Mandy's Wed Blog: Rep Thomas Massie Joins Me for Some Sassy Talk

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REP. THOMAS MASSIE IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS And I was lucky enough to get to know him when I lived in Kentucky, although not lucky enough to live in his district. If you've ever said to yourself, "I wish members of Congress would just do what's right for America instead of what's right for themselves" you are going to LOVE Rep. Massie. He's on at 2.

THE WINE YOGI VISIT TODAY TO TALK LOCAL WINES AND CIDER! And she was kind enough to provide me with this handy list of what we're tasting and where you can find it so here you go:

Find Creekside Cellars here 2010 award winning Cab Franc (CO grapes) and a Viognier
Find Carboy (Littleton and Breck):
And Continental Divide Winery (Fairplay and Breck)
Vino Salida (distributes throughout CO or tasting room in Salida/Poncha Springs)
Haykin Family Cider from Aurora for the 2018 Jonathan apple cider

Enjoy them all and support local vintners and cideries!

THEY'VE CANCELLED FALL SPORTS IN COLORADO Not all of them, but all the traditional fall sports that may be called "contact" sports although I had no idea girls volleyball is considered a contact sport. I got an impassioned email from a mom who wants to know if any other parents are planning on fighting this and if there are any groups doing so. Anyone? Anyone? Please let me know asap if you find someone.

THE CASE FOR CORY GARDNER Our pal Jon Caldara makes the case for Senator Cory Gardner's re election in this column and I agree 100%. Cory has done some really great things for this state and our great outdoors. Far more than Michael Bennet ever has. Read the details and get over the fact that he is doing things that liberal like too. He needs your vote and Colorado needs him. He's doing a really good job, imo.

GOVERNOR POLIS' ORDERS HAVE DECIMATED RESTAURANTS IN COLORADO And the Colorado Sun has the numbers and they are BAD. Really, really bad. HALF of restaurant owners say if things don't change and soon they will be out of business for good. This is a nightmare, especially as Covid numbers are DROPPING in Colorado. I sure hope there is a Republican who will challenge Jared Polis on all of this in the next election.

WANT TO CLIMB THE MANITOU INCLINE? You're going to need a reservation from now on. The Manitou City Council, which closed the OUTDOOR incline in March because of Coronavirus, is re opening it but requiring an advanced reservation. You've been warned.

NO, GEORGE FLOYD'S DEATH WASN'T RACISM And the leaked footage of the body cameras worn by two of the four officers shows that George Floyd was NOT just out for a nice drive when he was killed by racist cops. He was on drugs, fighting with officers, lying the entire encounter and complaining about not being able to breathe while he was STANDING UP with the officers next to him. Watch it here and get perspective. Then read this column by Jason Whitlock about how this has been a race hustle from the beginning. There is no way AG Keith Ellison is going to be able to make murder charges stick after this. This is a police stop with a suspect who was high on drugs (enough Fentanyl in his system to kill him by most standards) who clearly resisted arrest.

There is no way AG Keith Ellison is going to be able to make murder charges stick after this. This is a police stop with a suspect who was high on drugs (enough Fentanyl in his system to kill him by most standards) who clearly resisted arrest. Watch the other video by clicking here.

BLM PROTESTERS ARE SUING TO MAKE THE CITY PAY FOR PPE FOR THEM And these people must have stones the size of cantaloupes. It's a real lawsuit in which BLM protesters say they've been "priced out of their civil rights" by the high cost of protective equipment to deal with the tear gas and other non lethal means of stopping protests from becoming riots. This made me laugh out loud this morning, btw.

BARACK OBAMA WAS FOR THE FILIBUSTER BEFORE HE DECIDED IT WAS RACIST Remember how I'm always talking about "consistency"? It's HARD to be consistent but if you are true to your principles it gets easier. It's SUPER hard if you have no principles and that's why Senator Barack Obama argued AGAINST getting rid of the filibuster in the Senate when HIS party was in the minority, but now Former President Obama says the filibuster is RACIST and Dems MUST get rid of it if they retake the Senate. And for the record, the filibuster has been around WAY longer than the Democratic Party's Jim Crow laws he references. WAY longer. If the GOP holds the Senate I sure hope the first thing they do is end the filibuster. It would be magic to see Dems who are arguing for it's demise immediately begin to argue for it's protection.

CLOROX WIPES WILL CONTINUE TO BE HARD TO FIND INTO 2021 And this is REALLY annoying for those of us parents who need them for back to school supplies. Clorox says it's working overtime but demand is just super high. Thanks, Coronavirus.

PLAY STUPID GAMES, WIN STUPID PRIZES An activist from South Florida is mad because she was kicked off an American Airline flight for wearing a mask that said "F*ck 12" which is short of "F*ck Police". There was no asterisk on her mask. The airline said she initially covered the offensive word up, but later uncovered it. Guess what, lady? The airline can kick you off for pretty much everything these days. Don't be such an idiot next time.

SIXTY YEAR OLD WOMAN GOALS I've got 9 years to figure this out. A teacher dances the dance with her students and it's fantastic.


HERE ARE SOME 100% POLITICS FREE AMAZING SPORTS THINGS Just so you can watch something fun and cool with sports.

THERE IS ALWAYS THAT ONE DUDE Or dog.Color this pup unimpressed with the fun happening around him.


C'MON CSU THIS ISN'T COOL AT ALL Colorado State University football coaches are being accused of threatening to reduce playing time if players admitted they had covid symptoms or quarantined because of it. Not cool. There is an investigation happening now.

LATE NIGHT TV ASSUMES IT'S ROLE OF DNC MOUTHPIECE And our pal Christian Toto writes about the kid gloves vs. boxing gloves approach shown the two candidates. I don't even need to tell you who gets the kid gloves. You already know.

FIRST THEY CAME FOR KINDERGARTEN COP... The silly movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy as a cop assigned to a group of kindergarteners has officially been dropped from a Portland summer movie series about movies MADE in Oregon. You already know the reason. Read it here.

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