooted in disdain for white people, but it is discriminatory, which is also bad.

THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T BUY A CAT HIS OWN PIANO This kitty takes to the ivories to tell his owners it's time to eat.

THE NUMBER OF NEW UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMS HAS DROPPED BELOW ONE MILLION For the first time since the pandemic began. This is good news though we've still got a long way to go.

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