Mandy's Thu Blog: Push Polling and Baseball

THE SO CALLED DENVER SAFETY SURVEY IS RIDICULOUS And since I've only got a half hour, I'm going to rip it to shreds. Find it here, but I've screenshotted all the questions and published them here in case it gets taken down. Here is what Denver wants to know:


So there you have it. I've got words on this today. It reminded Dave of this fun moment on the excellent British show Yes, Minister.

BECAUSE DAVE IS INDUSTRIOUS He went ahead and found a bunch of stories anyway even though we have baseball at 12:30, but some of these will make an appearance tomorrow so I'm letting you get a jump on the rest of the class.

LA IS SHUTTING OFF THE WATER TO HOMES HOSTING HOUSE PARTIES. And can we all just recognize that people are going to be people and they aren't going to socially distance and they are going to get coronavirus and stop pretending that government can stop us from doing things? But read the story here.

THE GUY WHO WANTS COPS OUT OF SCHOOLS IS GRATEFUL FOR THE COPS PROTECTING HIM And apparently Tay Anderson, who is MAD with power right now, is grateful that he has a protective detail assigned to him. He tweeted out that very thing. Just remember, HE deserves security, but your kids in schools DON'T.

THE AIRPORT OF THE FUTURE CAN'T GET HERE FAST ENOUGH And this article outlines the cool stuff that will make flying a better experience.

WILL HALLOWEEN BE CANCELLED? Candy makers and theme parks want to know.

GIULIANI DECLARES BLACK LIVES MATTER AND ANTIFA DOMESTIC TERROR GROUPS And if you've seen what's still happening in Portland, you may understand why. Read it here.

THE POPE SAYS HAVING NUKES IS IMMORAL And he makes no distinctions between having them defensively and having them offensively. That matters to me.

A COLLEGE PROFESSOR IS NOT ALLOWED TO TEACH A CLASS ON HOW BAD MARXISM IS At least not to non-honors students anyway. A tenured economics professor has a class about the disaster that is Marxism that he teaches to honors economics students. He wants to make it an elective class for ALL students and he's been denied because of anonymous complaints from fellow professors. I'm trying to get him on the show now.

NOW THE PORTLAND PD SAYS RIOTS ARE BAD Welcome to the party, Chief. Read the story here.

We'll have a proper show tomorrow, but enjoy baseball today!

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