Mandy's Tue Blog: America Sure Has Issues, But Why?

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YES, OUR NATION IS STRUGGLING, BUT WHY THOUGH? This Rolling Stone column set me off a couple of days ago. Read it here. The author is basically lamenting the loss of our nation's soul and identity and that Covid signals the end of America. Parts of it I don't disagree with. You know I'm a negative nelly when it comes to what's happening with our country today. It's being shared by my liberal friends who truly believe none of this was happening before Trump. I disagree. So I though I'd dissect it and rebut it on the show today. Tune in for the whole shebang.

MIKE POTARF IS MY GUY FROM THE CHAD MADLOM TEAM And we are on today talking about the hot market and why taking a cash offer from an online seller is not a good idea unless you don't mind giving away the equity you have in your home. He's on at 1!

THIS EXCHANGE WITH A PORTLAND PD OFFICER MADE ME LAUGH REALLY HARD So it seems that a young woman was being arrested during a protest/riot in Portland. A concerned woman asked if there were any female officers around to do the pat down. There were not. But one cop responded with something really snarky that I love. Watch it here.

BERNIE GOLDBERG SAYS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS ELECTION I want Biden to lose more than I want Trump to win. Read it here. I'm sure you Trump enthusiasts are gonna be mad, but to each her own I always say.

RTD IS CONSIDERING FIRING IT'S SECURITY TEAM AND REPLACING THEM WITH SOCIAL WORKERS Wasn't it just a few years ago when people were getting knocked out by roving bands of teens on RTD platforms? Wasn't there a triple murder near a commuter station? Well let's forget about that as RTD's leadership shows real courage (that's sarcasm) by considering doing away with armed security and replacing it with social workers. Is this going to make you get on a train? Is this going to make you pay before you do? This is just stupid. Stupid. The entire system deserves to go under if this is what they think is important.

MAYBE RTD SHOULD REVIEW THIS GALLUP POLL Before they decide to listen to the minority of people who want to see fewer cops on the beat. This Gallup poll that came out last week shows that OVERWHELMINGLY black Americans want more or the same number of cops in their neighborhoods. I would say 81% is overwhelmingly, wouldn't you?

WOKE CITY'S BLACK, FEMALE POLICE CHIEF IS RESIGNING And maybe it's because in the midst of the biggest crisis Seattle has ever seen, the Socialist Woke City Council cut her pay right after protesters showed up in her neighborhood trying to terrorize her and her family. Who wants this job? No one. Here is the tweet about it.

HERE'S A SHOCKER, A BLM ACTIVIST IS LYING TO EVOKE SYMPATHY And it all came about because of a rally designed to protest Governor Jared Polis' lockdown and business shutdown orders. A BLM activist went to the rally (he had been invited by the events organizers who tried to explain this wasn't a Back the Blue rally) and walked around unimpeded for the entire thing. But he wasn't happy with that, and made a Chinese Tik Tok video saying he had been followed and harassed, none of which is remotely true. Unfortunately, there is video of the entire event linked in this article that proves he lied to create controversy. This is my shocked face.

GOVERNOR POLIS KILLS ANOTHER LONGTIME RESTAURANT This one a staple on the 16th Street Mall for 23 years. Say goodbye to Cafe Rialto.

I'M SURE THE RICH PARENTS WILL LISTEN TO THE FAIRFAX SCHOOL BOARD AND LET THEIR CHILDREN SLIDE FURTHER BEHIND And that is sarcasm because they won't. In many parts of the country (including here, btw) parents with means are hiring private tutors to help their children manage online learning and to fill the gaps being created by the chaos covid has created. Fairfax County Schools is telling parents NOT do this because it isn't fair. Seriously. I imagine that the rich parents in this rich school district will not be dissuaded by this argument, nor should they be.

THAT'S A HARD PASS ON THE RUSSIAN VACCINE FOR ME News out of Moscow that a vaccine has been approved and is ready to dose thousands of Russians was greeted with skepticism by the rest of the world. It's gone through almost no testing and the testing that has been done has been on only dozens of people. Hard pass for me, I'd rather take my chances with the Rona.

YOU SHOULD READ THIS THREAD ON CORONAVIRUS Because it's hopeful that we are reaching herd immunity much faster than we've been told.

SO HOW ARE THINGS IN SWEDEN ANYWAY? Not too shabby if you ask me. This article from the Financial Times shows some pretty interesting graphs, like this one.

Keep in mind, Sweden didn't lock down, they didn't close schools for children under 16 and they DO NOT WEAR MASKS. So how has their trend line been pretty much the same as everywhere else? How? Read the article and then wonder aloud if we've made a terrible mistake by killing our economy.

FORGET A SECOND TERM, MORE THAN HALF OF VOTERS THINK BIDEN DOESN'T MAKE IT THROUGH THE FIRST TERM And this actually surprises me that people would admit this, because you know some of the respondents ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR HIM. But here we are. Read more here.

GRANDPA SAYS WHAT? A young British woman posted a TikTok of her grandpa speaking in his thick Cornwall accent and no one knows what he says.

WE'VE FLATTENED THE CURVE. NOW LET RESTAURANTS OPEN BACK UP The Denver Post has a very comprehensive rundown on our Covid numbers and the news is pretty much all good. So now what, Governor?

MY FRIEND JOE PLEAS FOR YOUR HELP TO SOLVE COLORADO'S HOSPITAL CRISIS And he sent me this fun email to do just that!

We are on the verge of a serious hospital bed crisis and we need you (and your friends & elderly relatives) to do your part in getting empty hospital beds filled over the next two and half weeks.
On July 21, the Colorado Sun ran the linked article predicting that based on "current trends" that Colorado was likely to run out of hospital beds & ICU beds by the first week of September with 14,000 total Covid hospitalizations by September 1 and 6,200 Covid occupied ICU beds by September 3rd.
With just 185 Covid hospitalization in the state as of yesterday (down by 90 beds [33%] from July 20th) it now looks like we are in serious danger missing that prediction by approximately 90%, something we can't let happen unless we want to cause extreme embarrassment to the Colorado Sun, the author of that Article and Governor Polis (who referenced that prediction).
Here is how you can help. If you know anybody with an active Covid infection, ask if you can come visit them and bring a Big Gulp drink with a single straw that you can both share. A day or two later, repeat that process with all of your friends and relatives. 
If enough of you do that, we just might find another 13,815 people to put in those hospital beds over the next 20 days (just 700 new hospitalizations per day)
Please share this urgent plea fro help with all of our in state contacts!

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