Mandy's Tue Blog: Rep. Ken Buck is on to Talk The Swamp and More

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CONGRESSMAN KEN BUCK AT 1 TODAY And we're talking the Bill Barr hearings, Big Tech hearings and the new HBO Documentary called The Swamp that premieres tonight at 9. Don't miss it, because it's going to be a LOT! Let's just say Christian Toto was not impressed with The Swamp, his review is here. Ken has a new book out too! Find it by clicking here.

COMEDIAN RYAN LONG IS CEO OF DIVERSITY INC And I hope he makes videos forever. This is awesome.

WHY AREN'T TEACHERS CONSIDERED ESSENTIAL WORKERS? And I ask that genuinely. This column asks it a bit more forcefully, while explaining that the unions are playing a dangerous game here by squandering a lot of goodwill in various communities after they shut down schools a couple of years ago to demand more money. I happen to agree. By the way, I've now spoken to or emailed with about 20 teachers from various districts. To a teacher, they ALL want to go back to school while allowing any teachers who are at risk to assume the online learning portions. This isn't teachers, it's UNIONS.

PROTESTERS IN THE SUBURBS IS A BOOST FOR REPUBLICANS IN THE FALL And protesters took to the burbs in the Springs where they marched through a neighborhood where a police officer allegedly lives. The cop in question was involved in the fatal shooting of DeVon Bailey last year and protesters want him fired. To be clear, the officers in question were cleared not once, but TWICE. The second time by the FBI. This is the kind of stuff that is sad and awful but not one you want to make the centerpiece of your protests around police brutality. The man who was shot by police DID have a gun on him, which is why he ran in the first place. The reason I say this is a boon for Republicans is that Trump is losing suburban women. If protesters show up in these suburban neighborhoods, the GOP with it's support police message is far more appealing. Don't believe me? How about the next story?

SEATTLE'S POLICE CHIEF IS SINGING A DIFFERENT TUNE WHEN PROTESTERS COME TO HER NEIGHBORHOOD The Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best has been very understanding of the rioters and looters who have torn up neighborhoods IN Seattle, but her tone changed dramatically when said protesters tried to come to HER home and peaceably assemble. MUCH different. Read this article and then be sure and watch the video of her neighbors greeting said protesters with guns. Odd how they stopped in their tracks.

FORMER MSNBC STAFFER TELLS US WHY SHE QUIT AND IT'S EVERYTHING WE ALREADY KNOW But I must say I got hope from this blog posting because at least THIS journalist understands how broken cable news is and decided to bow out. Read it although you already know how it goes.

AND PERHAPS THAT WHY PEOPLE DON'T TRUST THE MEDIA AT ALL RIGHT NOW Recent polling about the media is not good news for the Fourth Estate. More and more Americans are noting that the media is hopelessly biased and they simply don't trust them to do the job they've been tasked with. What's funny is that as the article notes that President Trump does call media outlets he doesn't like "fake news" it doesn't even consider that the people surveyed are RIGHT and the news needs to check itself on it's bias.

WILL JOE BIDEN REFUSE TO DEBATE TRUMP? If so, what does that say about his ability to deal with the numerous world crises a President faces at any moment? What this column shows is that the Dem establishment is DESPERATE to keep Biden from debating Trump because they know it would be a nightmare of epic proportions. And yet, that seems like it may be a possibility. I think it would be a HUGE mistake to refuse to debate, but they didn't ask me.

JOHN STOSSEL TALKS GRATITUDE FOR FOSSIL FUELS And he's 100% right about how we should all thank our lucky stars we've got "the juice".


WANT TO SEE STARS FROM THE BEST SPOT ON EARTH? Then book a ticket to Antarctica. That's where the conditions are PERFECT to see stars without the interference the rest of us have. Of course it's super cold there but whatever.

THAT OLD GIANT SOS SIGN IN THE SAND ACTUALLY WORKED For three fisherman whose boat ran out of fuel and stranded them on a deserted island in Micronesia. A plane flying overhead saw the giant SOS the men made in the sand and the men were rescued!

APPARENTLY WE DON'T WANT POLITICS WITH OUR SPORTS AFTER ALL As ratings COLLAPSED after opening day for baseball and are at near record lows for basketball. This during a time when we are STARVED for entertainment. Read more here. Perhaps the leagues need to promote their product for the Social Justice Warriors who never watch sports a little more. That should do it.

FACT CHECKING THE FACT CHECKERS BIAS SHOWS THEY LEAN LEFT And again, this is not surprising in any way. Sharyl Atkisson dug in to how the fact checkers check things and the sources THEY use are hopelessly biased so how can they not be? Read it here.

TRUMP CONSIDERS AN EXECUTIVE ORDER TO SUSPEND PAYROLL TAXES And this is CLEARLY not right. I'm all in favor of suspending the payroll tax, but I am NOT in favor of any President using his Executive Order powers to unilaterally make budget decisions. That is NOT the role of the Executive Branch, ever. Read more here.

I HAD TO ADD THIS And I'm sure that the Dems could put together quite the sizzle reel of Trump saying weird things, but it's sure hard to beat this. This. Is. Magic. 46 minutes of Joe Biden speaking gibberish.

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