Mandy's Mon Blog: A Crazy Life Challenge and a Restaurant Update

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THE RESTAURANT BATTLE IS NOT OVER And I'm talking with the owner of Blake Street Tavern today about what's next in the lawsuit against the Governor over the arbitrary rules on last call and capacity. He joins me at 2 to discuss.

MY FRIEND KELLY IS INSANE AND NOW SHE'S LIVING OFF HER URBAN FARM FOR A YEAR And her Home Grown Year as she calling it, kicked off this weekend. I'll let her explain, but she can only eat things she grew or bartered for. Which means no coffee. Or chocolate. Unless you make some and can trade with her. You can follow along on her YouTube channel RealBestLife by clicking here or just follow her blog by clicking here. Go ahead and subscribe! She joins me at 1 to discuss how this whole business got started in the first place. Yes, there was wine involved.

IF YOU'RE GOING TO MINNEAPOLIS, YOU MAY WANT TO PREPARE TO GET ROBBED In the city spearheading the idiotic Defund the Police movement, the Police have released some helpful tips about how to prevent robbery. Check this out:

Got that? DO AS THE NICE CRIMINALS SAY AND WE'LL ALL BE FINE! I've got some words on this, if not today, then very soon.

WHEN YOU GET SICK WITH RACISM, WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS? And I am asking genuinely here, as the Colorado Department of Health has declared racism a "public health crisis". What the you-know-what does this EVEN MEAN?? And how does the Department of Health fix THAT??? This is virtue signaling by a woman who can't do anything else right so she did this so employees would stop complaining. So, so stupid.

BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTESTERS BURN AMERICAN FLAGS AND BIBLES IN PORTLAND But please tell me again how these peaceful protesters yelling "Fuck Trump" are just trying to undo injustics in policing. Please. There is bad language in this.


AOC PROVES AGAIN SHE'S AN IDIOT This time by declaring a statue of a man who gave his life (literally) to helping people on a Hawaiian lepers colony a white supremacist. He was a Roman Catholic priest who lived tending to those exiled with leprosy and is Hawaii's first canonized Saint. He sounds like a Klan member, amiright? She's just not smart. On any level. This might make me donate to her primary opponent.

A PROMINENT DOCTOR GETS CANCELLED FROM HIS OWN CHARITY What was his crime? He said that he supported sending in Federal troops to stop the violence and anarchy in Portland. That's it. You can read the rest here.

TEN REASONS NOT TO SEND YOUR KID TO COLLEGE And it's in the form of ten classes that are being taught on various college campuses around the country. Until and unless we demand some sort of ideological diversity on college campuses expect more of the same garbage.

CAN ELLEN AVOID BEING CANCELLED? This should be fun to watch, because Rosie O'Donnell couldn't avoid it when she went from the Queen of Nice to Angry Lesbian Woman. Ellen is being raked over the coals for just not being nice, even though her entire persona is built on Just Be Nice. Read this for a full rundown if you'd like.

FIRST TIME GUN OWNERSHIP SOARS And can you BLAME them? With everything going on right now you better believe people are arming themselves. I would say to all of them, PLEASE get proper training and then continue to go to the range and practice. You need to know how to be a safe and responsible gun owner first and foremost. Call the NRA if you can't find training in your area.

THIS ONE IS A KEEPER A young woman was struggling with alopecia (her hair falls out) so she asked her boyfriend to shave her head again. What he did next got me. Grab a Kleenex.


FIVE THINGS WE CAN LEARN FROM A DOG And boy, this got me this morning too. Read a letter from a dog with some great advice by clicking here.

WHAT ARE SCHOOLS IN COLORADO DOING? IT DEPENDS I got an email from a man who asked if I were going to have people from the school districts on to talk about their plans. I am NOT. Why? Because they are ALL different and I don't want a parent from Adams to hear someone from DPS and think that is THEIR plan. If you are a parent I sure hope you've been paying close attention to what is happening in YOUR district. Here is an article that gives a broad overview of schools across the state.

IS KEN BUCK LEAVING CONGRESS? This new HBO show sure makes it seem that way, but he's on with us tomorrow so we can get it from the horse's mouth.

EL PASO COUNTRY REINS IN INDOOR GATHERINGS Taking them from 250 allowed to 100 allowed. This after cases are beginning to tick up in the county. Read more here.

THE STAPLETON NEIGHBORHOOD AS SPOKEN AND CHOSEN A REALLY GENERIC NAME From now on the Neighborhood Formerly Known as Stapleton will be called Central Park. Yawn.

CRIME IS WAY UP IN DENVER And there is nothing surprising about these numbers.

THE NEW YORK TIMES SAYS WE SHOULD SCRAP THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES And this is my SHOCKED face. OF COURSE they want to cancel the debates when they've chosen Creaky Joe to be their candidate. I, for one, am looking forward to the debates like I never have before. This will be our ONLY chance to see both candidates at the same time and decide for ourselves who is less objectionable. I've decided that's my standard for this election. Who is less objectionable. Read the editorial here, but here is my favorite part:

This, by the way, isn’t written out of any concern that Donald Trump will prevail over Joe Biden in the debates; Mr. Biden has done just fine in a long string of such contests. The point is that “winning” a debate, however assessed, should be irrelevant, as are the debates themselves.
The better way to pay attention to and choose among the presidential candidates is to follow the long campaign that so many complain about. The reason for such moaning has always been a mystery, because unless the campaign is taking place in your living room, you can simply switch it off.

Except this year, there IS NO campaign. Joe has been locked in his basement and nowhere on any real issues. So THIS YEAR the debates matter more than ever. I sure hope Trump's team explains to him that a prepared Trump needs to show up and demonstrate mastery of the issues or his goose is cooked.

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