Mandy's Fri Blog: Let's Talk Movies and Unions, Shall We?

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IT'S MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES! Today we're talking about Casablanca and the new movie with Charlize Theron The Old Guard. I didn't watch the new Charlize Theron movie because it's been a long week but Dave and Mike will share that with you. Casablanca is a damn near perfect movie I've seen already.

SUPPORT THIS NEW FILM ABOUT DENVER IN DECAY And it's done by our pal Steffan Tubbs and you can find out how to support the film financially (it's not cheap to make a movie) in this great article by our pal Christian Toto.

COULD POLICE UNIONS BE THE FIRST TO GO? My MAIN issue with unions is simply that they protect the worst workers. When we're talking food service it could just be a slacker who shows up late and leaves early so no biggie, right? But when we're talking police unions, it means protecting cops who are NOT doing a good job and have the power to take someone's life. Not cool. This column from the Washington Times gives some really good/bad examples of unions protecting people who DO NOT deserve protecting, but not just in police unions. From the column:

Colorado investigative reporter Chris Osher, who works for the Gazette, in 2018 documented rampant disregard for a state law that requires teachers and other school employees to report to authorities any suspicion of sexual abuse of a child. In one case, two Cherry Creek School District administrators faced charges for failing to report knowledge of a middle school teacher who had sex with girls and was charged with five counts of rape.
District lawyers and the teachers union used the state’s 18-month statute of limitations to clear the administrators. When Democratic state Sen. Rhonda Fields tried to extend the statute to five years, the Colorado Education Association successfully lobbied to kill the proposal.

And who do the unions donate the most money to? Which party walks lockstep with these unions? Which party is in charge of ALL the major cities with chaos right now? It can't be a coincidence, can it?

A STUDENT GETS SUSPENDED FOR FIVE DAYS FOR POSTING A PHOTO OF CROWDED SCHOOL HALLWAYS And that punishment is straight up ridiculous. The problem is she embarrassed the school by showing the crowded hallways and they punished her FOR THAT. What's absolutely ridiculous is that school superintendent says that masks are recommended but that "wearing a mask is a personal choice and there is no practical way to enforce a mandate to wear them". Excuse me? When I was in high school there were dress codes that were mandated and enforced EVERY DAY. It is absolutely possible to enforce a mask mandate if they wanted one, I just think there isn't the political will to force the issue.

THE SUPER LIBERAL STAR TRIBUNE ENDORSES ILHAN OMAR'S PRIMARY OPPONENT And in CD-5 in Minnesota, this may mean a lot. The paper has been largely uninterested in critically covering Omar during her time in office, but they must have been secretly paying attention because they are pretty clear in this editorial about why they aren't endorsing her. From the editorial:

Omar’s 2018 victory launched her into the national spotlight as the first Muslim woman and first refugee elected to Congress. But her time has been marred by missteps, including remarks on Israel widely regarded as anti-Semitic, an outsized number of missed votes, and campaign-finance issues. Interestingly, the DFL Party has chosen to make an issue of Melton-Meaux’s finances, filing a late complaint that his campaign used “shadow” companies for his bid, a step the campaign told supporters was necessary because the Democratic Party blacklists companies that work for the challenger to an incumbent.
That gave Lee Hayes, a spokesman for Melton-Meaux’s campaign, a chance to note that Omar has sent more than $1.6 million to her husband’s D.C. political consulting firm, E Street Group, and is herself the target of a Federal Election Commission complaint regarding travel expenses.

If you've lost the Star-Tribune you've probably lost the race. Here's hoping.

JOE BIDEN'S LATEST "CLARIFICATION" IS SIMPLY SAYING EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF THE RACIST THING HE SAID You may have missed it when Joe Biden said that black people were all alike. He said it yesterday, read about it here. He then tweeted out a "clarification" which is actually a total walkback of what he said earlier although he didn't accept responsibility for that. Can you imagine if Trump had said this? And does anyone really think Biden tweeted out anything? No? Me neither.

but don't worry, CNN covered for him.


A 102 YEAR OLD WOMAN SEES HERSELF DANCE AS A YOUNG WOMAN AGAIN I don't know how this all came about but whoever made it happen is just a wonderful human being.


SHOULD AN ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST BE MAKING RULES FOR VETERINARIANS? One petition says NO and is asking Governor Jared Polis to rescind Ellen Kessler's appointment to the Colorado Board of Veterinary Medicine. This week she posted that 4-H, which is a WONDERFUL organization that thousands of kids in and around farming participate in annually, teaches children that animal lives don't matter. Contraire, it teaches them how to raise happy healthy animals to be eaten. Sign the petition here if you're so inclined.

HEY PROGRESS NOW, STOP TRYING TO BLAME TRUMP FOR DENVER'S WOES It must be very frustrating to realize that YOUR ideology has lead to the demise of a once great city, but progressives in Denver must do just that. And yet, between the Denver Post's assinnine editorial proclaiming the huge homeless camps "Trumpville" to this piece of hot garbage by Progress Now's Ian Silverii they are DETERMINED to put the blame on Trump. What is especially laughable about this juvenile, gossipy sounding Opinion column is where Silverii complains that there is no NATIONAL policy on going back to school or NATIONAL policy on homelessness in Denver. Can you imagine the cries of "NAZI" or "DICTATOR" that would have arisen from this same pie hole if Trump HAD tried to create a National mask mandate? The problem for Silverii and others is that WE KNOW who has been in charge of Denver for DECADES. We KNOW who oversaw the legalization of marijuana without enforcement of camping bans or open drug use violations. We KNOW who has been in charge of the State's response to coronavirus and the economic devastation it's wrought. And it sure isn't Republicans or Trump. Unfortunately for column writers like Silverii, we choose to believe our own lying eyes instead of the nonsense he's trying to tell us.

NANCY PELOSI GETS ASKED A TOUGH QUESTION BY PBS AND FREAKS OUT Because she is used to be asked only fluff I guess. Skip to the 6:39 mark for the best part.


CHRIS CUOMO ADMITS HIGHER TAXES ON THE WEALTHY DON'T WORK Because they leave. And super rich New Yorkers are leaving in RECORD numbers. So much so that the Governor is actually BEGGING them to come back so he can have their money. And he's promising super high taxes on them won't come back. Huh. Who said that would happen? Oh, that's right, Republicans.

HAVE YOU SEEN JEFF WAVING HIS FLAG ON AN OVERPASS? He's the Flag Guy and Denver is lucky to have him. Helen Raleigh did a great story on him here.

PUNKING NERDS INTO TRYING TO PROVE 2+2+5 IS FUN! And it's happening for real. Read the whole thing here because I can't even begin to do justice to the contortions being made to prove that a simple 2+2 equation is white supremacy.

THE JULY JOBS REPORT IS A MOVE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION And you better believe this will lead to a HUGE fight between Dems and Repubs over extending the extra $600 per week from the feds. The Dems know if the economy recovers quickly, as in BEFORE November, they lose their talking point about the economy. More people got jobs in July than was expected. Unemployment still sucks, but this a good move in the right direction.

DOGS LIKE COMPLIMENTS AS MUCH AS WE DO And now scientists know that the sound of our voices, coupled with the words we use, are processed by dog's brains much the same way it is in our brains. Who's a good boy?

AN OLD WOMAN DOES WHAT PORTLAND AUTHORITIES ARE NOT She came with her walker to put out a fire and Antifa tried to stop her. They didn't.


IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH JOE BIDEN? COMPARE HIM NOW TO 2008 And it's not good. Thank the GOP for this one. I'm telling you, this stuff will land with undecided voters.

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