Mandy's Thu Blog: The Fair Tax and Tay Anderson Gives A Fine Performance

STEPHEN MOORE IS ALL IN ON THE FAIR TAX And I don't mean the FAKE "Fair Tax" being pimped in Colorado. I mean the ACTUAL Fair Tax which is a National Retail Sales Tax to replace ALL OTHER forms of federal taxes. I've been talking about this for years and I'm glad he's on board to discuss it today at 1.

ANGIE'S ARMY BOSSES JOIN US TODAY I'm secretly doing this interview to check on Angie (shhhh) but I am very interested to find out more about what she and her team DO in the military. Colonel Jeffrey LeRoy joins me at 2 to talk Army stuff.

TAY ANDERSON REALLY SHOULD BE A MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER PLAYER If you don't know Tay Anderson he is a rabble rouser, racial justice activist and Denver School Board member. Yesterday he showed up to protest the removal of hundreds of needles and human feces from Lincoln Park. There was a confrontation where the crowd starting moving towards the cops and the cops pushed them back. Mr. Anderson fell down and then the real drama started. Here is a story from CBS News that shows what happened pretty clearly. The crowd caught him for God's sake.

COULD THE DURHAM INVESTIGATION END UP BEING AN OCTOBER SURPRISE? The Washington Post is asking that question and they say Dems are worried that the report could be released right before the election. Why? If there is nothing to see, there is nothing to see, right? From the article:

Exactly what Durham is focused on is not clear. He has publicly questioned the cause the FBI had to open the 2016 investigation, noting in a 2019 statement that he disagreed with some of the Justice Department inspector general’s conclusions about “predication and how the FBI case was opened.”
Durham has questioned witnesses about why and how the case was opened, and about what happened in the months after it began. One focus, people familiar with the matter said, seems to be on why the bureau kept pressing forward after it came to have doubts about the credibility of Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer on whose work the FBI relied in part to get a secret court order to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Investigators were particularly interested in doubts raised about Steele by one of his sources of information, the people said, who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing case.

The laughable part is where they talk to former Justice workers who say that the AG SHOULD be giving the appearance of impartiality even though he's investigating whether or not the Justice Department unfairly spied on a major political campaign in 2016. Sorry, that ship has sailed.

MY FRIEND JOE HAS A NEW NAME FOR CHRONICALLY HOMELESS PEOPLE Because if we're going to play semantic games let's at least make them fun. From his email:

How about "Willfully vagrant"? va·grant noun a person without a settled home or regular work who wanders from place to place and lives by begging.

Seems pretty accurate to me.

THE NORDIC COUNTRIES ARE NOT WEARING MASKS And that's true even in Sweden, where the virus seems to have peaked and is dropping off now. They had more deaths than any of their neighbors, but if they have reached some version of herd immunity they can move their economy forward without worry of a second wave. NONE of the Nordic countries are wearing masks, by the way. None.

MORE VIDEO OF COPS DOING THEIR JOBS And this time they saved a 3 year old girl. Click here to watch it.

RIP HERMAN CAIN Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain has died from coronavirus. This is a huge loss for the conservative movement at a time when his voice was especially needed. This is a nice tribute.


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